Top 4 Best 18v Cordless Drill in 2021 Reviews

Many of you may think that 18v cordless drills have inferior performance to 20v drills do, but it depends on the products.

The best 18v cordless drill products in the market are actually quite good and they can deliver great performance for better work productivity.

They are also light, comfortable to hold, and quick to recharge.

Favorite 18v cordless drills come in various brands such as Dewalt and Bosch, and they become favorites among many workers and mechanics.

The key to a long-lasting 18v cordless drill is the lithium battery technology, which has a longer usage time compared to Nicad batteries.

Modern 18v lithium batteries also have a shorter recharge time than old batteries, thus ensuring better productivity if you are in the middle of a long project.

In addition, the new cordless drill models are very convenient and comfortable to handle, with adjustable grips to ensure maximum comfort.

Here are reviews of four of the best 18v cordless drill products from Dewalt and Bosch.

Best 18v Cordless Drill

Dewalt DCD760 KL

Designed for practicality and comfort, Dewalt DCD760 KL is an 18v cordless drill with an ergonomic shape and handle, comfortable grip, high-speed motor, and short recharge time.

It means you can increase your productivity just by buying this compact drill. This is a recommended tool for home projects and light to medium commercial projects and various practical tasks.

Dewalt DCD760 KL is comfortable to hold even for projects in difficult or narrow spaces; it has 17 options for grip adjustments, so anyone can always find the most comfortable grip for his or her project.

The drill itself is quite light, namely, only 4 pounds, and the pistol grip is slim to help to keep the hand and wrist comfortable.

Other features that support this hand drill functions include:

  • 18 volt, powerful lithium batteries with only 30 minutes of charging time; this helps to increase your overall productivity
  • Dual speed ranges for adjustable working power, 0-500 RPM and 0-1,700 RPM, powerful for such lightweight drill
  • 90 days warranty (cashback) and 3 years warranty (limited)

Unfortunately, there is no belt clip for this hand drill, but since it is very light, it is manageable to carry around the project area or house, thus making it one of the best 18v cordless drill products for drilling jobs.

Dewalt DC720KA

Combining comfort and performance perfectly in a practical hand drill Dewalt DC720KA is a perfect drill to have for all commercial auto shop mechanics, foreman crew, contractor company crew, and home mechanics.

Dewalt DC720KA has more grip adjustment options than the previous product, and it also comes with dual speed ranges.

This hand drill is super light and practical and has a low risk of slippage thanks to its durable, ½-inch chuck.

The motor has 450-watt power, making this device the best 18v cordless drill for heavy-duty tasks for personal and commercial projects.

These are the features of Dewalt DC720KA:

  • Nicad batteries with 18 volts of power; the batteries come with a charger that refills the batteries in 1 hour only
  • ½ inch of ratcheting chuck with durable material, designed for better drilling and driving and reducing slippage
  • LED light under the chuck to help you work in places with poor lighting
  • Dual speed ranges for better drilling performance; 0-500 RPM and 0-1,700 RPM
  • 90 days of cashback warranty and 3 years of the limited warranty

Although still uses Nicad batteries, Dewalt DC720KA is still a very reliable tool for both practical and heavy-duty performance in an 18v cordless hand drill.

Bosch DDB 180-02

This is the best 18v cordless drill for those who aim for super comfortable drilling task, for light to medium projects.

Bosch DDB 180-02 is a great tool to have by home mechanics, and great to handle various projects around the house.

This hand drill is super weight; only 3 pounds, and with a super comfortable pistol grip as well as 15 handle grip settings for more comfortable work.

The hand drill has quite powerful performance for such a slim and light tool, thanks to its 18-volt lithium batteries and up to 1,300 RPM.

This makes you able to finish drilling and driving jobs fast and with less fatigue than other bigger models.

This drill is perfect for most home projects and medium-sized works.

Here are other great features from Bosch DDB 180-02:

  • Two options of batteries, slim packs for lightness in working, and fat packs for more heavy-duty tasks
  • 15 options of handle grip adjustment, for more comfort in various working position
  • 1,300 RPM for powerful performance in such a lightweight tool
  • LED lamp to support works in a place with poor light condition
  • Toolbox with segmented spaces to keep small bits and accessories

Bosch DDB 180-02 is surely the best 18v cordless drill for light and medium works.

Bosch DDS 181-02L

Finally, bringing innovation in ergonomic shape and size, Bosch DDS 181-02L is a power drill that is super light with a slim handle.

It delivers heavy-duty performance despite its small size.

Bosch DDS 181-02L comes in sets of great features to provide high performance in various projects, and it comes with a great toolbox technology called L-BOXX.

L-BOXX is a special feature designed to store your Bosch DDS 181-02L when you are not using it. L-BOXX is water-resistant; it has segmented sections for easier access, an opening mechanism that uses clicking action, and a better organization system for all the smallest and largest bits.

This is the most prominent feature you can get from Bosch DDS 181-02L. Other features include:

  • 18-volt lithium batteries for longer working time and higher productivity; charging only takes up to 30 minutes
  • Slim pack batteries for small projects and lightweight tool
  • Powerful four-pole motors for various projects
  • Super comfortable and ergonomic shape with slim pistol grip and conveniently located button

Bosch DDS 181-02L is especially favored by those who look for lightweight, comfortable, and powerful performance in smaller tools.

In addition, the storage-box organization system makes you more productive at work and able to organize all the smallest parts.

Conclusion of The Best 18V Cordless Drill :

So, which one you should choose for the best 18v cordless drill? If you want s powerful performance with such s small package, Dewalt DCD760 is your option.

Dewalt DC720KA also delivers quite powerful performance, but it still uses Nicad batteries, which take a longer time to recharge and have a shorter operating time.

However, both received positive responses for many users in case of heavy-duty performance from 18v had a drill.

Meanwhile, all the Bosch series above are perfect for small to medium projects thanks to their super-lightweight bodies.

However, they are still packed with powerful performances that will present better results in drilling and driving tasks, especially with Bosch DDS 181-02L that has such an innovative storage system.


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