Top 5 Best Rotary Screw Air Compressors (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Rotary screw air compressors are employed in many different applications that need extensive and constant volumes of compressed air.

They are widely utilized in factories and industries in which compressed air is needed, noting that they can provide compressed air 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
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They may also be utilized in garages, building sites, food industry, medicine, agriculture, production, and workshops which make use of compacted air.

There are two kinds of rotary air compressors, specifically oil-injected and oil-free.

There is a whole lot of screw air compressor manufacturers available on the marketplace.

Nonetheless, it’s accurate enough to state that they are created for specific uses.

So get trapped with us we offer you a summary of some of the best rotary screw air compressors.

What is a Rotary Screw Air Compressor?

A rotary screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that utilizes helical screws to compress the gas.

This compressed gas is, in turn, used in factories and businesses where large quantities of compressed air are necessary.

Large automotive stores do also utilize rotary screw air compressors to split numerous tires.

The atmosphere compression procedure in a rotary screw air compressor is generally constant, with the minimum pulsation of the atmosphere in the long term.

But, they come in two different types. We’ve got dry-running compressors, and petroleum flooded compressors.

The dry-running compressor generally depends on its own timing equipment to align both male and female rotors to get a continuously efficient operation.

From the petroleum flooded compressor, nevertheless, oil lubricates the bridges between the two rotors that subsequently transport mechanical power between the driving and driven rotor.

By design, they are both streamlined and the majority of them operate quietly.

On the flip side, their air circulation distribution rate may fluctuate greatly.

On the lower end, you will find compressors that provide an airflow of 10CFM although some could achieve around 1000CFM.

The majority of them, but do not transcend 100CFM.

Ordinarily, a rotary screw air compressor may be used can be utilized in any procedure which needs constant air in any respect times.

A tiny automotive paint store, a significant workshop, or large building sites are placed in which a rotary screw compressor’s potential could be put to use.

But, people who want a compressor for light-duty house jobs may not require such a massive machine.

Rather, easy software that has to be powered by an air compressor could be dealt with by a portable air compressor.

List of 5 Best Rotary Screw Air Compressors

1. Quincy QGS-7.5TM Rotary Screw Compressor

Quincy QGS 7.5 rotary air compressor is one of the prettiest in the business. It’s excellent gear to have, considering its high efficacy and functionality.

This best-rated rotary screw air compressor includes a 7.5 HP TEFC motor. With this, it is possible to ensure it will be operating for a longer length compared to the other versions.

In any case, this air compressor may provide airflow of 12.2 CFM at 90 PSI.

This really is a rotary compressor made to accommodate industrial uses. If it comes to functionality, this air compressor won’t disappoint you.

For starters, it could work for a maximum of 8,000 hours of mill filled oil. In turn, it guarantees you maximum productivity.

The simplicity of use is an element that’s ensured on this machine. The very first items are that it’s a navigation menu.

Should you have to generate any alterations, it is as simple as a click of a button.

Additionally, it has a gauge control system that’s easy and easy to read.

It is simple to make adjustments to stress, temperatures, etc.

Oftentimes, maintenance usually increases the performance cost of an air compressor. This gadget distinguishes itself from others by its simple to keep the design.

The dilemma of vibrations and noise are already cared for by the 64 dBA noise level. You can rest assured there will not be some disturbing noise coming in the air compressor.

2. Chicago Pneumatic QRS5.0HPD-1 Quiet Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Dryer

The Chicago Pneumatic QRS5.HPD-1 is designed with efficiency in mind.

Using its powerful excellent engine, compact design, and quiet temperament; the air compressor guarantees to provide exceptional services for your mill.

In addition, it can perform effectively on your merchant service shop, tire store, or paint and body shop.

And you can install the machine anywhere in your store due to its compact design and quiet character.

This product is designed to offer you 100% continuous functioning while preserves a superb performance.

Additionally, it supplies all of the essential air when minimizing horsepower use.

