Best Socket Wrench Set

Top 10 Best Socket Wrench Set (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

It would be handy to use a ratchet combined with a socket for fastening or loosening nuts and bolts rather than using a conventional wrench, though the wrench can do the job as equal to that of a ratchet and wrench.

The socket wrench with a ratchet is quite comfortable to use if you have regular mechanical works. The socket wrench’s advantage is that it comes with interchangeable sockets and is available in different sizes.

So, you will have options to select the correct socket as per the job requirement.

The slipping chances are almost nil while using a socket, as it fits around the fastener intact. Further, you don’t have to change the ratchet or reposition the ratchet.

The mechanism allows you to fix/use the socket in the same position, which is advantageous, especially when the fastener’s position is challenging.

How do You Select the Best Socket Wrench Set?

While planning to buy a socket wrench set, the foremost thing is to decide on your present and future requirement.

Investing in a socket wrench set could be a lifetime one, so you must give a good thought to it.

Since most socket wrench sets are of Chrome Vanadium hardened steel and chrome polished, there is no doubt about its sturdiness and durability.

The number of sockets:

You should consider the number of socket requirements for the socket wrench set.

If you don’t have budget constraints, it would be better to settle with the maximum number of sockets available with the socket wrench set.

The socket numbers may vary between 49-197. If you want to have the maximum number of socket options, then go for a 197-socket piece set.

Anything more than a 60-piece socket set is excellent and below to 60-piece sockets are average.

Quick-release mechanism:

The socket wrench set must have an easy lock system that can quickly release the socket. You can find a wrench set with a lock, which can lock and free with your thumb without external support.

Check the fasteners:

Most of the nuts and bolts are hexagonal and six-sided. Therefore, make sure the sockets can meet the requirements.

The socket has the features to have a firm grip on the flat side and anti-slip qualities. Before buying a socket wrench set, consider the types of nuts and bolts you may have to work on.

Utility features:

The socket wrench set features, its extensions, and other enhancements also need to check before deciding on the type of toolset you want to buy.

A ratchet arm with an extendable feature will be more desirable than a fixed one. Most of the sockets will have their size numbers etched or embossed on the sides, both in SAE and metric.

Drive Size:

The drive sizes are 3/8 inch, ¼ inch, and ½ inch, which are typically square-shaped but are the hole onto the ratchet to keep the socket in place.

You can see the drive sizes generally in a fraction of inch size irrespective of the socket measurement.

Typically, ½ inch is for large fasteners, ¼ inch for small fasteners, and 3/8 is for many uses.

So, we suggest you buy a socket wrench set that comes in all three sizes or with suitable adaptors, which can fit in the same ratchet.


The socket head comes with 6 or 12 points, and in some tools set, it also comes with 8 points.

But the standard size is 6-point which can offer more torque and more robustness; hence, slipping chances are significantly less.

12-point sockets are also okay to line up with the fasters. Therefore, check for a socket wrench set offer both 6- and 12-point sockets.


Most of the socket wrench tools offer both shallow and deep sockets. The shallow sockets, which are about ½ inch long, are commonly using in industrial works.

The deep sockets are 1 inch long, ideal for reaching the fastener located deep inside the work area, where a shorter socket cannot reach.

So, while selecting a socket wrench, make sure your set has a mix of shallow and deep sockets.

Review on Top 10 Socket Wrench Sets

DEWALT DWMT75049 Mechanics Tools Set

Are you looking for a comfortable socket/toolset for your mechanical repair requirements? If you need a reliable and efficient socket/toolset, there is nothing better than the DeWalt DWMT751049

What makes it one of the preferred options? The main attraction is the 192 bits, and it is not just the number of bits but ratchet teeth and their arc.

The ratchet comes with 72 teeth, a 1/4, 3/8, and ½ drive head, and it has a 5-degree arc, which is easy to use in congested areas.

The bits provide superb traction in all angles, which is the positive element of the tool kit. Another unique feature is the easily visible laser-etched mark, which supports the mechanics to identify the project’s correct socket.


  • Vanadium chrome finish
  • Direct torque
  • Knurled control ring
  • 6-point sockets
  • 192-pieces


  • Sockets are too tight
  • Heavy in nature

Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2

The multipurpose toolset Crescent CTK170CMP2 is ideal for a professional mechanic or any DIY project handler.

It has a combination of the best tools for mechanical, consumer, and industrial applications. With 170-pieces, you will have almost all types of tools in this single box.

It consists of most of the sizes marked in SAE and Metric, including quick release ratchet drives of ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, and ½ inch with a vast selection of sockets.

