Best Gas Powered Air Compressors

Top 10 Best Gas Powered Air Compressors Reviews in 2022

Gas-driven air compressors are much heavier than electric-powered air compressors.

But while checking the utility factors, the gas air compressor has the advantage over electric compressors because of their ability to carry out heavy-duty power tool operationalities.

You can take the gas compressor to any job site, but an electrically powered air compressor cannot have that advantage.

The latest gas-powered compressors come with wheels and handle, making them easy to transport.

Some portable gas-powered air compressors come mounted on a wheelbarrow frame, making it extra convenient to move around.

Gas-powered air compressors are relatively noisy, but they are heavy-duty.

They can handle multiple power tools simultaneously, making it the favorite choice for many industrial operators.

What are the features to check before finalizing a gasoline air compressor?

Maximum Pressure:

The maximum pressure requirement varies depending on the number of tools you want to use at a time. The pressure gauge can show the PSI it can generate.

If you’re going to use more tools simultaneously, the compressor should have a higher maximum pressure capacity.

Air delivery:

FAD or Free Air Delivery is the airflow measurement. You can find the reading in CFM, and the reading will let you know the time required to power up the compressor.

Engine capacity:

Small capacity engines are suitable for small projects. Therefore, depending on the project requirement, you need to decide on the engine capacity. Also, check its maintenance factors, its run time, oil change requirement, etc.

Tank capacity:

The tank capacity indicates the amount of air it can hold. Obviously, a large tank can hold more air, and you need to keep the compressor on if you want to do a small project. So, go for a gasoline air compressor with a large air tank.


Portability is an essential factor, and it depends on the weight of the air compressor.

Depending on the nature of the job and job site, you need to select a compressor that is easy to port and also comes with handles.


Make sure you have a suitable space for storing the air compressor. Therefore, check the dimension of the compressor and make sure it can conveniently store it after use.

Wheels & Handles:

If you are particular about moving the air compressor to different parts of the project site, it should have wheels and handles.

Depending on the project, you must decide on the feature, whether to have wheels and handles.

Noise level:

Noise pollution is a serious issue and if you want a compressor that has low noise pollution, then look at the compressor’s noise level.

The low noise level won’t impact the compressor’s performance, but you can enjoy a better working environment.

Airflow outlets:

Look for multiple airflow outlet air compressors if you want to operate more than one power tool at a time.

Compressors with only one outlet will let you attach only one power tool.

Oil and oil-less compressors:

You can find two types of compressors. Some model compressors use oil for smooth running and others without oil.

The one with the oilless operation is easy to use, but it will have a short life. However, it is a personal priority and decide as per your wish.

Top 10 Gas Powered Air Compressors

Makita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor

The gas-powered Makita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor is a workhorse with incomparable features.

The air compressor beholds a 10-gallon dual tank for seamless air distribution, designed for multitasking operations at a time.

It is an ideal air compressor for executing outdoor projects and can successfully use decking, farming, fencing, etc.

The 5.5HP compressor enjoys the support of a Twin Style ‘V’ cast iron pump, and its large bore cylinder and piston transform the compressor for peak performance.

The compressor can deliver 135 PSI operating pressure, and the engine can produce 14CFM at 40PSI and 12.5CFM at 90PSI.

Other notable features include oil lubrication for low heat operation, automatic idle control for reduced gas consumption, etc.

For checking the vibration and durability, it also uses couplers and springs at the compressor foundation.

The 190.5 pounds air compressor can transport easily as it comes in a wheelbarrow design.


  • 4-Stroke Honda GX160 engine
  • 10-gallon twin tanks
  • Industrial-grade recoil starter
  • Gas-powered
  • Big Bore pump


  • Expensive
  • Not good for freshers

Industrial Air Contractor 4 Gallon Portable Pontoon Air Compressor

The low maintenance patented direct pump Industrial Air Contractor is having the most considerable customer feedback.

Its positive notes are the reason for placing it in the 2nd slot of the best gas air compressor.

It quietly works on a Honda GC160 engine with a 5HP compressor and consumes significantly less fuel.

The dual 2-gallon pressure tank can deliver 155PSI and has designed to handle multiple tasks, including nailing and inflating.

Its innovative 2 stage cooling system can protect the compressor from overheating and also reduces the maintenance cost.

