Cleaning Pump Working With A Swimming Pool

Top 15 Best Swimming Pool Pumps And Filters (2022 Review & Guide)

Pool season comes and goes unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s pool season every day.

Whether you are building a new pool or upgrading your existing one, you will at some point need to look at pool pumps and filters.

Below is a list of a few different pumps from trusted manufacturers regarding the details below.

List of 12 Best Swimming Pool Pumps 

Hayward TriStar Variable-Speed Pool Pump

The easy to install Hayward TriStar variable speed pool pump (model #W3SP3206VSP) is a 1.85 HP pump and weighs forty-nine pounds.

Its motor is fully encased, resulting in lower decibels and fan-cooled for greater efficiency.

The extra-large basket ensures less time in between cleanings and is compatible with existing or new automation systems because of its all-in-one controller.


  • Easy to install
  • 24 hour programmable
  • Low energy costs
  • Lower chemical usage


  • Loud prime cycle
  • Warranty only available with a certified installer

XtremepowerUS Single Speed Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUs (model #75035-1) weighs thirty-eight pounds and is a self-priming, single-speed, 2 HP pump operating on a 230 V manufactured with a corrosion-proof material for a higher standard of durability.

This pump comes equipped with a high-performance motor enabling less noise and has solar heating and in-floor cleaning system compatibility.


  • Low decibel levels
  • Cost-effective


  • Difficulty with wiring
  • Difficulty priming

Pentair SuperFlow Single Speed Pool Pump

The Pentair SuperFlow (model #340038) weighs thirty-two pounds and is a 1 HP single-speed pool pump, operating on a 230 V.

The extra-large basket with a see-through lid ensures less time in between cleanings and has self-priming for an easy start. Its thick plastic body and fan-cooled motor add durability, ensuring a longer life span.


  • See-through lid
  • Easy installation
  • Low decibel levels
  • Cost-effective


  • 60-day warranty
  • The motor is known to wear in a year

Hayward Super Dual Speed Pool Pump

The Hayward super pump (model #SP2615X202S) is a forty-seven-pound, dual-speed, 2 HP pool pump made for all types and sizes, operating on a 230 V.

It has a see-through lid on the extra-large basket with swing aside knobs making it super easy to open.


  • See-through lid
  • Internal components are easily accessible


  • Known to work well only on high speed
  • 30-day guarantee on parts

FibroPool Swimming Pool Pump

The FibroPool (model #FP150) is a thirty-seven-pound, 1.5 HP pool pump operating on 240 V. It has an extra-large basket which cuts the time for in-between cleanings with a see-thru lid for easier viewing.

This pump features a high-velocity flow rate with less horsepower, lowering energy costs, and is crafted with corrosion-proof materials, ensuring a longer life span of years to come.


  • Extra-large basket
  • Rapid priming
  • Easy installation


  • Not convertible to 120 V

XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUS (model #75019) is a variable speed, 1.5 HP pump operating on 230 V and weighs thirty-two pounds.

This pump is self-priming with a digital easy-to-understand screen and is manufactured with corrosion-proof material to ensure a longer life span.

The motor produces quieter noise levels with its built-in airflow system.


  • Quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective


  • Known to have suction problems

Hayward Super Single Speed Pool Pump

The Hayward Super pool pump (model #W3SP2610X15) is a single-speed,1.5 HP pump operating on 230 V and weighs thirty-eight pounds.

This pump has a high-efficiency motor, allowing it to handle large pools, and with its airflow ventilation system, it runs quieter and cooler providing a longer lifespan.

It comes fitted with an extra-large basket to handle a considerable amount of debris and swing away knobs to ensure easier removal of the strainer cover.


  • Self-priming
  • Cost-efficient
  • Quiet


  • Bearings may wear after one year

SunSolar Energy Two Speed Swimming Pool Pump

The SunSolar pool pump (model # ACC-PUMP-ING150F-2S) is a two-speed,1.5 HP pump operating on 230 V.

It is self-priming, and with its airflow ventilated motor it can function at a cooler and quieter level, prolonging its lifespan.

The body is made from a corrosion-proof polymer substance for durability and years of use. Your pool maintenance is reduced with the large basket and clear twist-lock cover.


  • Quiet


  • Reports of low or next to no suction when turned on to low setting
  • Wiring is difficult

Trupow Swimming Pool Pump

The Trupow is a 2 HP pump, weighing 29 pounds, and operates on a 120 V with a maximum velocity of 110 GPM.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Quiet


  • Pump has less pressure when compared to other pumps

Pentair WhisperFloXF Single Speed Swimming Pool Pump

The Pentair WhisperFloXF (model #022010) is a 3 HP, single-phase swimming pool pump weighing sixty pounds and operates on a 208-230 V.

