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WORX WG788 Review – Smart and Powerful Lawnmower Machine

What if you can have not only a super powerful lawnmower machine, but also an environmentally one and with super smart feature that makes your lawn mowing job much quieter? If you think such lawnmower does not exist, meet WORX WG788. This smart lawnmower has all qualities of the ultimate lawnmower, … [Read More...]

Which is the Best Lawn Mower for Hills?

Every lawn surface has its own challenge. The hardest challenge is hills. We’re not talking a possibility of uneven surface, since you may have fixed that matter before turning into yard. The things is the up and down. We know that most lawn mowers are quite heavy, while some of them do not have … [Read More...]

Earthwise Corded Lawn Edger Review

Dealing with unwanted grass growth is not just in your yard; you also have to trim grass growth that happens on the edges of sidewalks and driveways, especially if they can grow long and disturbing the access. Earthwise Corded Lawn Edger is a great tool to trim the edge of lawn, sidewalks and … [Read More...]

Best Corded Hammer Drill Review and Buying Guide

Hammer drill must be a preferred tool when you need more powerful drilling task to go through harder materials such as granite, stone and metal. The best corded hammer drill is the one that has high precision factor, powerful performance without overwhelming overload, several different options for … [Read More...]

Best Office Chair under $100 for You

Are you nervous ordering best office chair under $100? Do not be so because it is possible to get a comfortable chair for the price even with good back support. For those suffering from back pain, investing a good chair for their office is essential because sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day … [Read More...]

Best Value Cordless Drills

Are you going to renovate your house? To realize this project, there must be some things to prepare. The first one is to consider the concept. It is important, so that your plan will run smoothly. After that, preparing the warehouse is also another important thing. In fact, there are plenty of tools … [Read More...]

Best Lawn Mower with Bagger

These days, people are given many options of lawn mower. In fact, this machine-tool is important to keep the beauty of a garden. There are many types of lawn mower that people can easily choose. The first one is a carried-lawn mower. This type is considered as the cheapest yet the easiest tool to … [Read More...]