Top 10 Best Heat Pumps (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

During winter, rooms are very cold and these specific devices will increase the temperature by sending heat into the room.

In summer, the room is hot and the temperature should be maintained as lower to keep it fresh.

To increase temperature, you need a heater and air conditioner to decrease it. Two devices for one room is excessive.

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The best heat pump is what you need to maintain the temperature in any condition. It is able to control temperature during any season.

Besides, the heat pump has many advantages compared to the air conditioner.

You will get a comprehensive review of heat pumps such as top products, benefits, price, and additional tips.

Literally, a heat pump is a device that takes heat as the source then transfers it into the intended room. To do such a process requires a complex system.

What are the differences between this device and the air conditioner?

Such a question always comes up in people’s minds when hearing about a heat pump or any related device.

As you know, this device works in two basic principles. It takes thermal energy from a cold area then sending it into an open space.

The second method is focusing on airflow and no chemical element.

Unlike air conditioners, this device is a purely mechanical system, though the recent version is more complex. The basic principle is still similar to the old model.

Type of Heat Pump

Some of you must be asking yourself about the types of heating pumps out there. Do not worry. We got you!

Please notice; there are, essentially, three types of heat pumps. The differences handle the source being used.

All 3 types do function using the same principles we’ve previously mentioned.

Air Source

Such models are known as air-to-air units. Such a gadget takes heat present in the outside atmosphere and then brings it to the house.

Such units chance to be the cheapest to install. They also don’t demand a great deal of space.

Ground Source

This type of model is also referred to as the unit. Such a pump takes heat from the soil around your house’s foundation.

On account of this earth is warmer than the air in colder months, such units are highly suggested for the winter. They are rather expensive to install.

Water Source

The next kind, as the title states, uses water. It is possible to gain from it just if your house is close to somebody of water.

The heat is extracted from the water by pumping it through such a device. Such models are more economical to install in comparison to the floor source units.

The sub-categories incorporate the hybrid heat pump, solar heating pump, and also the gas-fired, or absorption, heating pump.

The Benefit of Heat Pump

People choose a heat pump because it has many advantages. It is an electrical device so very efficient in terms of energy consumption.

As you know, the heat basic process does not create heat. On contrary, this device transfers heat from one area to others. The process relies on air compression.

In general, this kind of device is suitable for moderate climates such as subtropical or tropical countries.

You cannot expect to get extremely cold as an air conditioner, but this device is able to decrease temperature quickly.

Besides energy consumption, it has benefits in maintenance and cost investment. The initial cost is higher but energy-saving implies further cost utilization.

In addition, you do not have to do monthly maintenance.

This device is categorized as an environmentally friendly appliance. There is no chemical pollution or any contamination risk while using it in daily life.

It is part of the long-term benefit. In short-term usage, you will save energy. You do not have to put the main system inside the room.

For building, it does not ruin decoration. You may see a big case covered in metal at the wall or top building.

There is a heat pump and you see it in the room then do not find any trace of such devices. It can work silently and you only know the temperature is already up or down.

List of 10 Best Heat Pumps Reviews

Honeywell MM14CHCS Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

The Honeywell MM14CHCS is an awesome heat pump that also works as an air conditioner. It is among the most reasonable products in the industry indeed.

It is a funding heating pump price tag and it is packed with 14,000 BTU portable AC and 13,000 BTU heat pump that is pump.

It is a contemporary edge product with a led display that indicates the present usage and comes with touch management that helps control the system easily.

It has no bucket design that helps to cover a place of over 550 square feet.

It has three distinct speeds that we’re able to select and comes with an automatic off and on timer which works 1 — 24 hours.


  • It may cover a place of approximately 550 square feet.
  • Automatic on and off timer.
  • It is priced reasonably.
  • LED Display with touch control.


  • None

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump

Many current buyers have already been pleased with this specific heat pump. Several buyers have shared the way they purchased this unit to warm their swimming pool.

They have been pleased to report that it was able to warm the water up in minutes. Buyers also enjoyed how silently this pump functioned.

We enjoyed how the 140,000 BTUs make it a dependable investment for those who have larger spaces.

The Ultra-Gold Corrosion Resistance helps it to become exceptionally durable. Of course, the fan isn’t noisy.

The noise is further decreased because of the acoustic compressor cover.

In our view, this version is excellent for anybody who wants to control temperatures in massive spaces.

Aside from that, it’s also a fantastic selection for those who have a pool and wish to preheat it before taking a swim.

The silent performance makes it ideal for those who don’t wish to annoy their neighbors.

This heat pump out of Hayward has a great deal going for this.

Not only is it capable of being used for bigger homes, but it also doesn’t make a good deal of noise during operation. It can easily be used to warm large swimming pools.

The general corrosion-resistant construction ensures this unit continues to serve you well down the line.


