Top 8 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews (List For You)

People today will need to put money into a powerful 80-gallon air compressor in case a 30-gallon or even 60-gallon model does not appear to fulfill their demands.

This can be an industry-grade compressor which will have a massive effect on how you handle various endeavors.
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An 80-gallon air compressor may pile up from the resources having quite a powerful punch. What’s more, they’re also quite durable.

These compressors are generally utilized in the business or by DIY enthusiasts.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss the 10 best 80-gallon Air Compressors created by the best air compressor manufacturers in addition to the important factors when deciding on an air compressor. So, take a look!

Advantages of an 80-Gallon Compressor

1. More Value for Your Money

An 80-gallon compressor, even while do are far pricey, is acceptable for a broader array of applications.

The majority of the qualities which make them more costly are convenient and useful, anyway.

These include automatic drains, security characteristics, overload protection, and heating technologies that actually warrant the higher price factors.

2. Better Durability

Since most 80-gallon air compressors are made out of cast iron substances, they are sometimes extremely heavy and big.

But 1 upside to this is they are usually not regarded as something that you move around frequently.

This not only guarantees optimum run time but also prolongs the serviceability and improves the durability of the device.

3. Bigger Air Capacity

80-gallon compressors offer you a greater air volume capacity than most other air compressors.

This usually means that they permit you to provide a greater pressure or PSI speed to your resources.

Another thing that I enjoy about this is you don’t need to refill the tank as frequently as you want smaller air compressors.

This is particularly beneficial for utilizing heavy-duty tools that could easily drain a more compact air tank.

4. Safer at High temperatures

While additional industrial-grade machines and machines can finally burst or contribute to flame, air compressors can be readily and safely used at elevated temperatures.

Not only do many versions have cooling technology, but the atmosphere generation also occurs right at the website so substantial temperatures aren’t as large a concern.

5. Versatility

Because 80-gallon air compressors provide higher airflow levels and power, they may be utilized for several heavy-duty applications in addition to less demanding jobs.

Some compressors may even allow you to use multiple power tools at one time, saving your time and money.

It is also possible to use them for cutting, grinding edge, airbrushing, spray painting, and a number of other programs when a supply of greater pressure is necessary.

List of 8 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews

1. Campbell Hausfeld XC802100 80 gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor

Tackle a huge array of endeavors thanks to the powerful Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.

The 240 volt operating 5 HP engine offers maximum strain for longer run time for all kinds of tools that you may use in your own workshop.

The compressor includes an oil-lubricated cast iron 2-stage pump which lasts for 5000 hours of pumping.

It weighs 410 pounds so it is lightweight in comparison to other compressors of the exact same power.

Given its power, the layout reduces flooring footprint so that it’s a superb selection for a busy workshop in which you do not have sufficient space.

This really is the best 80-gallon compressor that you may use for paint spraying, sanding, bolting, stapling, and crafting jobs.

It is intended to provide 15.6 CFM at 175 PSI of greatest strain and 15.8 CFM at 90 PSI.

We recommend this compressor to get heavy-duty software in industrial states and lengthy operation hours.

It is accompanied by an oil-window so that you may keep a tab on the oil amount to ensure the operation of your compressor.


  • Well-built compressor.
  • Acceptable for a limited distance.
  • Oil-lubricated cast iron pump.
  • Lightweight compared to other compressors.


  • Can be quite noisy.

2. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Built to last, the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 includes a durable full cast iron cylinder body and steel tank.

Its 15-Amp powerful engine produces 4.7 horsepowers, 240 volts, and a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.

This 80-gallon air compressor may quickly provide stress for power tools such as spray guns, hammers, affects, and ratchets, supplying 14-CFM in 90 PSI.

As a result of the heating wired-formed belt protector, in addition, it will not overheat.

Other noteworthy features include an oil-lubricated pump using a one-piece cast iron crankcase, a gorgeous 3-cylinder layout, a readily reachable oil-fill, plus oil-level sight glass plus a 12-inch cast-iron flywheel, Swedish stainless steel bend valves, plus a massive filter using synthetic petroleum and silencers.


  • Quicker air tool operate
  • The powerful and constant stream
  • Durable and lasts for many years
  • Reasonable Sound level
  • Cooling belt shield to stop overheating


  • Heavy and will be very likely to drop on its side
  • Has to be bolted in position. Otherwise, It Is Going to move

3. Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V 7.5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor

The respectable firm Ingersoll Rand has made the merchandise under consideration.

This firm has a huge experience of over 75 years within this class.

This item is rated among the top ten goods that fall under this category.

The specifications of this product make it appropriate for a diverse assortment of situations.

It may be utilized in tiny stores in addition to a high-pressure industrial complex.

Factors like power, quality, and reliability are the key highlights of the item.

The air tank within this unit may hold a max of 80 gallons; making it appropriate for different kinds of industrial jobs.