Some of its features are very user-friendly, making it the most preferred choice for professionals.

Its gauges and regulator mounted conveniently for pressure monitoring, making the operation very easy.

Similarly, you can quickly access the drainage valve and remove the excess moisture accumulated in the compressor.

The robust design is apt to carry out any challenging task for an extended period.

It comes with an easy hose connection mechanism because of the quick connect coupling.


  • Direct drive
  • Rubber grip handle
  • 155 PSI max pressure
  • 2 Pontoon style tanks
  • 5HP Honda OHC/OHV engine


  • No wheels
  • Heavy to move

NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor

Are you looking for a professional-grade gas-running air compressor that can handle challenging assignments?

Your search will end with NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor, a suitable gas running low noise air compressor, which can take care of all your professional requirements.

We have selected the gas-powered air compressor in the third slot, considering its operational advantages and agile quality.

Honda GCX160 engine does a wonderful job and delivers the required air pressure, and the engine is renowned for its fuel efficiency.

The 20-gallon tank is designed aesthetically, matching the entire compact design of the air compressor.

The pump uses floating-type Swedish steel valves for extended performance, and the FC35 Grade cast iron further augments the compressor’s durability.

Its 13.7 CFM pressure delivery is sufficient to execute general sandblasting jobs, even though the maximum pressure 130 PSI looks a little below this category’s competitors.

Using the pressure regulator gauge, you can easily control the pressure outflow. With large wheels and carry handles, you will find the compressor is easy to move to any project location.


  • FC35 cast iron pump head
  • V-style cylinder
  • Honda GX390 OHV engine
  • Electric start/recoil
  • Portable


  • Slow engine
  • Refill takes time

DEWALT Air Compressor, Twin Stack, 4 Gallon, 125PSI Max (D55153)

Excellent performance and reliability are the hallmarks of DeWalt Air Compressor, making it one of the preferred options for accomplishing professional tasks.

The 4-gallon dual tank air compressor has the technical advantage to carry out challenging demand of professional excellence.

While looking at the compressed air output segment, we can find that it offers a 4.0 CFM rating at 90PSI, and it can deliver 3.8CFM at 100PSI, which is sufficient for heavy power hammers, impact wrenches, etc.

The air compressor is also good to work on with extended airbrush projects. All this is made possible with the four-gallon storage tank.


  • Two soft valves for starting
  • Throttle control
  • Durable cylinder with cast iron construction
  • 4-gallon tank
  • Max 125PSI


  • Not oil-free
  • Not a noiseless unit

OEMTOOLS 26105 13HP 30 Gallon Honda Gas Powered Air Compressor

The OEMTOOLS 26105 Gas Air Compressor is an ideal choice for a skillful DIY user and professional use.

It features a 13HP powerful Honda engine, and a 30-gallon tank has the technical advantage for delivering seamless service for an extended period.

The gas compressor can deliver 23 CFM at 100PSI is suitable for operating a variety of heavy equipment like grinders, drills, ratchets, sanders, firearms, etc.

Along with the compressor package, the company offers air filters and oil. It does not require a startup kit.


  • 13HP motor
  • 30-gallon tank
  • No startup kit required
  • Maximum pressure 175 Bars
  • No battery required


  • Costly
  • Heavy

NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor-Honda GX390 OHV Engine

The NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor mounted horizontally is powered by a Honda GX390 gasoline engine with low oil shut down, and it uses a 3Amp charging mechanism.

The compressor won’t get overheated because of the excellent cooling system, V-type cylinder, and two-stage belt-driven FC35 grade cast iron pump.

It can deliver about 24.4 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 90 PSI which is sufficient enough to take up the job and a very effective gasoline-powered compressor of the category.

Smooth working is the highlighted feature of the air compressor as it uses the Low Vibration Technology.

For extended valve life and smooth performance, it uses floating-type Swedish steel valves. Its cranks enjoy the support of bearings on both ends and are another reason for smooth performance.

Looking at the safety segment, we can find, it is not less than any other compressors; the steel belt protector can take care of the job without any compromise.

Its pressure gauge filled with liquid can precisely watch the pressure fluctuations.


  • Steel belt guard
  • Low oil shut down the engine
  • Electric start
  • Cast iron cylinder
  • ASME certified tank


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Ingersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB 5.5 HP 8 Gallon Oil Gas Twin Pontoon Compressor

The Ingersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB comes equipped with two tanks of 8-gallon capacity supported with two quick-detachable couplers.

