Top 10 Best Gas Powered Air Compressors Reviews in 2020

Gas air compressors are the only logical option when you want compressed air in a spot with no electric power supply.

As with any power tools, even when you want that extra electricity for bigger programs, the most workable choice is to pick the best-powered gas air compressor.

Gas-powered air compressors come in handy once you want an air compressor to get an application that’s not near an electric supply.

Employing multiple extension cords is harmful, so it makes more sense to purchase petrol air compressors.

Bear in mind that gas-powered air compressors are usually designed with dual tanks to assist manage heavy tasks out.

And luckily, you do not need to be concerned about power consumption whilst handling the job you’ve got.

Rather, sufficient fuel and the ideal gas air compressor are all you want to power your air tools

This listing will reveal a number of the best gas-powered air compressors in the business to think about, with a few surprises mixed in to maintain the attributes balanced.

There’s not any doubt that you will come out with exactly what you’re looking for in this listing!

List of 10 Best Gas Powered Air Compressors Reviews

1. DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Subaru Powered Oil Free Direct Drive Air Compressor

Concerning all-around performance, quality and dependability, the DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor is high in the listing.

Being the very best gas air compressor, it’s also among the more expensive models on the market. However, just like the majority of things in life, you get exactly what you pay for, however, it’s well worth it!

This product is a fantastic performer in every area.

To start with, the DeWalt air compressor is powered by a really competent 6 horsepower Subaru gasoline engine.

The air conditioner fills a moderate-sized reservoir of 4 gallons, and it may do it in a really limited time.

It’s capable of creating a high-pressure atmosphere around 155 psi, and it can be more than sufficient for many programs.

With these excellent DeWalt air compressor technologies, now everybody can have one!

The high-pressure atmosphere and superfast tank replacements would be the crucial components of high performance.

Should you require lots of compressed air on your own garage or workshop, then this may be the best way to go.

Appropriate for amateurs and professionals alike, this product is straightforward to use.

It functions as a mobile device, using its wheels and frame, which means that you can move it around easily.

But you need to keep in mind that as a gasoline-powered air compressor, it’s cumbersome and heavy.

However, this one is about functionality, so the weight is a small trade-off.

The very best thing about this DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor is the best general size.

Strong enough for professional use, but little enough to use from the normal garage or shed.

The only drawback is the cost, but hey, even if you can justify the expense, you’ll never return!

2. Industrial Air Contractor Portable Pontoon Air Compressor with 5 HP Honda Gas Engine

The next best gas air compressor on the list is your CTA5090412 by Industrial Air Contractor. This version is ideal for the busy builder, contractor, or handyman that requires a whole lot of power.

The CTA5090412 includes a twin air storage tank, for a total of 4 gallons of compressed air.

The working pressure is a healthful 155 psi, which can be more than sufficient to meet most requirements.

And needless to say, it’s all powered with a gutsy 5 horsepower Honda engine, which can be comparatively silent for the amount of energy it puts out!

The Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 air compressor isn’t the least expensive air compressor, but it’s designed to last.

The Honda engine is about as good as it gets concerning quality and dependability, so no issues there.

The reciprocating air conditioner can also be built for reliability in addition to functionality.

It includes a two-part cooling, to maintain the temperature at a steady level. The entire design of the unit was optimized for decreased wear and tear on those elements.

This usually means the maintenance requirements are minimized so as to stretch out maintenance periods.

The purpose is to decrease the price of conducting this air compressor, so you get more value for money.

Certainly, the parts with this product are made to be durable and maintenance-free.

The quantity of maintenance was lessened such that the operator may get a lot of hours of hassle-free usage.

And that’s the reason we think this one represents great value for money. It costs a bit more upfront.

But if you want a heavy-duty industrial air compressor for dependable shipping of high-pressure atmosphere, then that is well worth checking out!

3. OEMTOOLS 26105 13HP 30 Gallon Honda Gas Powered Air Compressor

This compressor is also an intriguing choice on the part since it includes a strong 13 HP Honda Engine.

Its tank comes with a remarkable capacity of 30 gallons, and it needs no start-up kit.

This can be an air compressor that is definitely meant for professional use in addition to for your high-end DIY user.

It supplies an impressive 23 CFM rating at 100 PSI (Max Stress: 175 PSI) and is perfect for a vast selection of power tools like electricity firearms, ratchets, grinders, sanders, drills, and much more.

OEMTools, as a producer, is well-known for its high quality. It is possible to view their quality of the meticulous structure of top quality welded steel through the wheelbarrow frame along with the air tank at the compressor.

This is undoubtedly a valuable addition to the compressor’s overall functionality, durability, and applicability.

But that’s not all as the primary source of electricity is that the compressor’s capability to supply 23 CFM at 100 PSI. All this is highlighted by tanks that enable up to 30 gallons of atmosphere storage.

4. NorthStar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor – Honda GX390 OHV Engine, 30-Gallon Horizontal Tank

The NorthStar 458382 closely looks like the 459392 in layout. But this version is stronger and larger, with double cylinders that can hold 30 gallons of the atmosphere.

On the flip side, the gasoline-powered compressor may deliver around 24.4 CFM at 90 PSI, which makes it among the most effective gas-powered machines.

The Northstar 458382 steps 41*19*40 inches. It sports two cylinders which maintain 15 gallons of air each and every 3 Amp charging system.

Its pump is belt-driven, comes made at a cast-iron style and contains a V-type layout to aid with cooling.

The cylinders can also be cast iron, complete producing the compressor among the most powerful you can locate.

Aside from the above-mentioned attributes, the compressor has minimal vibration technology which enriches its smooth functioning whilst extending its service life.

Additionally, it will come with a steel buckle guard, and not to overlook its good quality Honda engine.

