All-Time Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

For daily usage, zero turn lawn mower is always the favorite. The use is comfortable, easy and lightweight, not to mention it does its work quite fast. Zero turn lawn mower is perfect to cut the grasses on our yard, since it is designed for flat lawn. With an even and neat result, zero turn lawn mower is a must-have thing in home. Before purchasing anything without guide, let’s see the list of best zero turn lawn mowers.

The first place with the highest rate is Toro SS5000. Toro TimeCutter Smart Speed (SS) series receive positive review and recommendation in many stores. A lot of customers express their satisfaction using Toro SS series, especially Toro SS5000. What makes it qualified? Unlike most zero turn mowers, Toro SS5000 enables us to change the speed of its movement. So whenever we find obstacles in the way, we adjust the speed to maneuver without decreasing the speed blade. Usually we’ll find trouble in maneuvering in high speed which makes the result turn bad, hence the speed adjustment is a big help. Its speed is considered high at 7mph. When it comes to cut-end quality, Toro SS series is the best.

The second place goes to Craftsman 25001. It comes out smaller than Toro SS5000 at 42-inch and best for smaller size of lawn, at 1.5 acres in average. When it doesn’t have smart speed adjustment, Craftsman 2500 has its own three modes of clipping, which are cutting, bagging and mulching. The maximum speed is lower than Toro SS5000 at only 6 mph, but it performs well and detailed so far.

Still proper to be compared with those two previous best zero turn lawn mowers is Snapper 150Z. It may come slower than those two at only 5.5mph, but it was approved to be handled very well and easily, so it gives nice cut at the end. The best from Snapper 150Z is its cutting height adjustment, which is perfect to tidy up your garden.

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