The air compressor is most likely the most dependable machine with a refrigerated dryer in the industry.

To begin with, it lacks sporting parts. This makes it easy to keep the air compressor, so.

Additionally, the air compressor additionally lacks a number of the most exposed components of normal air compressor usage which then maximizes its functionality to around 4000 hours of trouble-free performance.

The machine includes a control panel that will assist you to operate all of its capabilities easily.

This air compressor is quite silent, as it generates 62 decibels of sound.

The 60-gallon air compressor has the power to provide a maximum of 21.2 CFM in 150 maximum PSI.

And this is partly a result of the super-efficient functionality of its TEFC motor, QRS oil heating system along with an air drier. Its layout, which also lessens the creation of grime, does help attain its great functionality.

3. Chicago Pneumatic QRS3.0HP-1 60 Gallon 3 HP 150 PSI Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The Chicago Pneumatic version is an air compressor perfect for the lighting industry and automotive stores.

It sports a 3.0HP electric motor, a sound dampening technology for silent operation.

On the flip side, the machine includes functions that make it supply compressed air consistently and economically all through the year.

Additionally, it has a cooling system that will help increase the general machine’s lifespan.

This product version is designed for top performance despite its comparatively low cost.

It accomplishes the functionality with a fantastic excellent motor, higher airflow a fantastic excellent construction.

In the long run, the machine can manage all of the requirements of a care shop, paint store, automotive store, or lighting business.

The air compressor comes with a noise-canceling technology that lowers the sound level to 64DBA.

This, then, makes the best-rated machine an excellent compressor you could set up at any portion of your store and operate effectively with sound interference.

The compressor, as with other rotary screw machines, supplies compressed air all-day round.

The machine’s 3.0 HP engine is quite powerful for light tasks in the business.

Again, the engine enhances the machine’s overall output by making sure the atmosphere flows consistently out of the 60-gallon tank.

4. HPDMC PACK7-TA Rotary Screw Compressor

This best rotary screw industrial air compressor out of HPDMC is particularly designed to offer you the best services.

It sports an 80-gallon air tank and a 10 HP motor.

This is definitely the most acceptable air compressor for most owners of factories, dealership stores garages, and body shops.

The air compressor supplies a constant supply of compressed air for optimal performance. Its great excellent motor helps it.

You do not require another space for your air compressor. The machine operates quietly with quite minimal sound and vibration.

Additionally, its streamlined design is suitable for conserving space. You can have it set up anywhere in your store.

The machine itself ensures durability. HPDMC offers quality rotary screw air compressors which may endure for ages. The air compressor consists of durable steel material.

This one also features an efficient heating system. For this, you may be certain it is not going to quickly overheat. This characteristic increases the lifespan of the machine.

Because of the price, I will say this air compressor matches more criteria than a few top-rated models. You get value for the money should you take to count its own abilities.

5. Ingersoll Rand UP6-7.5-125 Rotary Screw Compressor

Ingersoll Rand UP6-7.5-125 is among the best screw compressors on the market. To begin with, it is a machine out of such a respectable brand.

The highlighting element of this product could be its engine. It’s a 7.5 HP engine that’s extremely silent.

You may forget there’s an air compressor in the room. The tank can hold 80 gallons of the atmosphere.

This usually means it may be utilized for extended hours with minimal strain on the engine.

Air is delivered at a running power of 28 CFM at 90 PSI. The maximum operating pressure is currently at 125 PSI.

The rotary air compressor is electrical and operates at 230 volts. It’s likewise one stage. This implies it simply has a single cylinder.

This makes it more acceptable for smaller programs like usage in workshops, garages, and tiny stores.

One thing that I enjoyed about this one is the fact that it’s an aftercooler. The machine may cool down release air temperatures by itself.

In any case, it’s the car start and auto stop feature. For this, it may work properly with no need for you to be there or keep checking.

An air compressor absorbs a good deal of energy, and this may cost you a lot of money in the long term.

