Top 4 Best Cordless Drill for under $100 in 2021

Would you believe it when you can have the best cordless drill for under $100?

You may not believe it at all since lots of popular and powerful cordless drill will take more than that.

But it is true; now you can have a very good device within your possession that should help you with your daily tasks.

Having a cordless drill can be advantageous since you don’t need to deal with the fussy cables and cords, lying here and there and risking your own safety as the result.

Now you can even get an affordable device without having to drain off your savings.

When it comes to choosing the best cordless drill for this price range, you are basically presented with loads of options, which can make you confused about which device is the best for your needs.

Don’t be overly confused as there are four best items that are considered worthy of your consideration and purchase.

These items have been around for quite some time – and they are also coming from reliable names and brands – so you should be aware that they are designed and packed with good stuff only.

Best Cordless Drill For Under $100

GCD18BK Genesis 18v Driver Kit/Cordless Drill

The drill comes in various handy features and specs that will make your activity easier.

In most cases, you should be a pro when you want to use a drill, but in this case, you don’t need to be one at all.

You can be a beginner and have a very safe implementation and operation.

The main features that make this device very nice and functional are:

  • The device has 3/8 inch of keyless chuck, for better and easier usage
  • It has an LED feature as the working light so you know when the device is truly working or whether it is breaking down
  • It has 16 different positions for clutch or torque settings, so imagine how flexible it is for you to operate on different activities and positions without compromising your own safety
  • There is an electric brake that guarantees your safety
  • The grip comes in a nonslip rubber pistol model so it is nice and comfy on your hand
  • Most users mention that they love the simplicity and the easiness this Genesis drill provides.

It is true that they are doubtful at first, thinking that such a brand will be cheesy and lousy when compared to the powerful and popular brands.

It turns out that they really enjoy having the drill. When the trigger is squeezed, the LED light will be activated, showing you that it works well.

Users are mostly impressed by the battery life and the indicator light for charging that will inform you when it has been fully charged.

This drill is simple and light, and yet very powerful and handy.

Black and Decker Lithium LDX172C Driver/Drill

If you want something that is not only functional but also good looking for your daily ‘handyman’ activities, you can consider having this item.

This device comes in a very rigid and solid structure, with cordless mode for better and easier usage.

The absence of cords will make everything simpler and safer, as you can tag it along anywhere you like without having to worry about the cord, plus you get to do whatever business you have to do without having to constantly worry about the arrangement of the cord.

Another cool thing is that it even costs less than $30 if you buy one from Amazon.

There are reasons why this item is popular and likable, and they are:

  • The li-ion battery is very handy and flexible. It is easily charged and it is long-lasting.
  • The chuck is keyless so you can always have fast and easy change whenever you want to without hassle.
  • The design is nice, firm, and solid, but it is not heavy or complicated. It has been used by lots of women and housewives, so imagine how great the control and balance is.
  • It has a fan cooling motor to prolong the drill life
  • There are different settings for the speed – especially for the reverse and forward – so you know which speed is safe for you.
  • This drill has been designed to deal with various applications and usages around the house, from removing the electric socket, light screwdriver work, hanging photos, and so many more.

The design is light and compact, but it doesn’t compromise the solid structure and firm design.

Some users may complain about the speed, saying that it doesn’t come in varying settings. it seems that the device is designed as a safe item so the speed is rather low with a constant force.

But if you don’t mind spending extra time within a very safe implementation of the drill, this one is the best for you.

2364-02 SKIL Li-Ion Driver/Drill

You are able to get a powerful device that will help you a lot in doing light chores around the house.

Most users who have had this device mostly say that holding this drill is basically just nice.

It is light and ergonomic, and yet it feels solid, sturdy, and firm without any cheesy or cheap feeling at all. It also comes with clutch settings of 7+1, so you can imagine how handy it is.

The main features of this drill are:

  • It comes with a 2-speed gearbox for easier usage
  • The li-ion battery is nice and handy for long-lasting work
  • The device itself is lightweight, powerful, ergonomic, and compact.
  • It comes with reverse and forward setting, along with LED light that will show you the direction of the drilling
  • Is it a truly worthy device to have? Yes, if you want easiness, flexibility, and low cost with a powerful ability.