The motor in this air compressor is belt-driven; its own functionality is enhanced using the dual cylinder system which enhances the functioning of the air compressors.

Speaking about the air compressors, this air compressor includes among the best 80-gallon air compressors; it’s made out of cast iron and will endure for several decades.

The air conditioner is powered by means of an induction motor that could generate a maximum of 7.5 HP.

The engine inside this unit includes one stage and a voltage rating of 230V.

The maximum air pressure which may be made via this air compressor is 175 PSI; this can be sufficient for the performance of different kinds of air tools.

At the bottom of the air, the tank is a fast drain valve, it’s used to drain off the water which melts in the bottom of the air tank.


  • Weighs roughly 550 lbs.
  • It’s pneumatic-powered.
  • It has high oil security.


  • Its anticipated lifetime is 10,000 hours
  • It lacks an after-cooler

4. DeWalt DXCMV5048055 80-Gallon Two-Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air Compressor

This dual-phase air compressor includes a 5 horsepower engine and provides adequate and constant airflow to conduct numerous power tools at precisely the exact same moment.

It runs quietly and it delivers a 100% duty cycle. It’s simple to work thanks to its integrated control panel comprising a variety of controls that are simple to manipulate.

That is a professional grade unit and we will not suggest it to an ordinary DIYer.

DEWALT DXCMV5048055 is accompanied by an expertly equipped 230 V and 5 HP electric powered engine.

This engine includes Thermal Overload Protection which helps to protect the engine from voltage changes and helps remove the need for a magnetic starter.

Along with this Thermal Overload Protection kit, this 80-gallon air compressor includes an integrated control panel using tank and output pressure indicators that are big enough and simple to operate.

This usually means you could easily control the tank pressure in addition to that of the air that is discharged.

DEWALT DXCMV5048055 was made to deliver substantial power loads to deal with various pneumatic tools.

Having a maximum strain of around 175 PSI, it gives enough power to operate air tools such as sanders, ratchets, and several cutting gears.

This vertical electrical blower generates faster results and it’s excellent for both industrial and small-scale users.


  • It comes with an integrated control panel for a simpler operation
  • It’s silent
  • It includes thermal overload protection
  • It’s a 2-stage air compressor pump providing more and constant air


  • It demands a whole lot of storage area
  • It weighs approximately 500 pounds

5. Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Hi-Flo Single Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor

Industrial Air ILA4708065 is just another wonderful compressor by Industrial Air that’s also a well-known firm for quite some time.

What we love about this compressor is that the immense power supplied by the 4.7 HP, 240V motor that makes the instrument to become super-fast in pumping.

In 40 PSI, this compressor was designed to deliver 16.1 CFM and 14.0 CFM at 90 PSI.

In general, it’s made out of a maximum of 155 PSI.

It is possible to use the compressor industrial functions like hammers, ratchets, spray guns, and much more.

Since tank capacity is large, it means you will have the ability to use it on most of your resources without quitting.

Moreover, is that the pump doesn’t need to be’ on’ quite frequently because the tank is big and also the pressure build-up is large.

This 80-gallon air compressor is designed for optimum durability thanks to throwing iron which strengthens the power of their crankcase and air body to defy any type of force.

You will enjoy the oil level sight bud which allows you to track oil amounts in addition to the oil fill that is readily accessible for optimum maintenance.


  • On/off change is amazing
  • Requires little distance
  • A lot of power


  • Expensive

6. Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Air Compressor 80 Gallon Vertical Two Stage

If you’re a hardcore DIY consumer, automotive enthusiast, or somebody who works in a little store, the Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 is your perfect 80-gallon air compressor for you!

Running on 230 Volts, this version can run over twenty-five air tools for everyday usage.

This compressor comes with a maximum strain of 175 PSI plus a 14 CFM at 90 PSI.

It’s commercial-duty and includes a cast iron, oil-lubricated two-stage pump.

The HS5180 can provide around 12, 000 hours of prolonged service life.

The ASME-code tank using a vertical layout helps conserve space in your garage or workshop and allows for simple storage.

For security and protection, it’s a fully enclosed metal belt guard.

These are merely a few reasons why the HS5180 is regarded as the best 80 gallons 2 phase air compressor.


  • Operates a variety of air tools
  • Metallic belt shield
  • Relatively compact
  • Runs smoothly and gently
  • Well-built and durable


  • May require a regular oil change
  • It’s not perfect for prolonged, constant use
  • Doesn’t come with a power cable

7. EMAX 10 HP Quiet Air Compressor, Vertical, 1 PH, 80-Gallon

If you’re trying to find the most dependable compressor for industrial use, you might have to check at the EMAX 80 gallon air compressor version.

It isn’t inexpensive, but it is well worth it once it’s up and running as you will come to detect.

With appropriate maintenance, this instrument will supply you with as much as 50, 000 hours of constant performance to handle your every tool without interruptions.

