Top 9 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are a homeowner or a lawn care professional, then you know by now the value of having a durable and dependable. A string trimmer is an essential tool if you want your lawn.

But, carrying out a string trimmer can be tough, if you are a landscaper that employs the tool daily or mainly if you’ve got a large lawn.

Without supporting a high level of fatigue so, how do you manicure your lawn?

Lots of the outside power tool manufacturers spent in the creation of the convenient walk behind brush cutters.

Read this buyer’s guide to discover if this tool is acceptable for you and consult our best walk behind string trimmer testimonials that are wheeled to pick your machine.

Bearing a cross involving a string trimmer and a lawn mower’s appearance, a walk behind brush cutters is a gardening employ that can cut through thick, stubborn grasses and weeds.

They are excellent for use where the bud/shrubbery is too dense to be dealt with using string trimmers, or that can not be handled with a regular mower.

Walk-behind brush cutters filling the marketplace and are catching.

In reality, the inexperienced gardener may find it tough to pick the best one for their needs on their own, but here is a detailed guide on buying your very first walk behind string trimmer, followed by reviews of the best walk behind brush cutters in the industry right now.

List of 9 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters

Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer

Simple to use walk behind trimmer that gets the job done if you’re confronting some high and demanding weed growth.

It’s received plenty of praise for performance and the reliability of its powerful and efficient four-stroke OHV engine.

The maker is concerned about the user’s ease since the lawnmower comes with a folding handle that makes it simple to store and transport.

The trimmer head feature that is off-set enables the user to cut in challenging to reach places, along the 14-inch ball bearing wheels are effective at tackling ground.

Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower with Spin-Stop

This is a thoroughly-engineered and well-behaved mower that easy to use, especially for something that weighs.

The TimeMaster employs Toro Personal Pace speed control that is well-regarded.

Push forward on the handle to produce the mower move quicker; its high speed is 4.5 mph, which makes it among the fastest generators we’ve analyzed.

Other attributes: a large pot bag, and two-lever height control, a forward-fold manage for more compact storage.

Its speed and ease of use make it ideal for large suburban yards, less so for pivoting and push-pull cuts in tight spots.

Husqvarna HU675HWT, 22 in. 163cc Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Trimmer

The Husqvarna HU625HWT wheel walk behind trimmer is mighty that can work its way through unyielding grass and weed that regular weed whackers can’t manage.

It also will come with an adjustable height from 1.3 to 3 inches, and it is super easy to substitute its cutting line.

We did find some evidence of subpar construct materials. Be aware that it isn’t compliant with the CARB, so it isn’t available in California.

Swisher STS67522BS 22

The Swisher 6.75 gross torque weed trimmer packs all the standard features you would expect from a commodity in its price range — a sturdy engine, 14-inch wheel diameter, and a 22-inch cutting swath.

Also, it claims to have a superior ergonomic design to alleviate the annoyance associated with specific other competitions.

However, this is true for a specific physique being fit by users and build.

This series trimmer does get the work done well due to its hefty 190cc engine and demanding cutting point, though its elements’ build materials render something to be desired.

Fields Edge M220 Pivoting String Mower – 173cc 4-Cycle Engine, 5 Year Warranty

As far as the cutting moves — the M220 utilizes a high-density cutting line that’s much more durable than the competition, thanks to the attachment method of this head that is Clear-cut.

Altering the track is remarkably simple.

Considering that the Clear-cut head of the M220 has the cutting line at two distinct amounts, it blows the cut grass/weeds away so that vegetation can be cut with each revolution of the head.

The M220 comes with a reliable 173cc four-cycle engine, 14″ diameter brakes, varying height from 1.5″ to 4″, and a flexible cam-lock handlebar that enables it to be compactly stored.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Southland Wheeled String Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317, and it features 20-30 levels trimmer head. That head comes to let it trim your weapon and also your walls in a straight line.

