Top 10 Best Tile Cutters (2020 Reviews & Guide)

Needing to tile a whole floor or wall demands the very best tile cutter. Once it comes to tiling, it is essential to select the best tools.

One of the chief tools when performing tiling would be your tile cutter.

It’s critical to decide on the ideal tile cutter because it gets the distinction between doing a fantastic job and a meaningful career.

These tools make it possible for consumers to produce clean, exact breaks in a portion of the time saws require, without creating a lot of dust or with any power.

One benefit of selecting a perfect tile cutter is that it can help you perform a professional occupation, giving your house, bathroom, or kitchen a beautiful finish.

There are lots of brands available in the marketplace, so there are lots of choices to pick from.

Here we have an in-depth buyers guide that’s worth a read that goes other than what you want to think of when selecting a tile cutter.

Top of 9 Best Tile Cutters Review

QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

It’s a 7/8 inch scoring wheel using ceramic coating for precision. This tiling product may also cut ceramic tiles and ceramic (around 24 inches and 35 inches ).

The cutter also includes an adjustable straight edge manual that you may use for precision cutting-edge.

This cutting edge wheel comes in to play since it suggests scoring is lasting and smooth. The cutter isn’t only straightforward to use but easy to wash.

As soon as you’re finished for the day, then use water and soap to wash.

When you’ve got an air compressor, that will do good also. Each of these attributes makes the 10900Q perfect for big tiles.

Contrary to other tile cutters, the 10900Q is secure and will not wobble. The package also has a bike grip handle for easy use.

QEP 10220Q Professional Tile Cutter, 20″

  • Lightweight in seven Pounds
  • Among the Organization’s noninvasive Choices

VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

This version has become more popular within the previous two decades, and that is partly because it is a key cutter with a comparatively strong engine sold at an affordable price.

M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter, Black/Yellow

M-D tile cutter is among the best ones on the market, plus they are well-deserved. It’s constructed from solid substances, suggesting it is intended for heavy-duty usage.

The foundation is constructed from extruded aluminum and made, so it does not chip, crack or split. The built-in manual is quite helpful when creating diagonal cuts.

The cuter is not difficult to use. However, you need to use caution so that the score is in the center of the cutter before snapping.

Unlike individuals on other cutters, the manual remains in position and is true.

Considering all the attributes on the M-D, it is strong enough to be utilized for extensive renovations, i.e., tiling your kitchen up.

QEP 10800 28-Inch Rip and 20-Inch Diagonal Professional Porcelain Tile Cutter

  • This multipurpose tile cutter that has Ishii technology embedded in itself is an excellent one if you desire a long-term performance cutter.
  • It shines smoothly, and you may also use it on large format tiles.
  • This ceramic tile cutter is strong and constructed for heavy duty usage.

Vitrex – 10 3430 Power Pro 650 Tile Saw 180mm 230 Volt

This system incorporates a 650W direct drive motor which rotates its blade in 3000 rpm for quick cutting edge of tiles of around 30mm thickness.

Due to this tipping table layout, this instrument can also be able to produce fixed miter cuts at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees, letting you create corners.

There is even a fast release splash guard, which enables dip cuts to be produced, which is useful for a few cutting edge angles.

What causes this tile mill to stand from this audience is the fact that it’s a dual table extension which permits you to cut bigger tiles and provides greater support for more precise cuts, something which more economical versions may struggle to do.

The designers also integrated a no-mess water cooling system, which minimizes splashing around the device, while eliminating the need for regular reservoir fill-ups.

Your work area will stay dry throughout, and the diamond blade will last longer also.

The dining table and frame are made from steel to guarantee maximum durability, and it’s rubberized foot pads for superior stability.

QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel

Among the things, we enjoy its strong construction. In addition to that, placing this monster up is simple, and cutting tiles takes hardly any work.

The device works fine from the box. But when the time you have to make alterations, it’s simple to achieve that.

The 10630Q shares several attributes with other QEP goods, and this also includes being simple to wash up.

The majority of the time, compressed air is sufficient to remove grime, but you might also clean it with water and soap.

Among the essential features about the 10630Q is that the table extender. With these extensions, you’re going to have the ability to use big tiles.

There are a whole lot of different features we could include, but what it boils down to is that this is an excellent top cutter.