Because of this feature, you can use the compressor for extended hours and use to operate multiple tools at a time.

The compressor’s heart is a 5.5HP Honda gasoline-powered engine that can quickly start without any starting issues, making it a favorable option for professionals or DIY projects.

The pump can deliver 11.8 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFI) air at 90 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), and it can deliver 135 PSI, which is enough to do multiple tasks.

The compressor is mounted on a wheelbarrow design, making it easy to relocate.

With a 2-year warranty, the compressor can deliver 5,000 seamless services and is one of the best gas-powered air compressors in this category.

The unit uses all-season synthetic lubricant, which can enhance its efficiency.

Between every 2,000 hrs., the compressor required services four times more than any petroleum lubricants.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual 8-gallon tank
  • Easy starting
  • 5.5HP Honda engine
  • Gas-powered


  • Weak tire axle
  • Battery not included

DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Subaru Powered Oil Free Direct Drive Air Compressor

The fuel-efficient DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Air Compressor is popular among heavy-duty power tool operations professionals. It’s 208 ccs.

Subaru engine support oil-free operation and the compressor pump comes with direct-drive features, which make all the difference from any ordinary air compressors.

While checking the performance segment, we can find that it will have constant power delivery, and it can deliver 5.0 CFM at 90 PSI or 6.9 CFM at 40PSI.

The compressor is effortlessly portable because of the low weight, 74 pounds.

For regulating the pressure, the compressor is supplied with pressure gauges and a ¼” regulator.

You will also have a hand quick-connector, which is easy to connect with the push connector.


  • Portable
  • Gas-powered
  • Indoor and outdoor-friendly
  • Pressure gauge and connect coupler
  • Noiseless operation


  • Large in size
  • Not Subaru engine

NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor – Honda 163cc OHV Engine

The gas-driven air compressor has the designer advantage to meet all heavy-duty power tool operational requirements.

With V-type cylinder technology and the belt-driven feature’s support, the cast iron-built single-stage pump can deliver smooth performance for an extended period.

Its unique design effectively cools the engine and thus protects it from overheating. By incorporating Swedish steel floating valves, the compressor is noiseless and delivers flawless performance.

The compressor runs on a Honda GX160 OHV engine, and it offers higher combustion for meeting the power requirement.

The NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor is portable with the support of built-in wheels and a carry handle.

The tank of the compressor is ASME certified and coated with weather-resistant paint.

Technically, the gas-powered compressor is ideal for all types of heavy power tool operational requirements since it has a 100% duty cycle and can deliver 130 maximum PSI and 13.7CFM at 90PSI.


  • Gas-powered
  • FC35 grade cast iron pump head
  • Maximum 130 PSI
  • Low vibration
  • V-cylinder


  • Large size
  • Sensitive engine choke

Campbell Hausfeld CE2000 Air Compressor

Designed in a Wheelbarrow style, the Campbell Hausfeld CE2000 is a powerful compressor that is ideal for multitasking heavy-duty compressor power requirements.

The 5.5HP engine can deliver airflow of about 11.8CFM at 90 PSI and can provide a maximum of 135PSI.

It comes with a substantial 8gallon tank and offers smooth performance due to the oil-lubricated heavy-duty engine.

The wheelbarrow design increases its portability, so you will find it is easy to move to any job location.

Since it is gas-powered, it is ideal for executing projects where there is no electricity requirement.

For safety precautions, the metal belt guard is a unique element that can prevent any accidental mishaps.

It is a versatile compressor to use on heavy drilling, wrenches, saws, and vacuum pressure requirements.

The company offers 5,000 hours of life for the pump, which is the best by any standard.


  • Oil-lubricated
  • 9-gallon tank
  • 5.5HP Honda GX160 engine
  • 135 max PSI
  • 10.2CFM at 90PSI


  • Noisy
  • Heavy


Irrespective of the appearance, noise level, and price, an air compressor’s assessment factor depends on the performance and reliability.

So, from a long-term perspective, it would be better to neglect the price factor, though it may dent your budget and stick to the compressor that can deliver the best result.

It would be best if you had a clear understanding of the compressor’s utility factor and, keeping an eye on the budget, go for an air compressor that can meet your expectations.