  • Not take up too much space
  • Highly durable because of being Ultra-Gold Corrosion Resistant
  • Temperature control large areas
  • Titanium heat exchange has been designed to provide efficacy


  • User instructions could be made better

Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Heat Pump

Whynter ARC-122DHP is a comfortable good and this one is a double Air conditioner and heating pumps that work like charm.

And most significantly it is priced at about $350 mark just which means this item is the cheapest one on our list until today.

It is packed with 12,000 BTU AC and 10,000 BTU heating system that is good enough to get a daily use heat pump.

It comes with an exhaust that drains out all of the most air out of inside and does the task for you, all you need to do is select to operate in AC or Heat pump mode.

It may be used with a remote controller and can perform electronic functioning to the LED display screen of showing various modes, positions, and much more.


  • The item cost is reasonable
  • It works as both double mobile AC and Heat Pump as well


  • It can’t heat a larger area easily

Goodman Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump

Particular benefits provided by this unit assisted it to function as runner-up with this list. The total construction is rather durable.

You will not need to be concerned about it not having the ability to survive bumps and bruises. The installation process is easy. The fan isn’t too noisy.

Also, the 14 SEER is something that may benefit many households.

On account of these BTU levels being supplied, this unit may be useful for individuals with small to mid-sized houses. It will not occupy a great deal of space.

So, people who do not have a lot to spare should consider this device. It’s also not hard to use.

The enthusiast is silent enough to not frighten your neighbors or disturb the kids sleeping at the house.

This version from Goodman lets you know that you can trust it. The restricted ten-year guarantee is something we can not dismiss.

The business will have your back for at least a decade in case something goes wrong.

Aside from that, the durable construction makes it an excellent investment to enhance the comfort of your house.


  • Very durable
  • Offers the complete strength
  • Limited 10-year guarantee
  • SmartShift tech


  • Somewhat noise

Friedrich ZoneAire PH14B Portable 4-In-One Heat Pump

I might find so many mobile double AC and heating pumps but Friedrich PH14B was the most remarkable one of all.

It is packed with 13,500 BTU 15 bolt and 9.5 ERR mobile AC and Heater technologies and this may be used as a nice heating pump for routine use.

The purchase price of this item is about $700 that is really beneath the mark plus it comes with a reverse cycle heat pump which helps heat the specified area quickly.

Either AC or heat manner, we could select between the 3 fan speeds which are perfect for you personally.

Besides being worthy as a heating pump and AC it is a portable device, easily detachable using a programmable timer as well.


  • It comes with a 24-hour automatic
  • The item price is reasonable


  • It may not work for big part of rooms.

PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump

We made a decision to designate this unit as one of the best because, in our view, it could serve you well throughout the winter months.

The compressor will continue to work in low temperatures, so the indoors of your house remains warm and comfy.

Aside from that, it doesn’t create a great deal of noise during operation. The compressor is constructed with exceptionally durable materials.

As stated in this list, this is a version you may benefit from in the event you live in a cold location.

The 12000 BTUs means you can easily move on and install this version in a small into some mid-sized house.

The wireless remote control makes it quite suitable that you control the warmth of your living space.

This specific heat pump out of Pioneer comes with all you want to install on your house.

Once installed, it is hassle-free to use because of the wireless remote controller. The compressor is resilient and will continue working outside in cold weather.

It’s a fantastic choice to understand for those interested in a 12000 BTU ability version.


  • Stay silent
  • Air filters are durable
  • Durable galvanized metal construction
  • Wireless remote
  • Massive LCD backlit display


  • Not intended for temperature management in Massive spaces

MRCOOL DIY-24-HP-230A Heat Pump

MRCOOL DIY 24K BTU 16 SEER ductless mini-split heat pump is equipped with Wi-Fi technology settings as well and comes with a variable speed compressor.

So, you can consider this for a powerful heating pump with lots of technology features inserted into it.

The best part is that we get 7 years compressor and 5 years parts guarantee which means a great deal and no other manufacturer offers such offers, to be frank.

On the other hand, this is really a DIY product, which means we’ve got to install it on our own that may be difficult but apart from that, it’ll do the job nicely.


  • The item comes with good guarantee offer that no other manufacturer offers.


  • Users may find it difficult to construct with no training.

Daikin 24,000 BTU Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

In 24,000 BTUs plus a SEER of 19, this is an energy-efficient unit for you to consider adding to your property.

It is accompanied by a wireless remote to create controlling temperatures easier for your whole household.

This wall-mounted unit will stay silent. It is supposed to be used during the year.

This is a superb device to decide on everyone who wants to control temperatures inside their own garage, loft, sunrooms, and much more.

It comes with almost all you require for your installation process. A top-tier DIYer will realize that it is easy to install.

The 24,000 BTUs are advised to get a space ranging from 800-1200 square feet.

This specific version has a lot of features to ensure small spaces stay in the temperatures you would like them to.

