Top 4 Best 12v Cordless Drill in 2021

Sometimes, you need a cordless drill to do various home projects such as installing nails to hang bookshelf and frames, or replacing the soundproof sealant in your home studio, and fixing some furniture. If you only need a cordless drill for such light projects, you can use 12v cordless drills.

The best 12v cordless drill products have lightweight, long battery life and ergonomic design to make the drill easy to hold and operate.

With new technology in design, these 12v cordless drills have made many homeowners relieved; they do not have to spend much money on 18v or 20v cordless drills, and they can still get powerful drills with a long-lasting battery and ergonomic shapes to help with various home and yard projects.

Here are some of the best 12v cordless drills you can find at the market nowadays, namely, the best ones you can get to support any home projects.

Best 12v Cordless Drill

Dewalt DCK211 S2

Finally, this is the most heavy-duty 12v cordless drill for higher-level tasks and a great tool for contractor workers, mechanics, landscapers, and home mechanics.

Everything you need for a powerful drill is here, but with the practical, lightweight aspect of a 12v drill. This one is actually a combo product, consisting of a hand drill and a driver.

The device weighs 7.9 pounds, and it has many features to help you with every project, whether it is a professional, commercial project, or a small project at home.

This is very powerful, light enough for a powerful drill and it has a great, comfortable handle grip with several positioning adjustment options. Other features include:

  • Powerful 12v lithium batteries, with a longer working time and short charging period, which is just between 30 minutes and 1 hour
  • The handle grip has 15 options for handle adjustments, so you can work even in the tightest places.
  • Powerful 79 foot per pound torque, to make drilling and driving works more accurate and effective
  • Not just one, but THREE LED lights to help you work in a poorly lit place without losing productivity.

Dewalt DCK211 S2 is what you need for a powerful 12v cordless drill.

Bosch PS312A

What if you need a slightly more heavy-duty drill, but it is still not too big for your needs?

Simply choose Bosch PS312A, a powerful cordless drill with all the comfort of a small 12v drill.

You can have a very lightweight cordless drill, but you also get a heavy-duty drill that can conduct slightly heavier tasks. This drill is also able to manage difficult works in confined spaces.

Bosch PS312A is slightly heavier than the previous 12v cordless drill (2 pounds). However, the extra weight is nothing compared to what this drill has to offer.

Besides ergonomic design, long-lasting battery, and durable chuck, the drill also has extra features that make it very practical.

Here are some special features Bosch PS312A has to offer:

  • Double speed ranges for a wider range of work abilities; 0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM
  • The head only has 7 inches of diameter and has LED light, so you have more freedom in working within confined spaces
  • Powerful torque (265 inches per pound) plus 21 torque options for better accuracy when doing all kinds of driving and drilling tasks

With two 12v lithium batteries, Bosch PS312A is a great cordless drill that can last longer in between charger, thus making your more productive.

Black & Decker LDX 112C

This is definitely one of the best 12v cordless drill products, which are ever sold; Black & Decker LDX 112C has everything you will ever need from a lightweight, 12v cordless drill.

Black & Decker is a name associated with a powerful tool with ergonomic design and comfortable operation, and this cordless drill is not different.

Black & Decker LDX 112C only weighs 1 pound, thus making it one of the lightest cordless drills.

In addition, if you think its performance will be diminished with only 12v batteries, you are wrong.

Black & Decker LDX 112C is equipped with a lithium-ion battery instead of the regular Nicad you often found in lesser products of 12v cordless drills.

This battery takes a shorter time for charging and lasts longer than Nicad, so even though you only do a home project, you can still be productive.

Here are other amazing features you can find from this wonderful 12v cordless drill:

  • Comfortable pistol grip with conveniently located button and eleven options for handle grip, so you can find many positions for working even in narrow spaces
  • Anti-slip layer on the pistol grip for more comfortable and safer working
  • Durable chuck, 3/8 inch of size for easier drilling and bit changing

Black & Decker LDX 112C is definitely the best 12v cordless drill for home projects.

Porter Cable PCL120 DDC

This is the best 12v cordless drill for more heavy-duty tasks but it still has all the best parts of a practical and lightweight 12v drill.

Porter Cable PCL120 DDC may be a bit heavier than the previous two products (4.6 pounds), but this drill is designed to do heavier tasks despite its seemingly light and small appearance.

Porter Cable PCL120 DDC has a very ergonomic design, 7 inches in size with a very comfortable grip that comes in 20 positioning options, plus a very convenient button.

It also has LED light so you can work in poorly lighted spaces without difficulties. It also has two-speed ranges, durable 3/8 inch of single sleeve chuck, and overall very handy operation.

Here are special features in this 12v cordless drill:

  • Powerful machine with 1.3 amps, 2-speed ranges (0-315 RPM and 0-1,200 RPM), delivering powerful performance despite the compact size
  • Powerful 12v lithium batteries for longer using period and higher productivity
  • 3/8 inch durable chuck with better accuracy in drilling and driving tasks
  • Magnetic holder makes storing easier and keeping the tool from discarded accidentally.

Porter Cable PCL120 DDC is the best 12v cordless drill you can get for a powerful drilling task and compact form.


Best 12V Cordless Drill:  Which One to Choose?

All these options are the best 12v cordless drill products you can find at the market, but you must make sure that you buy the right product so your money will not be wasted on something that you don’t really need.

Do you really need a powerful drill if your drilling jobs are just around the house and small projects?

If you only need to have a 12v drill light enough for most domestic projects, Black & Decker LDX 112C is your product. It is the lightest from all hand drills here and it is very slim.

For the slightly more heavy-duty project, you can use Bosch PS312A, which is quite powerful but still has a lightweight and slim handle grip.

The last two products, Dewalt DCK211 S2 and Porter Cable PCL120 DDC are perfect for more heavy-duty tasks.

They may have 12v batteries, but they are the best 12v cordless drill products in their class. You can buy them if you are also a commercial mechanic or handyman.


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