Its 5-10 levels trimmer head bevel that offers edge cutting along obstacles. Additionally, it provides over 35% more torque compared to a 25cc string trimmer that is handheld.

You also get a multi-streaming trimmer head, which takes 0.095 to 0.105 inches to allow you to pick a string that matches your needs.

The version can also be EPA compliant and CARB.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer, Includes Oil

It has a recoil beginning fuel delivery system that is easy to make this one of the trimmers that are most easy to begin.

The 12-inch back wheels that are high provide you with increased through demanding terrain.

The trimmer mechanism uses four trimmer line sets. When using this trimmer, you receive a full cutting course.

This provides you a broad cutting area, which will lessen the overall time while trimming your lawn required.

The foam comfort grip handle folds down easily for compact storage.

This is an economical option to meet your walk behind trimmer needs.

Southland SOWST4317 Wheeled String Trimmer, Black

It preserves most of the features seen on our choice that is great, but it’s lighter and more economical.

Powered with a 43cc 2-stroke motor, it can cut most types of grass and weeds. It can’t handle brush, but after all, it’s not a brush cutter, but a weed eater.

In broad lines, it’s almost identical using the model, but for head angle and the head swivel modification.

Consequently, if you don’t care about fence or wall trimming nor about exact edging, this walk behind brush cutter will save you some bucks while fulfilling your requirements.


This Ariens trimmer features a 173cc Kohler XT-7 series OHV engine. A car choke feature removes the need to prime the engine before starting it.

The engine has cast-iron cylinder liners for extra durability.

The trimmer utilizes four strings that are cutting and has a cutting course. It has cutting height adjustments, which range from 1.25-inches to 4.25-inches.

The folding handle allows you to keep the trimmer in spaces that are compact when it’s not being used. 14-inch high run wheels give you the flexibility to cut areas of your lawn.

Buying Guides for Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters

The aforementioned, are a few other features you should consider when Purchasing a walk.


A weed eater is a superb choice as a substitute for a handheld one if you’ve got terrain or a massive plot. The best walk-behind series trimmers arrive.

Anti-vibration system

No matter performing there’s, all gas engines produce vibrations. To decrease fatigue, it’s best to invest in a string trimmer with an anti-vibration system.

Adjustable height handle

This feature allows you to adjust the size of the deal; thus, it helps you avoid back pain.

Handle Grip Bar

When using your walk behind brush cutter, you wish to be as comfortable as possible. As you move the trimmer, you might go terrain over.

Since many walks behind string trimmers have push drive engines, you want the grip pub of the trimmer to be to lessen the strain on your spine when pushing.

Be sure the trimmer you choose has an adjustable handle height. While you store it, the handle must also fold for compactness, and it is not being used.

Cutting Width and Height

Most walks behind string trimmers have a cutting course that is wide. This permits you to pay for a large area of grass.

You need to consider a cut height adjustment feature when choosing a walk behind brush cutter.

This permits you to adjust the elevation of the grass or weeds left behind after you trim the area.

If you have to go a few inches of grass or weeds after you shave, be sure the trimmer standing you’re interested in purchasing has an adjusting cut elevation characteristic that will accommodate the height you need.

Foldable handle

Reduce the size of this series mower for transportation and storage functions.


Last but not least, do not underestimate the comfort factor. A walk-behind brush may help you finish the job, but it will be more comfortable when the handle is ergonomic and equipped with a grip.


The most crucial difference in appearance is a walk behind brush cutter comes with wheels only and no front wheels.

A step behind brush cutter is ideal for the rugged terrain that a standard lawnmower cannot manage.

After studying our product reviews and tips, you should have sufficient information to produce a well-informed decision on a walk behind brush cutter.

Don’t forget to take into account the area you’ll trim. Pick a trimmer with the motor power, maintenance requirements, cutting wheel size, height adjustment range, and general relaxation.

You will be able to pick the option to match your needs.

Bear in mind, paying a small extra to get a quality product will save you from a great deal of hassle and maintenance costs in the long run.

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