Which is the Best Lawn Mower for Hills?

Every lawn surface has its own challenge. The hardest challenge is hills. We’re not talking a possibility of uneven surface, since you may have fixed that matter before turning into yard. The things is the up and down. We know that most lawn mowers are quite heavy, while some of them do not have stable speed. Imagine operating it uphill, you’re going to tire yourself out and the result is not always good as well. So, before naming any brands, it’s better to know which the best lawn mower for hills is. The fact lawn mowers come out in many types, so make sure you pick the right one.

There is a type called push mowers. This is the most suffering mower for hills. It may come as the most lightweight item, but the procedure to operate it will sure drain your energy. This mower moves upon your push. Imagine if you need to push uphill. Small acre is still acceptable, but a large acre of uphill? This type of mower is cheaper than many other types, but your energy is going to pay for the rest of cost. Consider buying the second type called self-propelled mower than the previous one. The cost is a little bit higher than push mower, but you can save a lot of your energy. Self-propelled mowers moves as you walk. You don’t to push, since it synch with your step automatically. All you need to do is to walk in normal speed.

Talking about the best lawn mower for hills, then it must be zero turn lawn mowers. It is sold in a lot higher cost than previous mowers, but the process and result will satisfy you. No pushing or walking is needed, so zero energy to drain at the same time. You can adjust the speed, cutting height and any kind of clipping modes you want. However, the advance features depend so much on brand ad series you choose. Toro Smart Speed series is worth a go.

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