Besides the above, it comes with 3/8-inch drive tools, a ratchet drive of 72 teeth, a 3/8 inch to ¼ inch adapter, 25 twelve-point sockets, ten 6-point deep sockets, etc.


  • Chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • 170-pieces
  • SAE and Metric measurement
  • ANSI and ASME specifications
  • Durable blow-molded foldable plastic case


  • Complex to handle
  • Grips are slippery

Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set

Stanley STMT71652 comes with a bundle of the most commonly used tools essential for general mechanical projects. It has 123-pieces of sockets made of hardened steel, polished with chrome or nickel.

Its ratchet mechanism has the designer advantage to operate it smoothly, and its flexible reverse switch feature makes it easy to handle with the thumb operation.

The locking system attached to the extensions and sockets can release quickly with an easy release mechanism that makes it handy to use.

The torque level can increase by 15%, and the sockets feature with Max-Drive technology, which can maximize the drive to tighten the knobs around the corners.

The increased torque can help to tighten or loosen the fasteners without much effort. All the tools meet the design specifications of ANSI, and hence you have quality assurance.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Properly labeled sockets
  • 123-Pieces
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Quick-release switch


  • Required greasing
  • The carry box is not sturdy

Stanley 92-839 99-Piece Black Chrome Socket/Wrench Set

With a minimum turning arc of 7 degrees, the Stanley 92-839 is one of the best sockets toolset worth for the value.

The 6-Point socket features a technology to reduce the possibility of rounding.

The socket is ideal for both SAE and Metric use; hence, it has the advantage over any other small set of peers.

The 2-ratchets can increase the torque by 15%, an innovative feature of the Stanley 92-839 99-Piece Black Chrome Socket/Wrench Set.

Since it comes in black chrome, it has better efficiency to resist corrosion and does not hold dirt like other chrome tools.

You can see the size marks etched on the side instead of stamping, but it is okay, and you can easily read the size.


  • Black Chrome material
  • 99-piece
  • 2-Ratchet can increase torque by 15%
  • 7 degrees arc swing
  • Laser-etched marks


  • No 15/16-inch-deep socket
  • Case interior design needs to improve for holding the socket.

EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet

The EPAuto is a budget-friendly socket set that comes with both ¼-inch and 3/8-inch sockets in SAE and metric sizes.

For durability and presentation appeal, the sockets use hardened Cr-V steel alloy and chrome-plated mirror finishing. It also has excellent corrosion resistance properties.

It is a reliable emergency tool kit and ideal for both DIY and armature/professional uses.

The socket can meet almost all repair works since it includes both standard and deep range applications.

It comes in a sturdy plastic carry box with a suitable slot position for holding the sockets.

The socket wrench set also included a pear head ratchet and extension, which can help complete your project quickly and effortlessly.


  • Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • 69-Pieces
  • 2-pear head ratchet
  • 72 tooth ¼” and 3/8” drive
  • Both SAE and Metric size


  • Short wrench handle
  • Socket slot required some improvement

Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket Set 60-Piece Set

The Neiko 10083A comes with unique design sockets, and the Torx screws are ideal for any DIY and professional use.

For smooth operation of Torx screws, it comes with a Torx bit socket, engineered to smoothly take care of the job.

Comparing its price and quality with any contemporary tool kit, it is the best option.

The Torx bit socket can handle the Torx screw requirement. It is an inevitable tool while doing any repair and mechanical works.

It can easily support you to remove any pesky fasteners when you want to use the Torx screw.

Thanks to the precision-engineered bits and smoothness to handle.

The Torx socket set comes with 17- T6 to T70 star bit sockets and TT6 to TT70 Torx bit sockets.

Besides, the toolset also included 14 external Torx sockets from E4 to E24 and 12-Torx Plus bit of TP8 to TP60.

For greater strength and durability, the sockets come with chrome vanadium steel.


  • Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Bits are with S2 alloy steel.
  • Precise bit tips
  • High torque strength
  • Power: Mechanical


  • No wrench
  • Cannot meet high power torque requirements.

Tekton ½-Inch Drive 58-Piece Socket Set

With a resilient and robust storage box, Tekton ½-Inch Drive is an industrial-friendly toolbox set ideal for professionals and DIY projects.

The ½ inch drive toolset has sizes from 10 to 24mm and 3/8 to 1 inch in deep and shallow lengths.

Further, it also has a 10-inch extension handle and a universal joint, which is very useful for continuous engagements.

All sockets carry the engineering excellence to produce high-torque 6-point for better grip on the flat sides, and as a result, it can prevent any possible round-off.

