Top 4 Best Lawn Mower For under $200 in 2021

If you have a lawn, you obviously need a lawnmower. However, not everyone has unlimited budgets for expensive lawn mowers, and many of us must be satisfied with under 200 dollars lawn mowers.

Well, say goodbye to that worry because now you can get the best lawn mower for under $200 in the market.

There are both reels and machined models available, depending on your taste and preferences in land mowing activity.

There are several options for those who prefer cheap lawn mowers, which cost lower than 200 bucks each.

There are reeled model with no machine, lawn mower with gas, and the newest model that uses a battery and electric cord for an energy source.

These lawn mowers are from great brands such as Greenwork and Black & Decker, so you can be sure that you get the best quality lawn mowers.

If you want to get the best option, here are some recommendations.

Best Lawn Mower For Under $200

Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp, 17 Inches

If your lawn is quite small and you really do not need a machined lawn mower, you can always buy reel lawn mower, like Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp.

The reel lawn mower is a perfect option if you do not like having a machined lawn mower especially if your own yard is small (and, you can have some workout with reel lawn mower).

Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp, especially, is a modern reel mower that not only looks modern but also very easy to push.

Like many other modern mowers that are made without machines, Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp comes with a new technology called Inertia Drive Reel, which was designed to create better-cutting results than older models.

Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp also has durable steel blades with a non-touching design that makes them last longer. You can even use this reel mower to cut thick Southern grass species.

There will be no more extra cost for yearly blade sharpening because this mower’s blades are also coated with durable and thick metal.

Fiskars 6208 Stay Sharp is clearly the best alternative you can buy if your taste in a lawn mower is more to non-machined one, or if you have a small yard.

Yard Machine Briggs & Stratton 11A-020L700

Despite all the negative reviews about gas-powered lawn mowers (including complaints about a gas-powered machine that is not environmentally friendly), you will find that Yard Machine Briggs & Stratton 11A-020L700 is a reasonable choice if you have a small-sized yard that does not need excessive trimming.

Many people are clueless about the good product to buy if they only have a small yard and this lawn mower is the solution.

At a glance, Yard Machine Briggs & Stratton 11A-020L700 really looks like a really compact and lightweight lawn mower, which is perfect for small yard maintenance.

While the machine lacks larger front wheels, this lawn mower does have extra value on its metal cutting deck, which ensures that the machine will last for a long time compared to similar products with plastic cutting decks.

Yard Machine Briggs & Stratton 11A-020L700 has a quite good-sized cutting path (20 inches).

This is quite adequate for the small and medium-sized yard. Its compact form also makes it easy to assemble.

Although the handle is not collapsible as many new lawn mowers are, Yard Machine Briggs & Stratton 11A-020L700 is definitely the best lawn mower for under $200 if you prefer gas-powered machine.

GreenWorks 25142, 16 Inches

Greenwork has always been in a synonym with low emission, non-gas lawn mowers.

GreenWorks 25142, for example, is just one of the medium-sized electric lawn mowers that earned praise among yard owners on the internet.

This is a great product if you have a small to medium yard with low to medium height grasses.

With various modern features that ensure the blade’s durability and practicality in mowing, this is the best lawn mower for under $200 you can get if you are looking for an electric mower.

GreenWorks 25142 has everything you want in a modern electric lawn mower; first, you see the collapsible handle with easy to reach on/off button.

Then, you see the grass bag behind the machine, which is great to help you with grass bagging, before throwing it away or turn it as compost later.

The wheels are the same size, but they are quite big to run through medium-length grass (7 inches).

GreenWorks 25142 also has a mulching function, which cuts the clippings into really small bits and left them strewn over the yard to function as natural compost.

The gasless motor has powerful 10 Amp power, which is great to cut through various species of grasses.

Overall, this is the best environmentally friendly machined lawn mower you can get for under 200 bucks.

Black & Decker LM175, 18 Inches

Another famous gasless mower to buy, Black & Decker LM175 is a lightweight yet powerful cordless mower that is perfect for a small yard.

If you need a light mower with slightly greater power than a reel mower, this is your option.

With a 6.5 Amp machine and weighing only 35 pounds, this is the lightest lawn mower that you can get with the machine.

Black & Decker LM175 for its size and has 18 inches of cutting range, so its performance is quite good.

However, the reason this mower is only good for a small yard is that there are no batteries.

Therefore, this machine depends entirely on an electrical source through the cord, unlike GreenWorks’ new family members and some of Black & Decker’s newest products.

Since the machine only has 1 level of height adjustment and 100 feet of cutting range, it is only perfect for a small yard with a light level of cutting difficulties.

Nevertheless, Black & Decker LM175 is still a good buy if you only need a decent machine to mow your yard.

Conclusions of the best lawn mower under $200

The best lawn mower for under 200 Dollars usually only has limited height adjustment levels and features, and these mowers are usually made for rather small yards.

However, they are great for small to medium yard owners because they also need economical options for lawn mowers.

Of all the product reviews, you have options between a cordless mower and a gas-powered mower; an electrical mower with no battery, and a reel mower without a machine at all.

You essentially only need to adjust your need with the product, since these products are aimed at small to medium yard.

So, if you need a simple mower for a really small yard, Black & Decker and Fiskars can be options.

Meanwhile, GreenWorks and Yard Machine are perfect for up to medium-sized yard.


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