Best AR 15 Armourer's Wrench

Top 10 Best AR 15 Armourer’s Wrench (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

What do you do after getting your gun license and purchasing your first rifle? Some people would just buy more guns. Others would just dismantle and put the rifle back together again like Humpty-dumpty.

Some decide to buy add-ons to enhance their rifle experience. All these are fantastic ideas and whatever works for the gun owner is the best for that individual.

For those who like to either take apart the machine or just try out additional pieces that can be attached to it, you need a Wrench that is built specifically for that purpose. This review is particularly concerned with the best AR 15 Armourer’s wrench in the business.

What is a AR 15 Armorers Wrench?

This is a tool that caters specifically to the AR 15 and is important for loosening and putting back the rifle after customization/experimenting on the rifle.

The Uses of a wrench include but are not limited to:

  • Tightening and loosening nuts like those for the barrel or ‘barrel nuts’
  • Putting on and removing a muzzle
  • Work on nuts on the rifle like the carbine castle nuts
  • Change and arrange receiver extensions.

Top 10 Best AR-15 Armourer’s Wrenches Reviews


Just as the name implies this wrench is fit for torque nuts in this range and size. For some users, ease of storage is also an important factor. You don’t want a tool that can not be kept with the others you have and may need a special storage box or carrier box anytime you need to move it or keep it.


  • Perfect fit for the size indicated
  • Fantastic durable materials used as make and finish


  • It has only one function.


This wrench is also made for specific torque nuts in this size. A major factor to consider while looking at a wrench is the quality of construction put into the tool. Do proper research into companies and brands that produce quality equipment and invest in their products. There is nothing more annoying than investing in a tool that will fall apart after being used only a few times. So it is much better and wiser to invest in a properly made Armourer’s wrench. It’s useful but before you buy you need to read its pros and cons so you will see it’s helpful for you or not.


  • Simple design and functionality
  • Perfect fit for specific torque nut


  • Restricted to just one function.


The company Brownells has to be a steady name in the production of durable tools and equipment. With a well-known name in the production of guns and gun parts, Brownells has brought out this fantastic piece that is more expensive than most but worth the price.

This wrench is made to work on peg barrel nuts and this is because both ends of the wrench can be used for different styles of gun nuts including M-4 Style receiver extension nuts as well.

Made from forged steel and with a coating from Manganese-Phosphate for chemical protection, this wrench has a half-inch opening for torque wrench use and 2 different ration slots for suppressors and receiver extensions.


  • Multiple uses of the wrench
  • Great make material and finish coat, enhanced durability
  • Comfortable for use over long periods.
  • Long handle for ease


  • High Price Range


This unique Armourer’s wrench with an interchangeable head is also priced above average and most people don’t get to understand why that is immediate until you research or read about the features.

The top of the wrench is made for work on AR 15, functioning well with barrel nuts, flash suppressors, fixed stock receiver extensions, muzzle brakes, and even castle nuts. Best characteristics are:

  • ⅝ wrench
  • Three-quarter muzzle wrench
  • Half inch torque receiver
  • An extra-long hand with a comfortable cover and enhanced grip.
  • An interchangeable head is it’s best feature.


  • Modern enhanced and super functional design
  • Interchangeable hammerheads for easy and faster work
  • Enhanced durability
  • Long handle


  • Higher price than others in its range
  • Requires a lot of work switching out parts


MAGPUL tools, guns and products are considered the best in the industry. Their name is associated with beautiful designs, innovative standards that are useful and functional.

This wrench is known to be made from solid steel and a fabulous and durable Phosphate finish that enhances the worker’s grip, life span and resistance to chemicals and liquids and other materials that may come in contact with the wrench while it is being used.

The company’s known attention to useful designs is brought to the forefront as the wrench is made with receiver extensions, carbine castle nuts, ASAP plates and flash suppressors, all standard sized thereby making it a favorite for handling pin-style barrel nuts and stock for the AR-15 and M16 rifles. More features include:

  • Extendable teeth for proper and ensured locking of nuts loosened
  • Clearly, detailed labels to help you know where and how to use them
  • Two hammer faces can be used to gently hit down parts in the gun
  • Longer, simpler to use handle that eases and ensures comfortable usage for long periods on the hands and better grip.


  • Clear labels for easy usage
  • 2hammer faces for quick work
  • Durability and very long life span


  • Most customers had no serious complaints about this wrench.


If the aim of purchasing an Armourer’s wrench is strictly for the AR15 or the M4 rifles, then you have the right wrench in this one.

