Top 10 Best Tri-Wing Screwdrivers Reviews in 2020

The tri-wing also referred to as triangular slotted, is a twist with three slotted”wings” and a tiny triangular hole in the middle.

Contrary to the”tri-point” fastener, the slots are offset and don’t intersect the middle of the fastener.

Tri-wing screwdriver is a variant using left-hand threads is known as an Opsit twist, in which unscrewing can be carried out by turning the screwdriver, that’s the reverse of tri-wing and routine screws.

Below are your 10 best tri-wing screwdrivers on Amazon.

What is a Tri-Wing Screwdriver?

The Tri-Wing is a sort of twist and twist head. It’s occasionally known as a triangular slotted screw.

It’s employed as a tamper-resistant twist on several different goods, typically electronic equipment.

The Tri-Wing is a tamper-resistant twist on account of the rarity of Tri-Wing screwdrivers in any shop, even though they may be legally purchased on the web.

Tri-Wing, as its name implies, is a twist with three”wings” and a tiny triangular hole in the middle.

A version is a type where both”wings” are combined in the center (without a triangular gap ).

A marginally similar-looking layout where three brief radial slots aren’t combined at the center is referred to as a Tri-groove screw head.

Kyocera utilizes Tri-Wing screws in their own phones.

Nintendo utilizes Tri-Wing screws in its own Game Boy, DS, DS Lite, GameCube, and Wii products.

This Tri-wing Screwdriver Features Brand new comes right from the factory.

Really necessary but very difficult to find a thing – can’t be found in many hardware Shops Measures 5 inches, manage steps 1/2 an inch broad.

List of 10 Best Tri-Wing Screwdrivers Reviews

1. Leegoal Tri-wing Screwdriver for Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance

  • Will not lead to harm to the tri-wing safety screws
  • High-quality tri-wing screwdriver specially made for Nintendo Wii
  • Simple to get the heavy screws on the Wii case
  • It also operates with Nintendo Wii Controller Nunchuck, DS, DS Lite, GameCube, Gameboy Advance, etc..

2. Keten Triwing Screwdriver

  • This 17in1 tri-wing screwdriver repair tool kit is intended to serve contemporary Nintendo products along with other game apparatus, including Nintendo Switch, New 3DS/2DS XL, NES, SNES, Wii, NDS, NDSL, DS Lite, GBA, Gameboy Advance. 17 unique types of resources have been carefully chosen by Keten to fulfill all of your needs.
  • The non-slip handle is coated with silica gel, plus a ball bearing mounted swivel top to make the work simpler. Multi-magnetic drivers make it simple to repair bit and pull out screws. Premium S2 substance for durability.
  • Professional portable hardware-software includes a watertight transparency instance. The portable case offers quick access, nicely organization, and effortless storage to you.

3. Gen Wii & DS Lite Tri-Wing Triwing Screwdriver Tool

  • Triwing screwdriver is created particularly for Nintendo Wii. Rare part, difficult to find in shops. You’ll need this tool if you are going to start up your Wii System.

4. HIGHFINE Triwing 1.5 2.5 3.0 and Phillips PH00 Screwdriver Set

  • 100% Brand New and Top Quality
  • Extremely Durable and Useful, Compact Design and Lightweight
  • Compatible with: Nintendo Products that have unique Y design screws, as Wii DS Lite DSi 3DS GBA SP NDS…

5. E.Durable Triwing Screwdriver

  • Premium Nintendo game repair tool kits to repair your Nintendo products Consoles and controllers, Nintendo Switch, New 3DS, New Premium Nintendo game fix tool kits to fix your own Nintendo goods Consoles and controls, Nintendo Switch, New 3DS, New 2DS, SNES Classic (2017), Wii /DS /DS Lite /GBA, Xbox, Playstation, Computer, etc..
  • Anti-slid large and Handy pieces made by long-lasting high-quality steel, additional pieces created by S2 steel using Magnetic tips that make your job better, the brush is very good for cleaning up the machine, tablet computer, phone, computers, computer keyboard, and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • The screwdrivers have anti-slid management, long rotating and rotating hints, making using simpler and improves your work performance. Together with ESD precision tweezers, long cleaning brush, secure plastic pry bar opening tool kit, triangle launching selections, suction Cup, cleaning fabric.
  • In the event of damaging your sports apparatus, the Safe Opening Pry Tools permits for opening and inner cleanup of games DIY and battery replacement, and Valve paddle makes the process of disassembly simpler.

6. Precision Tri-wing (Y) & Cross (+) Screwdriver set

  • Premium fix tool kits to fix your X-Box, Nintendo Wii, DS, DSL, Change / New 3DS/3DS/DSi/PSP1000/PSP2000/PSP3000/GBA/GBA SP/DS
  • Tool Kit especially serves for contemporary Nintendo Products and a number of other game apparatus, durable and also a convenient piece makes your job better.

7. TBGS Tri-Wing Triwing Trigram Y Screwdriver

  • Durable solid tempered steel
  • Heat treated for maximum power
  • Quantify 7 cm (~2.75 inches) in length
  • To be used with Nintendo Wii, GameCube Controller, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP and GBA Game Cartridges

8. Eclipse – Minature TR1 Tri-Wing Screwdriver

  • Specially created for video games and PCs
  • Made of tempered S2 alloy steel
  • Shaft #0 Suggestion Size
  • Total length of approximately 5.25″

9. FIXFANS 1.5mm Y Tip Tri-Point Triwing Precision Magnetic Screwdriver

  • Professional 1.5mm tri-wing screwdriver, especially made for Nintendo Alter and JoyCon.
  • Made from S2 alloy steel and aluminum, lasting for extended service life.
  • Non-slip handle for superior traction; Labor-saving spinning cap, more effective.
  • Magnetic screwdriver tip absorbs screws readily, not reluctant to eliminate a very small twist.

10. Eclipse Tools SD-081G Pro’s Kit Tri-Wing Precision Screwdriver Set

  • Incorporates Tri-Wing sizes 000, 00, 0, 1
  • Made from AISI 8660 Chrome-Molybdenum Vanadium Steel with satin end
  • Smooth rotational cap for Simple screw/unscrew quickly without raising the pieces
  • Ergonomic non-slip double color TPR and Nylon handle for user comfort
  • Dark Tip ensures together service lifetime and anti-corrosion


Hopefully, these 10 best tri-wing screwdriver will help you feel more confident about disassembling your toy tools.

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