Top 4 Best Lawn Mower For Under $300 in 2021

Gas-powered and electric powered lawn mowers are in a tight competition.

However, whatever your choice is, in the end, it will always go back to the budget.

If your budget is only under 300 bucks, congratulations because there are many options for the best lawn mower for under 300 bucks.

These mowers are not from low-quality mowers, either; they are from respectable brands that surely will perform well in your yard.

There are several types of lawn mowers you can get for 300 bucks or less, and if you need a bit more sophisticated performance, 300 bucks are enough to get either gas-powered or battery-powered lawn mowers, depending on the brand.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that you get the machine that has the specific features you need.

Here are some reviews before you buy :

Best Lawn Mower For Under $300

Lawn Boy 10632, Self Propel, 20 Inches


If you have a rather uneven yard, this is the mower for you. Lawn Boy 10632 is like the Hummer of a gas-powered lawn mower, designed to tackle rough terrain with better ease than most lawn mowers of its caliber.

This gas-powered lawn mower clearly shows great ability to tackle rough and uneven yard, from its large and thick wheels to deep dome-style design for the better mulching feature.

Lawn Boy 10632 has a special self-propel feature and a maximum cutting height of 4 inches, which is perfect for rough cutting jobs and easy maneuver around soil bumps, yard landscapes, flowerbeds, and uneven ground.

The cutting deck is as long as 20 inches, in addition to wide wheels that make pushing the mower feels easier.

Moreover, the entire machine itself is also lightweight, making maneuvering and pushing even easier.

Lawn Boy’s blades have multiple notches that make cutting easier and faster, making your job finished quicker with better-looking results.

There are options for regular cutting, mulching, and grass bag, so you can be more flexible when mowing your yard.

With three years of warranty and high-quality blades, this is the best lawn mower for under 300 bucks you can buy.

GreenWorks 25352 Cordless, 19 Inches

Speaking about buying the best lawn mower for this price range, GreenWorks products are never being left from the catalog options.

This brand is famous for its environmentally friendly technology, and GreenWorks 25352 is not different.

This powerful lawn mower is perfect to cut the grass on a medium to a large lawn, thanks to its powerful machine, wide cutting deck, and easy maneuvering.

This lawn mower seems like a massive piece of machine, but GreenWorks 25352 is actually very light and easy to maneuver thanks to its large rear wheels and ergonomic handle.

There are 7 options for cutting heights and 19 inches wide cutting deck, plus mulching blades for easier cutting.

There is a grass bag behind the cutting deck, so it is easier for you to collect the grass clippings for late ruse (if you are not interested in mulching the grass).

Just like all GreenWorks products, GreenWorks 25352 also boasts a powerful battery (in this case: 36 V) plus one and a half battery life, which is great to cut small to the medium yard without pausing.

The best thing is: this machine has LED style battery indicator, so you know when you must stop and charge the battery.

Black & Decker MM875, 19 Inches

Another great Black &Decker product if you want to buy the best lawn mower for under 300 bucks, Black & Decker MM875 is a great product if you want to buy an electric lawn mower that works perfectly on the small and medium-sized yard.

This is especially perfect for house owners who live in urban areas, where any slightly louder sound can annoy the neighbors.

The electric-powered machine is softer than a gas-powered mower machine and the vibrations are less felt.

The overall appearance of Black & Decker MM875 is quite small but sturdy, with 19 inches cutting deck to ensure maximum cutting performance in the machine’s class.

The handle is collapsible for easier storage and there is a cushion for your hand, so it is comfortable to push this mower.

The cord can be a bit annoying if you have a large yard, especially because the battery is quite heavy.

However, the machine’s performance is great; this Black & Decker mower has several cutting height adjustment levels, from 1.25 to 3.5 inches, so there are several ways to adjust your cutting style based on the height of your glasses.

There is also a grass bag behind the deck and there are options between bagging, regular cutting, and mulching.

Poulan Pro PR500N, 21 Inches

Finally, this is a great lawn mower machine if you want to have something small but powerful.

Since Poulan Pro PR500N is a gas-powered mower, this delivers quite great cutting power despite its seemingly small, light, and compact form.

With 21 inches of cutting deck plus larger rear wheels, Poulan Pro PR500N makes the best lawn mower for under 300 bucks for a gas-powered mower if you are about a lighter model.

This lawn mower uses Brigg & Stratton 140 cc engine, so no wonder if the performance is quite great.

The unique shape of the wheels makes sure that you can push this mower easily through uneven ground.

As the shape is very simple and compact, you can assemble the entire machine easily. The machine is actually replaceable, but Brigg & Stratton so far provides the best performance.

There are several features available at the Poulan Pro PR500N structure.

For example, it has a side discharge function, which is very useful to avoid grass clippings jumping to your legs.

There are also mulching blades, so you can make your yard more fertile during summer and autumn by cutting the grasses into small pieces and spread them on the yard.

Conclusion of the Best Lawn Mower Under 300 Bucks

If you want to buy the best lawn mower for under $300, you get options between both gas-powered and electric-powered mowers.

Gas-powered products such as Poulan Pro and Lawn Boy are usually powerful despite their need to be filled by gas.

However, their benefit is that they are easier to push when you must tackle long grasses on the uneven yard.

This reduces energy exertion, thus making the mowing job more enjoyable.

On the contrary, electric products such as GreenWorks and Black & Decker are usually fit for a medium-sized yard, especially for Black & Decker because it has a short cord and heavy battery. Therefore, they are better for small to medium yards.

However, all of these products promise great warranties and high-quality multiple blades, which are very important features in lawn mower machines.


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