The included connectors make it easy to connect to the plumbing, with the seals crafted from an oxidation-resistant rubber.

This makes for a tighter seal and ensures durability. The basket on this pump is extra-large, decreasing the time spent removing debris.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean basket


  • Expensive when compared to other models

Hayward Single Speed Swimming Pool Pump

The Hayward (model #W3SP2605X7) is a single-speed, 0.75 HP swimming pool pump. It weighs thirty pounds and operates on a 230 V.

It has a quiet, cool, and efficient motor because of the ventilated airflow, making it durable for years to come.

This pump comes fitted with an oversized basket capable of holding significant amounts of debris, allowing for less maintenance and time in between cleanings. The handles on the strainer move away, enabling easy and quick removal of the cover.


  • Quiet
  • Oversized basket


  • Pricier compared to other models

RX Clear Ultimate Niagara Pool Pump

The RX Clear Ultimate Niagara (model #MLR-P56-UN10) is a 1 HP swimming pool pump, operating on a 230 V. The parts on this pump are designed for efficiency ensuring a long lifespan of the pump.

The large basket comes complete with a see-thru lid, allowing for less maintenance and time in between cleanings. This pump is manufactured to endure any type of weather while providing exceptional performance.


  • ● Cost-effective
  • ● Corrosion proof materials
  • ● Does not include hoses or on/off switch
  • Disadvantages
  • ● No simple instructions on wiring

Top Swimming Pool Filters

A filter works with your pump to keep the pool hygienic. As the pump moves water through, the filter strains and removes the impurities. We can use any of the three types of filters in any pool.

Sand Filters:

As the name suggests, a sand filter uses sand to trap contaminants.

Hayward S244T Sand Filter

Manufactured with corrosion-proof material ensures a longer lifespan. The diffuser allows water to disperse evenly, and the drain has a large opening for ease of maintenance.


  • Valve rotates 360 degrees
  • Internal piping is full size for free flow
  • 7 position control valve
  • Easy to install


  • No air purge valve
  • The seam at top of the tank is known to wear

Cartridge Filters:

A cartridge filter has layers of filtering fabric and fits within a cylinder, much the same as a drinking water filter. These filters need rinsing often.

Hayward W3C3030 Pool Filter

This pool filter contains four cartridges, providing 425 square feet of superb dirt-trapping volume. The tank is manufactured of copolymer to withstand any type of weather, with quick clamp fasteners on both the bottom and top for easy access.


  • No assembly
  • No back-washing
  • Rapid release air valve


  • Costly

Diatomaceous Earth Filter:

This type of filter contains diatomaceous earth powder. This powder has properties much like a sponge, trapping and absorbing impurities and debris.

Rx Clear DE Element Filter

This filter has an easy to clean DE cartridge ensuring less maintenance The tank lid comes complete with a safety latch to prevent unwanted entry. Back-washing is made simple by moving the valve to allow removal of the DE powder.


  • DE cartridge included


  • DE powder not included

Options for Swimming Pool Pumps

Imagine yourself swimming in a pool of green algae. That’s what would happen without the installation of a filter and pump.

A pool pump is needed to pull the water through the filter, which traps waste and debris. The pump then circulates the now clean water back into the pool.

There are a few factors to determine which pump and filter will work best for your pool.

Size of pool:

The size of your pool will determine the size of the pump needed. If a pump is too large, the filter may not operate efficiently; causing damage, not to mention higher energy bills.

A pump that is too small can cause poor water circulation resulting in a build-up of algae throughout the pool.

Filter compatibility:

Most pumps are compatible with all filter types, but because a filter’s flow rate depends on size, you could end up damaging the filter if you use a pump that has a higher velocity.


Different pumps have varying sizes of baskets, prolonging the time in between cleanings.

Noise level:

Most pumps have levels between 65-90 decibels. The newer pumps come equipped with encased motors offering lower levels in the 40-decibel range.

Single Speed:

Single speed pump made to run for a maximum of eight daily hours

Dual Speed:

Two speeds to set depending on needs

Variable Speed:

Gives options to control any rate of power, thus saving energy

Final Thoughts

There are many options available to choose from when considering which pool pump will be best for your pool.

If cost isn’t an issue, then the Pentair WhisperFloXF Single Speed Swimming Pool Pump would be your best option. Its powerful 3 HP motor ensures a quick and continuous clean of your pool, and it is crafted by a trusted manufacturer.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient model, then the Pentair SuperFlow Single Speed Pool Pump is a brilliant choice.

This pump has a 1.5 HP motor at a lower cost compared to higher-cost models. Its quiet running motor stays cool with its integrated fan, prolonging the lifespan, and is crafted by a trusted manufacturer.