From garages to attics and sunrooms, there are lots of rooms you’ll be able to put this unit. The SEER 20 score makes it an energy-efficient model to invest in.


  • Doesn’t Take a Great Deal of space to be installed
  • High quality and durable
  • Operating is extremely silent
  • 5-year lengthy compressor and parts guarantee for Extra reliability


  • Not Suggested for larger living spaces
  • Installation May Be Somewhat expensive for some

DuctlessAire Energy Star Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Last but not least is DuctlessAire 12,000 BTU 22 SEER energy star ductless mini-split air conditioner and heat pump.

This item may function as both heat pump and air conditioner whenever you prefer plus it comes with a variable speed inverter of 220v.

It is packed using a set of 25-foot kit that helps to develop and construct the heat pump in any part of your house or room.

It also has flow detection attributes, whisper-quiet operation mode for disturbance less direction, and heat transmission.

LCD display screen to command distinct turbo mods and 3 fan speeds.


  • Many exceptional features using dual AC and heat pump attribute.
  • LCD display screen
  • Touch control for greater control.


  • No issues

FibroPool FH055 In-Ground Swimming Pool Heater

In our view, this particular unit is one which you should know about in the event that you’re in the mood to purchase something dependable for heating water.

With this unit, you’ll have an energy-saving manner of maintaining your swimming pool comfy for several months.

The controls are easy to get the hang of and this unit doesn’t make a good deal of noise.

For anybody using a pool which could comprise up to 10,000 gallons, this specific heating system may perform the trick to keep it warm.

It’s a terrific way to extend your swimming months as winter rolls in. Setting the temperature will not be an issue for the whole household.

It may be used by those who reside in colder areas.

Very few pool heating units may do exactly what they advertise. However, this unit out of Fibroheat is different.

It may be used to maintain the outside swimming pool at approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The control panel offers handy access.

The installation process shouldn’t be a hassle and the lasting make allows it to keep on functioning for years.


  • Easy access for exceptionally convenient use
  • The slim profile is attractive and doesn’t need a lot of space
  • Powered by fresh power to play a role in protecting the environment


  • Not Suggested for extremely large pools

Price and How to Pick the Right Heat Pump

As it stated frequently, the initial price is very high then the air conditioner or regular heater. For residential or housing, you need to spend at least $700.

It is an estimation calculation because certain manufacturers put the base price in more than $1,000.

Heat pump prices are related to some factors, such as technology, efficiency level, Energy Star, material, installation, local taxes, and additional equipment.

If you decide to buy a heat pump, you may have $2,000 to prevent unexpected costs.

Of course, the building or large room will spend more money on the first installation of a heat pump. Estimated price is about $2,500 for a complete installation.

In the previous section, you see several manufacturers with their own brands and specifications. For general matters, you need to know how to pick the right heat pump.

Firstly, you should determine room space. Small and big rooms have their differences. Using a big and high capacity heat pump is not suitable for the room.

This matter is similar to the big space. You can buy products specifically for a small or big room.

One alternative is a parallel installation. This method can be seen in buildings where a heat pump will handle one floor.

Of course, the device is very big. For residential or housing, you can try one device for several rooms.

As stated earlier, cost-effectiveness and energy saving are the primary factors of this device to emerge.

However, you still cannot ignore the initial cost.

Before going to the store, you have to make sure to have enough money to pay for the device until the installation process. The next consideration is where you live.

Actually, the best heat pump is capable to be installed in any area regardless of geographic factors.

Of course, this matter still influences the utility of temperature-controlled devices. In extreme weather, a heat pump works harder than usual.

To fill the room with thermal energy, the device needs more electricity during the cold season.

Instead of saving money, you are going to end up at a high cost. Check season, weather, and climate around your house before going to the store.


SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio. You should be aware that a higher SEER means that the system is more effective.

Units with a high SEER can allow you to save electricity costs.

The Stages

If a device is single-stage, it denotes the said version is on or off. This means when the desired temperature is fulfilled, the device will shut itself down.

With two-stage, the version can function at a lower capacity and switch to providing 100% when demanded.

A multi-stage unit happens to be most energy-efficient.

The Thermostat

There are heating pumps containing thermostats that could be operated (via Wi-Fi) if you are not even home.

Particular models use displays that are high-end. So, it depends on what degree of heat pump control and convenience you need.

The Noise

The best heating pump is one that isn’t overly loud. In case you have kids around, choosing a noisy device isn’t the best option.

The Warranty

Units that arrive with warranties provide you some relief because you’ll be purchasing from a company that you can trust.


Well, thanks for reading this informative article about the 10 Best heating pumps on the internet and believe these are the finest and also at funding you will discover online.

Tired of feeling chilly daily in your office and home?

I am sure you’re wanting to purchase among the best heating pumps available in the sector and we’ve listed out some of the best ones for you.

So, start reading the above-mentioned picks and select one for you, until they have sold off.

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