Another beautiful step creation with a parkerized finish, this tool is very affordable because it is a specialized tool. It is designed strictly to work on AR-15 and the M4 only.

Rock River designed the handle of this tool with a cutout that is used with extension tubes and for the removal of A1 and A2 stocks as well. It’s size, which is smaller than most of the wrenches in its tier and wrenches in general, helps in providing much better leverage. It also comes with:

  • Slip reduction plastic handle
  • Shorter handle for comfort and grip


  • Easier to manage while using over a long period.
  • Comfortable grip due to the length of handle and size of wrench.


  • A shorter handle reduces the worker’s reach.
  • It is not multifunctional


Now TAPCO had the best idea when they came up with this tool as it is, literally, a multifaceted tool. The average price of this particular item.

Very comfortably priced for everyone concerned, this wrench has interesting features that include:

  • A hammerhead
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Regular spanner wrench
  • Barrel nut wrench
  • Muzzle device wrench
  • Forearm wrench

Made from a high heat-treated steel alloy and that makes the steel alloy much stronger, its finish coat is an olive drab finish and it gives a very nice degree of protection from chemicals and liquids that will come in contact with the wrench while it is being used.

It is made in the standard size of a normal wrench which, according to some users, makes for a slightly uncomfortable grip and makes the extra features also get in the way of working comfortably. The company TAPCO is a US-based company and offers a guarantee of a lifetime on this particular wrench.


  • Affordable average price
  • Durable steel that is more solid than the normal steel
  • More multiple uses on this wrench than the average wrench.
  • Very comfortable size for a.standard wrench


  • Too many features that sometimes. get in. the way of work.or.gripping the tool comfortably.


This wrench’s key features include: This company has another wrench that hits this list comfortably slightly smaller than the former this tool is also a great alternative to have.


  • Slightly smaller handle than the specialized AR15 Wrench.
  • Same multiple use features as the AR15 Wrench


  • Price is still higher than Average.


This wrench can be called a “duty heavy’ wrench due to the kind of workload it can handle. Depending on the size of the rifle and how comfortable the wrench will be in your hands.

It helps for comfortable usage and faster productivity. Characteristics are the same as most above including:

  • 2 Slot receivers for receiver extensions
  • A half-inch square drive Opening.


  • Multifaceted wrench with a long handle
  • Long handle for easy grip and flexible work ease.


  • Its uses are lImited to the AR-15/M16


Another great buy from Arrington. This beautiful creation features:

  • New detachable heads that can be used to fit different square nuts.
  • Simple and easy to use design.


  • Compact and simple design for usability
  • Durable material
  • Multifaceted Wrench


  • Not multifunctional

What is the Right Way to Use a AR 15 Armourer’s Wrench?

Looking at your AR 15 rifle or even a diagram of the AR15, this particular machine has multiple nuts and bolts designed especially for putting all parts of the machine together. These nuts are called ‘Torque Nuts’. Because of the complex nature of this rifle, a lot of nuts are needed.

Special wrenches called ‘torque wrenches’ are usually available for all the different nuts. As many nuts as there are in existence, there are torque wrenches for them. This is where an Armourer’s wrench comes in.

The AR 15 Wrench can be used for multiple Torque nuts, thereby, reducing the number of specialized torque wrenches that you have to buy.

Things to Consider When Buying or Thinking about Getting an Armourer’s Wrench


How well can you use the wrench you want to buy. The reason you want to invest in an Armourer’s wrench is because of the multiple ways you can use one.

Therefore, the more that can be done with a wrench, the more valuable it is or it should be to you. A multipurpose wrench is always a great buy for an Armourer’s Wrench.


Well, no one ever turned down a great deal because they had too much money! In fact, rich people stay rich because they are constantly looking for great deals!

Price is important when considering an investment in an Armourer’s wrench. Don’t pick a wrench just because it is cheap, look at other reasons and most importantly, how it suits your own need for it.

Make of the Tool

This tool is going to be used for tough jobs and most probably, constantly. It needs to be able to withstand possible wear and tear.

When buying a tool, find out what materials are used in the making. The more durable the material, the longer your tool will last and the better your investment.

Most wrenches are made from forged steel and will last for quite a while. The most common coat finishes that are being used are:

  • Powder Coat
  • Phosphate

The reason wrenches and tools are coated with finishing is to preserve them especially since these tools will come in contact with materials like grease, oil, water and more.