This is a highly recommended product concerning energy efficiency. It’s energy controls which help reduce the total quantity of electricity used.

On the flip side, you’ll need to think about if freedom is a variable. This machine lacks brakes, and it is also quite hefty.

Moving it around could be a massive challenge. In the same way, the care kit is sold individually from the item. It may be an extra cost to you.

Buying Guides for Best Rotary Screw Compressor

A rotary screw air compressor is similar to a life investment. When looking to purchase a new one, then you should also consider these standards:


It’s the power of this motor that drives the compressor. One Horsepower is going to be the force that will have the ability to lift 550lbs 1 foot in 1 second.

By way of instance, the very first compressor recorded above, the Chicago Pneumatic, has just 7.5 horsepower, although the Ingersoll Rand had 30 horsepower.

Airflow (CFM)

CFM is the speed of airflow at the air compressor. It is 1 variable that you can not exit when purchasing a rotary compressor.

When using more than 1 tool concurrently, then you must find a machine with a high CFM.

On the flip side, some air tools possess a reduced CFM requirement. In cases like this, you might not require a version with a rather large CFM.

Make sure that the tools will work nicely with the CFM of this model you buy.

Electrical Phase

One other essential feature you want to search for. The power you will have to pick from one phase or triple stage, based on the current demands.

It’s best to contact your plumber to find out which present you may need.

Variable Speed Drive

A variable speed drive air compressor may significantly allow you to conserve energy.

The energy costs of conducting an air compressor can proceed up to tens of thousands of bucks. This produces the operation costs pricey.

Consider exactly how much you can save on electricity by means of a VSD air compressor.

There are just two things to think about with variable speed drive air compressors.

If it runs completely at a rate of 90-100%, then it absorbs a good deal of energy.

Furthermore, if the machine operates at a slow rate of 10-20percent, then it is not worthwhile. It is too large for your software, and also you do not require the VSD attribute.

The variable speed feature is suitable once the air compressor operates at a rate of 50-80 percent. In this manner, you can save yourself a great deal of money on power.

Integrated Filters and Air Dryers

The fantastic news when buying rotary screw air compressors is that the majority of manufacturers provide round-the-clock compressors. To put it differently, they attempt to add as many attributes as possible so as to supply a whole experience.

Typically, the air compressor includes incorporated air filters and sprays.

By way of instance, the Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors are proven to be “full-featured” (that is the reason why they incorporate an HPD to every model name that comprises a drier ).

Additionally, the Ingersoll Rand versions are proven to possess a “Total Air System” (or even TAS), so they have added features, such as integrated air conditioners and filters.


A rotary air compressor may either possess an aftercooler or maybe not. I would advise that you go to get a model which has an aftercooler.

It decreases the temperatures of their compressed air coming from this air compressor. You would not want air that’s 80 degrees hot getting into your air tools.

Additionally, the aftercooler does over simply to cool down compacted air temperatures. It is helpful to eliminate water in your compressed air.

Without an aftercooler, moisture will be condensing on your air tools and air piping system.


The purchase price of an item is the very first thing we consider when buying. Rotary screw air compressors have different price tags.

Normally, the higher the price tag, the more complex the machine is. Thus, ask yourself what your requirements are and when the version you select is going to work for you.

Portability And Space

Portability largely depends upon the size of this air compressor. Think about the type of work you require for your air compressor.

The majority of the rotary screw air compressors do not have wheels.

Nevertheless, you are able to lift it from 1 area to another if it isn’t overly heavy.

A number of them are extremely heavy and just must be operated from 1 area.


In the current market, air compressors are available in all sizes and layouts, but none of them is able to outwork rotary screw air compressors.

There’s not any sound, which makes the working environment conducive.

Rotary screw air compressors are designed to provide fresh, clean air that’s free of water vapor.

This, then, makes them durable, noting there isn’t any chance for vapor to rust the machine.

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