Top 10 Best Spot Weld Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Do you have a project which involves working together with sheet metal?

It’s safe to presume which you need to receive a pair of tools for that if any of the above queries or both of them are right. And among spot weld cutters are an absolute necessity.

Spot welding is the procedure where two contacting metal surfaces are combined. Usually, the metals which are spot weld are fragile and have a thickness ranging from 0.5 to 3mm.

If the metal sheets are thicker than this, you can not spot weld them because heat flows to the surrounding metal fast.

For spot welding, you’ve got to use a spot weld cutter, which includes two shaped aluminum alloy electrodes.

These electrodes concentrate the welding current to a little spot to clamp it. When a current is passed through this spot, the alloy will form a weld.

The fact that is interesting, however, is that in spot welding, a great deal of energy is delivered to the spot in a brief length of time.

This is, in actuality, which allows the solder to be done without heating the surrounding alloy sheet.

And, the quantity of energy delivered is generally matched with the sheets metal possessions. The most typical usage of spot welding is probably in the auto industry.

Apart from orthodontists, also use this for resizing molar bands and are even handled while batteries.

Below are our recommendations for the ten best spot weld cutters in the marketplace. As well as after the reviews, we will enter into detail about what creates a fantastic spot-weld cutter.

List of 10 Best Spot Weld Cutters

SG Tool Aid 18000 Spot Weld Cutter

This a standalone spot weld cutter, and it offers a good value for its worth. The item comes with an inexpensive price tag and lasts quite a very long time.

It has a 3/8″ rotary cutter blade, which also matches 1/4″ drills.

You also have instead of visiting the shop to get a brand new 29, the scope of flipping the bit when one end of this cutter loses its sharpness.

If you would like to eliminate spot welds, this may come in handy as its cutter can generate a hole in the sheet.

You will also love the fact that you will have the ability to replace the blade with different spot weld arbors.

It is to be noted that it is better to use this cutter as well as cutting oil. This helps boost the lifespan of this cutter.

Blair 11096 Cutter Set

The kit has three spot-weld cutting bits and is composed of an arbor setting up as well as two avoid proof bits for drilling holes in the sheet metal.

The apparel (see complete specs) is manufactured in the excellent ole U.S.A. Its spot-weld cutting bits are created out of remarkable grade steel so that they stay sharp for a lot more period.

These bits are made just to puncture the external layer of sheet metal, and that again makes the layer easy to weld sheet metal that was new back on it.

The piece has precisely what is called an”annular layout,” which makes for drilling really smooth and also burr cost-free holes, unlike regular drill bits.

This is a higher-end spot-weld cutting edge kit given they are made it’s worth as well as the bits will last the loan. It ought to be on any person’s listing of the best spot weld cutters.

KCC Industries Spot Weld Cutter Set (2 Pack) + 2 Replacement Blades & Storage Case

K.C.C. offers perfect elegance, and it delivers professional-grade support. Along with the unit is.

It is produced by making use of quality materials and high-tech formulas only. You will like its performance.

Its dimension is perfect and streamlined in design.

Its gripping is quite elastic. Its weight is too light, and it can move.

However, the crucial and most beautiful part is it could weld fast, and you will get the functionality that is complete.

It comes with supreme accuracy and functions pretty clean. It offers a 3/8 inches sharp cutting blade to you.

And this unit includes two duel sides cutting a couple of arbors and blades. These blades are highly corrosion-proof and exceptionally durable.

Grizzly T10296 Double End Spot Weld Cutter

Of all the spot weld cutters now available in the market, the Grizzly T10296 is the highest rated one.

This one can cut through only the upper layer of metal and not the sheet of metal. That makes welding a part of sheet metal handy.

The cutter comes from a kit. You’ll also obtain hints. These tips guide the trick to the middle of the spot weld, which in turn leads to the clipping to be precise and very smooth.

Now, the kit is lightweight and can be made in a way that you can match it. This kit still offers excellent value for the money, Though the cutter is priced.

Kaufhof RM1905 3/8 Inch Double Sided Rotary Spot Weld Cutter

The machine includes a double rotary blade, so when one side becomes boring, you don’t have to buy a replacement spot cutter; you simply need to turn the bit on its arbor.

It is the spot-weld bit which not only cuts clean, so it doesn’t distort the things of sheet metal which you are drilling through, but it’s non-toxic too.

That is an essential aspect of any spot-weld cutter.

It also works well for the price that is tiny and is a very cost-effective tool you spend for it. Hands down, it is one of the best spot weld cutters for the money.

Spot Weld Cutter, Sheet Metal Hole Cutter, Punch Remover Panel Separator

This (a renowned group ), includes a few accessories. You’ll find six double-sided cutting blades and a particular kit.

