Top 3 Best Lawn Mower for under $400

Are you having a slightly larger budget for a lawn mower? Then you may get more options in choosing the type and brand of the lawn mower.

With only under 400 bucks, you can get a  lot of great options from various renowned brands such as Husqvarna, GreenWorks, and Black 7 Decker.

The best lawn mower for under 400 bucks should present you with the ability to tackle down slightly higher grasses and multiple options between cutting, mulching, and bagging.

Some of these mowers are light enough even to be pushed by kids.

Depending on the power and energy source that you think the most practical for your daily need, you can choose between gas and electricity, because each has its own benefits.

Here are some great options for the best lawn mower for under 400 bucks.

Editor’s Choice: Top 3 Best Lawn Mower For Under $400

1. Greenworks 25302 Twin Force, 40 Volt, 20 Inches

If your taste is more to the cordless, battery-powered mower, there is no better brand than Greenworks.

Famous as the maker of various environmentally friendly mowers, Greenworks came up with Greenworks 25302 Twin Force, which features everything you need from a powerful mower without using gas: powerful machine, double battery life, and great cutting.

While the mower may look bulky, the entire machine is still quite light and can be pushed even by kids.

There are two 70 volt lithium batteries that make the machine has a longer running time; you can mow for almost 70 minutes without stopping, which is enough to cut the entire medium-sized yard.

However, you can only use one battery if you wish.

The cutting deck is 20 inches, which means faster cutting for you. There are triple options between regular cutting, mulching, and bagging, so it is flexible.

Greenworks 25302 Twin Force also has a feature called Smart Cut, which helps you save power.

This makes it the best lawn mower in the $300-$400 price range if you prefer green technology.

Finally, while the batteries and double blades present great cutting ability, the motor is quiet so you will not disturb the neighbors.

2. Husqvarna 961430095, 22 Inches

A great option from the gas-powered family, Husqvarna 961430095 has everything you need for a powerful performance; it has a 140 cc Brigg machine, which is one of the most recommended machines for the gas-powered mower.

Even though it looks impressive at first, this lawn mower is still easy to push, including when you are mowing on uneven ground or sloped yard.

The entire look of this machine is quite massive but still ergonomic. It can be stored easily thanks to the foldable handle.

The wheels are massive and larger on the back to help you push the mower better, and they have double ball bearings so the wheels will still be smooth even after years.

Husqvarna 961430095 has great multiple options in cutting the grass. You can do the regular cutting, choose bagging function, or mulching the grass to make your yard lush.

The blades are of the finest quality and last longer than many brands of gas-powered mowers.

In addition, there is a side discharge function, so you will not spray your feet with grass clippings as you push. In addition, this garden machine has a self-propelled function on the front part, so it can help you to push the machine on sloped ground.

3. Black & Decker LM175

Another great and lightweight family from Black & Decker, Black & Decker LM175 looks a bit different from its orange-black siblings.

It has a green metal cutting deck and an overall super compact design, which makes it different.

This is a new generation of electric-powered lawn mowers that presents great cutting options and performance for the best lawn mower for under $400.

With 18 inches cutting deck and path, the lawn mower presents quicker and better performance when cutting on the small to medium-sized yard.

There are also options between mulching and bagging as well as regular cutting, so you can be more flexible with the grass clippings.

While the machine only has one-sized wheels, there are automatic height adjustments to help to cut easier.

The electric-powered machine makes it easy to maintain, but unfortunately, Black & Decker LM175 does not come with battery, so you must manage the cord well when doing your mowing job.

Therefore, it is very much recommended for a rather small yard, except if you can manage the cord well and plan your mowing path well.

Conclusion of the Best Lawn Mower For Under $400

So, from these options which one should you buy?

Basically, all of these mowers are great to mow medium to large-sized yard except maybe the Black & Decker (thanks to the cord and no batteries), so it depends on your need.

The good thing is that all of these mowers already have multiple cutting options and a compact design, as well as a powerful machine.

If you are about lightness, quiet motor, and green technology, Greenworks is your best choice.

If you are all about power and performance especially on the uneven yards, try the gas-powered Husqvarna.

Finally, if you choose your mower to be practical and perfect only for the small-sized yard, you may want to take Black & Decker.

Just make sure you get good warranties and know all the requirements for the warranty claims.

Nevertheless, they are the great options for the best lawn mower for under 400 bucks you can get.

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