How To Use A Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld has been doing business for over 180 years; starting with the creation of farm equipment to assist farmers with their everyday tasks, to producing their first air compressor in 1940.

Their vast line of air compressors ranges in size from one gallon to one hundred and twenty, with options of gas, oil-lubricated, oil-free, one-stage, or a two-stage, along with the options of portable, mounted, and stationary.

With so many options, it can be difficult with choosing which one you will benefit from the most. Using an air compressor is quite simple and although they can make light work of a rather heavy task with their efficiency, it’s always best to consult with an expert before using it.

The manual is a great way to gain knowledge with any troubleshooting issues which may occur while familiarizing yourself with the many parts of these machines. Correct usage will ensure your safety and keep your warranty intact.

Perhaps you’ve purchased your first Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, or you’re borrowing one for the first time. Either way, read on for some great tips.

Steps On Using A Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor


Before using your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, it’s a good idea to prepare your workstation beforehand with a few items.

  • Air compressor hose-to allow the air from the tank to power your air tool
  • Safety glasses-to prevent debris from entering your eyes
  • Electrical outlet-to power the air compressor
  • Adjustable wrench-to connect the air hose to the air compressor
  • Plumber’s tape-if not using quick connect couplers


  1. If you have chosen an oil-lubricated air compressor, you will need to check the oil level and fill it accordingly. Be sure to position the air compressor on a surface that is level
  2. If your model doesn’t need to be wired, then plug it into the nearest receptacle, making sure the on/off switch is positioned to off. (You may have to check the manual for electrical specifics depending on which model is chosen)
  3. Locate the drain valve on the air compressor, (check manual) most models have the drains on the bottom of the tank, and make sure it is closed
  4. Allow the air compressor to run by turning it to the on position. (It may be loud. Noise will depend on which model you have chosen, as some are noisier than others.) When the compressor reaches its capacity, it will stop running. (The noise will stop as the compressor is noisy only during the runtime.) If the compressor fails to stop when full, a safety valve will release the air
  5. Connect the air hose to the regulator valve using a wrench to prevent air leaks
  6. Decide on which air tool you will use and insert it into the other end of the hose, keeping in mind you will need to seal the connections between the tool and the hose with plumber’s tape if you are not using quick-connect couplers
  7. Adjust pressure to the correct psi depending on your air tool
  8. You can use the air tool as long as needed. The compressor will turn on and off as needed to keep up (Wearing safety glasses while operating the compressor is a good idea)
  9. Drain the moisture from the tank and remove the air hose for storing


  • Campbell Hausfeld suggests using additional air hoses for reach instead of household extension cords, as this may cut back on the machine’s efficiency, however numerous hoses and power cords are not recommended
  • Take caution when disconnecting the hose and tools as these machines exert forceful amounts of pressure
  • Drain the moisture from the tank after each use
  • Do not use gas models indoors (They must be well ventilated)
  • Check the owners manual for suggestions on which oil to use if you have an oil-lubricated model
  • Ensure the shut-off valve is visible

Suggested Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors

Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon

  • 3.2 CFM @ 40 PSI
  • OIl-free
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Quiet
  • Ideal for at-home use

Campbell Hausfeld 4.6 GallonErgonomic handle

  • Quiet
  • 3.2 CFM @ 40 psi
  • Dual couplers
  • Ideal for the smaller contractor applications

Final Thought

Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are a popular choice and can be found in many retail stores worldwide. The hard decision will be choosing which model to purchase.


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