At its heart is that the minimal RPM pump that’s actually powerful and built to last.

Since low RPM is essential to optimum performance, the CFM output signal is high as the stroke and bore are far larger.

The very low RPM also means diminished heating build-up and friction, and therefore, prolonging the pump functioning life.

Why is this mill to stand out compared to rivals is its own low decibels of sound?

It’s super quiet as promoted such that nobody will know whether it’s running.

The on/off change is top-notch, and of course that the entire tool is built aware of durability and reliability to offer you the consumer a lasting optimum functionality.


  • Constructed to survive
  • Low RPM extends pump life
  • Extremely silent


  • Expensive

8. OEMTOOLS 26100 5HP 80 Gallon Single Phase 230V Air Compressor

The OEMTOOLS 26100 version is an 80-gallon air compressor especially made for optimum performance and endurance.

The device includes substantial dimensions of the 80-gallon air storage tank which powers on 5-Horsepower and supplies a better airflow of 18 cubic feet per minute (CFM) in 100 lbs per square inch (PSI).

This air compressor can provide a maximum strain of atmosphere around 165 PSI in 230 Volt.

The high degree of compressed air pressure delivered by the device lets you power your high-demand atmosphere tools like ratchets, impact guns, drills, sanders, and a lot more pneumatic apparatus.

The OEMTOOLS 26100 version is specially constructed to create sufficient compressed air to match all of your requirements.

Therefore, the device is a perfect selection for DIY enthusiasts in addition to its expert compressor consumers.

The OEMTOOLS 26100 air compressor includes a very low RPM, heavy-duty, cast-iron pump for efficient performance and longer run times while also ensuring that the durability of the device.

The air compressor also offers an air and oil filter for suitable use.

Moreover, the OEMTOOLS 26100 80-gallon air compressor also will come with a 2-year guarantee, thus maintaining your workshop secure during its use and making the device worth investing.


  • Comes with a low RPM
  • Reputable and durable
  • Delivers exceptional compressed air to power electrical tools in a maximum pressure of 165 PSI


  • Noisy operation

Buying Guides for Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor

Purpose of Use

Exactly as with other compressors, you’ll want to the essence of the task available and the suitable compressor for your endeavor.

If you just wish to use the compressor to get easy tasks like airing sports balls, then inflating tires, then a little model will probably be sufficient in these instances.

But, large projects like painting, molding, installing trims among others demand a more sophisticated compressor like an 80-gallon air compressor.

Construction Material

The best 80-gallon air compressor generates a heavy-duty rugged cast-iron pump and pumps the body for prolonged life.

What is fantastic about cast iron is the way it can resist operations at high stress.

It can endure pressure as large as 150 PSI or even 200 PSI that’s not uncommon in 80-gallon compressor versions.

Material like aluminum could blow up, flow, or becoming damaged when exposed to elevated pressure.


This contrasts with the engine’s capability to push the pump. Obviously, a greater horsepower equals a greater strain.

But too high may be harmful. Normally, a 5 HP into 7HP air compressor is best.

Maximum Pressure

This determines how powerful your compressor will be you may see whether it matches your purpose.

These compressors are intended for industrial-grade software so having high airflow and pressure is definitely a plus as it’s possible to use a number of air tools at precisely the exact same moment.

PSI Ratings

Several versions of compressors are created out of various evaluations.

In general, we’ve got compressors using a maximum of 150 PSI while some have been rated at 200 PSI. But, 200 PSI versions are quite uncommon to encounter.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage?

These are the 2 kinds of compressors out there. Single-stage compressors utilize one cycle to compress the atmosphere while two-stage compressors use 2 cycles.

Two-stage compressors supply greater power and strain but require more. Single-stage compressors are quicker but deliver less strain and power.

To Learn More about these forms, please see this video:


If you’re working for extended hours, you’ll require a compressor that runs easily, emitting very little if any sound.

The best way to recognize a compressor with much fewer decibels of sound would be to read testimonials of consumers that have listened to the item.

By way of instance, EMAX 10 HP Quiet 80 gallon air compressor would be the quietest compressor we stumbled upon after intensive study.


Cast iron structure is easily the most durable choice to think of when you’re searching for a hardy compressor.

Ensure your compressor is well-built to defy heavy-duty operations.


When there are lots of other air compressors in the industry now the eight, 80-gallon air compressor reviews performed above provide you with an assortment of several of the very ideal and value investing machines on the marketplace these days.

And as they’re all-powerful and also have large air tanks, we all expect you might find the best 80-gallon air compressor one of them and live to appreciate your pick.

Nonetheless, your collection of the perfect air compressor for your workshop should not be a simple choice.

You might consult or reevaluate your requirements, as an air compressor is an investment intended to endure for as many as thirty decades.

We hope this report can help you create the best selection of an 80-gallon air compressor, which will bring a big impact on your day to day operations in your workshop or garage.

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