Plasplug DWW200 Compact Tile Cutter

There’s a miter plank on one side that may place to 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees for bevelling tile borders that’s handy.

The version is a fairly compact machine equipped with a carry handle to assist in transporting and lifting the machine if necessary; it’s worth noting in just over 3kg, it’s not too heavy.

Possibly the outstanding benefit with this particular machine is that it may be used with either left or right-hand operators, which makes it ideal for many people.

There’s a lockable cutting guide, which makes it possible to achieve precise cutting-edge. Plus, it does both directly cut and formed cuts of 22-45 level miters.

Additionally integrated within this system is a no-nonsense water re-circulation system along with an engine elevation flexible splash guard.

You’re not as likely to experience some other water spraying against this system.

The machine is corded, and PLASPLUGS did the very best to incorporate a cable storage system for carrying the cable up once the machine isn’t functioning, this is a fantastic idea since most versions don’t consider this issue during storage and transportation.

Einhell TH-TC 618 600w Tile Cutter

This version is strong and can handle just about any tile you would like to cut as thick as 35mm, which is slightly greater than our recommended electrical selection.

The cutting edge table size is somewhat small though you need to provide external support when coping with larger tiles that are precisely why we do like the Vitrex 10343000V Power Pro 650 Tile Saw.

The device includes a 600w engine that cuts up to rates of 2950rpm. Its cutting thickness can also be ample, being capable of managing up to 35mm thick tiles

This innovative vinyl cutter machine also offers a water cooling system that assists in cooling the blade down through grueling tile cutting operations.

There’s a parallel cease and mire cut manual, which ensures accurate cutting.

For additional cutting precision and advantage to the other robust cutting operations, the workbench could be tilted at 45 degrees to facilitate the workload.

Precisely the same as the rest of the Einhell tools, this version includes a 2-year guarantee together with complete after-sale services.

Buying Guides for Best Tile Cutters

  • Blade horsepower decides what kinds of tiles it could cut. Tile cutters using.5 HP or less are best for thin, little tiles.
  • If you are going to utilize bigger tiles, start looking for the very best wet tile cutter using more energy.
  • How dull would be the blade to correct? If you are going to do so, be sure that the cutter gets the ideal attachment.
  • If you are going to use only 1 form of the blade that this will not be a problem. But if you are planning to work with numerous modules that this will be critical. Broadly, the more diverse tiles you utilize, the blades you are going to want.
  • A fantastic tile cutter will function as a shield for burning and corrosion. Most components have this security feature, but it’s ideal for inspecting the product specs.
  • The Fabric of the cutter wheel
  • Even though the cutter wheel is simply a small part of a plastic cutter, it’s essential.
  • Cheaper plastic cutters typically feature wheel cutters that are made from tungsten carbide. More expensive tile implants comprise wheels that are coated with titanium, making them durable.


A proper tile saw may remove a great deal of burden from the shoulders and may help you in several ways.

A tile saw is a distinctively designed, secure, and simple to control power tool which will help you to cut any type of natural or human-made tiles (ceramic, rock, porcelain, etc.) with supreme precision and endurance.

The very best tile cutting tool isn’t likely to get you some good if it is not the most suitable one for your job.

If you would like to learn what’s the most fabulous ceramic tile cutter, then you’ll have to use the ideal tile cutter to achieve the outcomes you desire. Here are some hints:

You merely set a tile onto the device and proceed with a scoring wheel onto your flooring, snapping it.

These cutters are useful for window ledges and toilet tiles. They are also great for different kinds of tiles except for tough ones like gems.

Just be sure that the rail cutter is large enough for your tiles. You’ll also find these helpful if the pipes are under baseboards or onto walls.

Should you require smooth and precise cuts, then chrome plated steel railings will be critical.

A hand-held tile cutter is suitable for cutting big and hefty tiles. You have to catch the saw firmly and move it over the pipe.

A container full of water is joined to the cutter, preventing debris from flying all over the area.

Once we created an inspection guide, we took into consideration all of the elements that buyers might search for.

Using our inspection manual, you now understand how to discover the ideal tile cutter (hand-held tabletop, etc.) or whatever version you would like.

Regardless of which one of the five you picked, we are convinced of the results.

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