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McLane 801 5.50GT Review , Best 9-inch Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Gas powered lawn mower is still a favorite option despite the coming of new electric and cordless lawn mowers, which are often dubbed as better options because of their non-emission machines. However, McLane 801 5.50GT is a good gas powered lawn mower with all benefits of a modern mower, but without … [Read More...]

WORX WG782 Review, the Smart Cordless Lawn Mower Machine

Summary: If you long for smart lawn mower that has good cutting power but less noise, you can rely on WORX WG782 Intellicut Lawn Mower. Many problems can be caused by a lawn mower when it comes to its functions. They include loud noise, hard maneuvering, less maximum cutting job, and such. WORX … [Read More...]

The Best Mulching Lawn Mowers for Your Alternative Choice

The best mulching lawn mowers is the right choice to determine a lawn mower; there are some parts of lawn mower that you should know. Some parts means such as mulching blades are sharp and equipped with a bag on the back. The bag would be very necessary to collect grass that has been cut into the … [Read More...]

List of Mostly Recommended and Best 20V Cordless Drills

Summary: 20v cordless hand drills are powerful and practical tools for every home mechanics and commercial building crews. Here are options to consider. Whether you are a home mechanic or you work as a crew at a contractor company, you must need a hand drill as one of your best arsenals. 20v … [Read More...]

WORX WG922 Review : Flexible Edging and Trimming Works

If you work with large area of lawn yard and need both trimming and edging tools, WORX WG922 is a good tool to do both. This practical, flexible tool is a good friend for all grass yard owners who want to have a neat looking yard all year round. This is a great tool if you like your … [Read More...]

Reviews of the Best Lawn Mower for under $400

Are you having a slightly larger budget for lawn mower? Then you may get more options in choosing the type and brand of the lawn mower. With only under 400 bucks, you can get a  lot of great options from various renowned brands such as Husqvarna, GreenWorks and Black 7 Decker. The best lawn mower … [Read More...]

WORX WG788 Review – Smart and Powerful Lawnmower Machine

What if you can have not only a super powerful lawnmower machine, but also an environmentally one and with super smart feature that makes your lawn mowing job much quieter? If you think such lawnmower does not exist, meet WORX WG788. This smart lawnmower has all qualities of the ultimate lawnmower, … [Read More...]

Gardena 4025-U Review – the Modern Electric Lawnmower

Gardena is famous as a brand that deals with only the best product to help with all your gardening needs, including lawn mowing. Gardena 4025-U Cordless is a battery powered lawn mower that has many special features suitable for its status as a modern lawnmower (as you can see from its appearance). … [Read More...]