Black and Decker 12v LDX112C Li-Ion Driver/Drill

This drill comes with loads of handy features that can do great things for your daily activities.

For a starter, it comes with a li-ion battery, which means you can always be sure that the charging cycle will be long lasting and you don’t necessarily stop so often to charge.

The overall design is also nice and solid. You can tell that it is not cheesy stuff, despite the low price range.

The key features and specs are:

  • It comes with 11 different positions so you can comfortably drill through plastic, wood, and even metal
  • It is lightweight and compact, with an anti-slip grip that is soft and nice to boost comfort.
  • It also comes with different speeds which enable you to do countersinking without having to damage the material

DCD950B Dewalt 18v Bare Tool Driver/Hammerdrill/Drill

There are reasons why products from Dewalt are always considered as the best, as they are designed and made from the best technologies, systems, and usages only.

Not only you can get a great deal, but you can also get a very handy and functional item for your daily needs.

This power tool may seem similar to other tools, but wait until you can get your hands on it and operate it.

Here are some perks and benefits that you can enjoy from having this device:

  • It comes with different speeds – up to 3 different settings – that enable you to do various jobs; starting from the lowest speed setting to the highest one. Not only you can control your own operation time, but you can also control the efficiency of your work.
  • The chuck has this self-tightening mechanism that will be activated through the operation and usage, so you can be sure that the gripping strength won’t fail or disappoint you at all.
  • It has LED light that can help you a lot in improving your visibility when working in a confined or dark place
  • The motor is highly efficient and powerful. It is able to produce 450 watts of the unit for superior and superior activities and performance. You can certainly use it for fastening or drilling applications.
  • It has great and improved control and balance, so you can be sure that it is completely safe and reliable.

Dewalt seems to realize that they did have quality problems in the past, so they try to make it up by producing and delivering reliable products this time.

And it is obvious that they are doing a very good job on it.

PCL120DDC-2 Porter Cable Compact Li-Ion 12v Driver/Drill

The tool also comes with a very nice design and high-quality satisfaction. The overall structure is solid, firm, and sturdy while the features packed within it are all reliable and functional. You can expect a lot from it.

The main benefits you can get from having this device are:

  • The overall size and structure are just right and perfect. The size is nice and compact. The tool is also lightweight, without compromising built and functionality. You can basically use it for overhead usage or within tight areas.
  • The chuck comes with a single sleeve 3/8 inch model – along with a spindle lock – that will provide high and nice grip torque for the better and improved application.
  • It is packed up with a two-speed gearbox, designed for high torque fastening purpose as well as high-speed drilling
  • It also comes in variations of speed trigger that will produce maximum and better control in most applications, so it should be easy and flexible
  • It has an adjustable clutch, which includes 20 different drilling and driving settings for flexibility and versatility in doing all kinds of applications – and when dealing with different materials.

LDX120C Black and Decker Li-Ion 20v Driver/Drill

Tthis tool is highly functional and beneficial, the overall setting and operation are also nice and simple.

Who says you need to be a professional just to be able to operate it to the maximum usage and comfort?

Here are some benefits you can gain from using this tool:

  • The tool comes with a li-ion battery which ensures longer operation. it also helps to make the overall device lighter and more compact.
  • The 20v battery ensures a longer life cycle and charging operation
  • It comes with 11 different positioning clutch so you can full control of the tool. You can always fasten the screwdriver easily and drill into plastic, metal, and wood easily.
  • The drill has different speeds so you have full control of how long you want it to be or how efficient your project should be

DC970K-2 Dewalt 18v Driver/Drill Kit

The main features that you can enjoy are:

  • The overall design is classy and nice. The size is compact, and it is truly lightweight for more comfortable operation and usage
  • The device comes with a nice and powerful motor that is able to produce 380 watts
  • It comes with dual speed variants for optimal and better performance
  • The grip is nice and comfy, reducing the user’s burden and fatigue
  • The only drawback is the absence of LED light, so you are quite helpless when working in dark rooms or tight spaces.

Those are the four tools considered most reliable and promising. Each one comes with its strength and flaw. It is up to you to choose which one you like – based on your needs and preferences.


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