The 72-tooth ratchet is ideal to use in difficult areas with a minimum swing arc of 5 degrees. Its 18-inch breaker bar can accommodate enough leverage to work out on rusted bolts and stuck lug nuts.

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, making it one of the best tools while comparing it to the competitors.


  • 58-Piece socket
  • Chrome vanadium steel
  • 72-teeth with 5 degrees swing arc
  • High-torque 6-point sockets
  • A universal joint and 10-inch extension


  • Some sockets with wrong labeling.
  • Lots of play for the socket

GearWrench 80550 57-Piece 3/8-Inch 6-Point Socket Set

GearWrench 80550 comes with 84 tooth ratchet gear mechanism offering the shortest turning radius, which is one of the best socket tools set.

It can deliver the best results with the shortest, 4.3 degrees turning arc for people who do mechanical works and deal with challenging, fastened bolts.

Instead of laser marks, the socket bear stamped prints of size, which are visible even after using for an extended period.

The patented Surface Drive technology offers an excellent grip for the 6-point sockets making the removal of nuts or bolts very easy.

The 57-socket size includes ¼ to 1-inch standard sockets, ¼ to a 7/8-inch-deep socket, and 6mm to 19mm deep and standard sockets.


  • 57 pieces
  • Stamped sockets
  • Alloy steel
  • 4.3 degrees turning arc
  • Electric operation


  • No quick-release button for the sockets.
  • The case is plastic.

Tekton 1/4 Inch Drive Socket Set 51-Piece

The Tekton Socket set comes with ¼ inch drive and 72-tooth ratcheting socket wrench designed to deliver the best pneumatic performance.

It is an ideal socket set for both DIY and professional use. The master set comes with 5 to 14mm and 5/32 to 9/16 inches for accommodating both shallow and deep lengths.

The socket set also includes a universal joint, 6-inches long extension tool, and a screwdriver bit adaptor.

Another highlighted feature is the socket’s high torque, and the 6-point design offers maximum grip on the fasteners, which can prevent any possible slip-offs.

High-grade chrome vanadium steel and the mirror polish finishing give extended durability and quality appeal for the socket wrench set.

All these sockets and supporting tools are available with a carry case. The case has unique slots for each item and some extra space for keeping your other necessary work tools.


  • Chrome Vanadium Steel material
  • Mechanical operation
  • 51 pieces
  • 72-tooth ratchet
  • 5-degree working swing arc


  • Ratchet shows a reverse tendency
  • Ratchet is not long enough

Williams 50666 47-Piece 3/8-Inch 6-Point Socket Set

Are you in search of a standard socket set that has a low risk of deforming the fastener? Then you should consider exploring the prospectus of Williams 50666.

This socket set is from JH Williams, a renowned name in industrial tools and very popular among the industrial professionals who depend on reliable quality tools.

Williams 50666 uses CrV steel for extended life performance. Its SuperTorque lobular openings perform with superior turning power; hence, no risk of fastener deformation.

The socket set includes 8 each deep and shallow SAE sockets, a 3/8-inch ratchet, all 6-point 13 deep metric, and 14 shallow metric sockets and extensions. It is ideal for heavy-duty use.


  • Ergonomic ratchet handle for extended use
  • 47-pieces
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • SuperTorque lobular opening
  • Great Swivel attachment


  • Poor quality case
  • Ratchet looks small


The competition between the 10-socket wrench toolset is very close. We have analyzed each socket wrench’s capabilities and their performance, which are more or less equal.

However, our top pick is the DeWalt DWMT751049 Socket/Tool Set because of its higher number of sockets, minimum 5-degree arc swing, which is quite sufficient to carryout mechanical fastening in congested areas without much effort. Similarly, it offers ¼, 3/8, and ½ drive rachet.

Its immediate competitor is Crescent 170 Pc. Tool Set. It is also of chrome vanadium steel, which has all the features of DeWalt DWMT751049, except the number of sockets.

Stanley STMT71652 Socket Set and Stanley 92-839 99-Piece Black Chrome Socket/Wrench Set stand behind 1st and 2nd choice on a budget-friendly note. Both are sturdy and durable

If you are on the lookout for a Torx bit socket and external socket, we recommend you go for a 60-piece Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket Set.

A 20-to-30-piece socket wrench set would be ideal for DIY or professional use, but having a higher number of sockets can give you the required flexibility when the project becomes challenging.

Moreover, you need to look for a minimum swing arc for better performance. The ratchet should have an extension, innovative turning, and locking mechanism with no need to remove the ratchet handle every now and now.

All the 10 products are from reputed industry players and having excellent performance history.