It can provide an experience that is cutting to you.

The apparatus is likely to make valuable and fast cutting. Additionally, you will find a fresh surface. What’s more, it has low penetration power. It can make up to 1/4 inches hole.

Another fact it is safe and flexible to function. Cause it is a sparking-free tool. You may keep safe from issues and heat.

You will find a spot cutting on features.

Blair Equipment 11090N Rotabroach Cutter Kit

If you’re attempting to find a kit kind product that’s highly ranked as well as makes spot-weld cutting easy, in contrast to this kit from the Blair tool, the business will be best for you.

Not just does that kit (see full specs) have spot-weld cutters that drill smooth, burr-free openings period after time, but also, it includes tools that can make such points as rustproofing.

When it cuts out a spot-weld, it does so in a manner that does not harm the bit of sheet metal.

The kit is lightweight as well as compact, so it stores in any kind of instrument kit and comes complete with seven different sized spot-weld cutters, one arbor, a hole punch, and two pilot hole bits. The U.S.A. of it made and included an entire refund satisfaction guarantee.

Zinger Spot Weld Cutter, 2 Pack of 3/8

This model comes with an auto setting feature. And you’ll find a system that is working that is flexible. Moreover, its maintenances and procedure are easy.

It provides you two pilot hooks, and 13 bits duel side blades. Additionally, you will acquire features.

It may work quicker and provides you with a clean and effective weld. It’s applicable to cast iron, carbon metal steel, etc..

It may penetrate and provide perfect precision. Overall, it delivers you flexible service with a long-lasting servicing guarantee.

SG Tool Aid 18000 Spot Weld Cutter

This is just another standalone spot weld cutter that delivers value for money and time. It’s a double-sided 3/8″ rotary cutter blade which will fit most 1/4″ drills, also.

When one end loses its sharpness, then you simply reverse the bit around and purchase a new spot cutter.

It will last you a very long moment and is very reasonably priced. It’s best to use it and with cutting oil to help prolong its lifespan.

Spot Weld Cutter Kit, 9 Piece Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Punch Remover Panel Separator

Here is yet another spot weld cutter kit that offers excellent value for time and cash. The middle pin on the bit is spring, and it depresses to permit tension.

This feature supplies the guidance to begin the cut.

Among those benefits is it won’t distort the metallic or damage the underlying panel. It also decreases the need to split and to pry welds.

It would take a very long time to wear all of them out, As it includes many tips. You won’t see signs of wear or slowing of the cut for quite a while. In general, a great alternative.

Buying Guides for Best Spot Weld Cutters

Here are the things you want to think about before making a purchase decision.


You want it to last when you purchase something. The same is true with spot weld cutters.

And if you want your weld to survive years, then you focus on the materials. In case the content is of high-quality, you may be sure that you aren’t wasting your money.

Cutting Blades

This is the most significant feature which you ought to look for while purchasing a welded cutter. If the blades are both excellent and sharp, then the item is unique as well.

Check if there are replacement blades as well and the number of modules you will be receiving.


I always emphasize on getting products. Yes, sometimes they’re somewhat pricey, but they offer you high-quality products as well.

That is why I still prefer to invest a little extra by purchasing from brands rather than risking my money by shopping from affordable businesses.

You don’t need to be worried about that. The brands which are showcased within this review are highly-reputed businesses, which are 100.


If a manufacturer provides a warranty on a product, it shows that they believe in their items.

Additionally, by purchasing products with a guarantee, you protect your money.

You can get it replaced and conserve your money from being wasted if something occurs to the item. That’s why I prefer purchasing products with guarantees.


You want to keep in mind you’ll have to pay decent money for quality solutions. Nevertheless, all products aren’t of good quality.

In reality, some funding products give a much superior performance than the options.

Thus, you must discover but provides what you need.


Make sure you drill a small pilot hole with the facility of the spot weld before using the piece.

This will work as a guide for your spot-weld cutter, and you will find a straight hole every moment.

Many people also locate a spot-weld cutter that works best after you employ cutting oil into the piece and also cut the hole at a slower speed.

This tends to leave smooth openings, and it’ll additionally prolong the life of the tool.

Spot weld cutters are handy tools to own if you have to work with sheet metals frequently.

In this age, where companies are now coming up with one product, it gets hard to make a choice that is specific about which product to purchase.

If you are the sort of person that does a great deal of metal job, a spot-weld cutter can be.

You might never fail with buying and adding any one of those spot-weld cutters, which were mentioned previously.

However, this shortlist of the ten best spot weld cutters should help to create for you.

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