Other features worth noting in this structure contain a liquid filled pressure gauge and a crankshaft with bearings on opposite sides for maximum strength.

This one’s functionality could be measured by taking a look at its airflow in addition to the caliber of its pump and engine.

In a maximum strain of 175PSI, the compressor may provide air at 18.7 CFM. In the typical amount of 90PSI, the compressor raises its airflow speed to 24.4 CFM.

On the flip side, the compressor includes a manual drain system to enhance its performance.

And like not enough, it sports a superior quality two-stage pump which ensures it can function effectively while producing minimal sound.

The Northstar version is too noisy, nor overly silent. Rather, many reviews clarify its sound production as marginally above what the typical electric machine can create.

5. Makita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor

Driven by the strong Honda GX160 4-stroke motor, the Makita MAC5501G air compressor includes unmatched functionality and reliability and excellent client testimonials.

The comparatively big 10-gallon twin tanks give generous air distribution for numerous nailers at one time, making them perfect for outdoor tasks like siding setup, farming, fencing, decking, etc..

The 5.5 HP air compressor includes a “V” Twin style cast iron pump with a Large Bore cylinder and piston that provide ultimate durability and a speedy recovery period to get much better functionality.

The engine produces 14 CFM at 40 PSI and 12.5 CFM at 90 PSI, using the best operating pressure of 135 PSI.

The oil lubrication attribute empowers a cooler operation and the automatic idle control reduces gas intake, ultimately prolonging the service life.

A remarkable quality of this product is the springs and couplers are incorporated into the foundation of the engine and pump for extra protection and durability.

Even though the unit weighs 190.5 lbs that the 10-inch non-flat scooter and handle make it easy to transfer without help.

6. NorthStar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor – Honda 163cc OHV Engine

The NorthStar 459392 is among the priciest gas air compressors from NorthStar makers.

Luckily, it’s also among the best-rated gas air compressors in the marketplace these days.

It sports a large 20 mill canister, an OHV customized Honda motor, and a streamlined layout.

With these attributes, the air compressor can handle tough tasks efficiently and consistently for so long as you want to run it.

This product includes one 20 gallon cylinder that’s constructed from a solid steel frame for maximum durability.

On the flip side, it includes never horizontal wheels and a handle to assist with storage and portability.

Additionally, the majority of its components are exceptional in design and quality to boost its efficacy. Its valve, for example, includes a Swedish steel design for extended life.

Its pump mind, on the other hand, consists of an FC35 tier cast iron material for maximum durability too.

It sports a GX160 4.8 HP OHV Honda gasoline engine for example, which is among the most effective motors you may find.

On the flip side, the compressor includes a V-shaped single phase pump for exceptional heating and reduced vibration.

And for the actual deal, the compressor provides an overpowering 13.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

Additionally, it has the power to reach up to 175 PSI.

Bearing that in mind, the NorthStar stands out among the finest performing gas air compressors on the marketplace these days.

7. Ingersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB 5.5 Horsepower 8 Gallon Oiled Gas Twin Pontoon Compressor

This Ingersoll-Rand gas compressor may create an impressive 5.5 horsepower and also will produce airflow around 11.8 CFM at 90 PSI.

Like each the huge time versions in the business, it utilizes a Honda gasoline engine that’s surrounded by cast iron, therefore hardy enough to work with both indoors and out.

The massive 8-gallon tank capability means it will be appropriate for heavy-duty gear on a work website.

The close bullet-proof Honda gasoline engine is further assurance of high power delivery for quite a while, provided it receives routine upkeep.

Moreover, this specific compressor was created using wheelbarrow-type management, which makes it a lot easier to maneuver around the work website.

Despite its excellent ability, the 135 PSI device is quite lightweight and utilizes a wheelbarrow design to make it be hauled from A to B.

Buyers that need top of the lineup in regards to gas air compressors will not have any issue with this version.

8. Campbell Hausfeld CE2000 Air Compressor, Gas GX160 Honda Engine, 9 Gallon Wheelbarrow

This really is a wheelbarrow kind gas powered air compressor using a 9-gallon tank. It’s meant for heavy-duty work and is constructed from cast iron.

As is true for other components that have emerged in this record, this has a strong Honda engine GX160, supplying 5.5 HP functionality.

Its engine pump is oil-lubricated, two-cylinder, single point supplying an effective performance of 10.2 CFM @ 90 psi, 135 max psi.

As a result of this large power, it’s acceptable for the serious DIY home user in addition to for specialist contractors.

It could power up a broad selection of power tools, and also the fact that’s gas-powered makes it perfect for work environments that electrical power isn’t readily available.

But concerning portability, due to its 176 pounds, it cannot be categorized into the portable air compressor class, but instead, it would be appropriate to function in a static position.

Due to its layout construction, it’s an enclosed metal shield, hence providing added security when managed.

To top things off, this compressor may provide 10.2 CFM @ 90 psi, which makes it among the most competent units in its budget.

9. Ingersoll-Rand IRTC2475F13GH Two-Stage Gas Powered Air Compressor

Another of those market leaders in the gas air compressor area is Ingersoll Rand.

Yet more, this isn’t an inexpensive air compressor, and the Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH is a gasoline-powered air compressor that’s designed to impress.

Having a 13 horsepower petrol engine powered by Honda, this air compressor has the ability to burn.

Ingersoll Rand is famous for big capacity industrial air compressors, and also this one is no exception.

Whilst this product might not be the most appealing seeming air compressor, it’s constructed to last.

This gas air compressor is nicely designed using high-quality components and materials, beginning with the Honda engine.

The storage tank is a really strong 30 gallons, also created from cast iron, so it is going to continue forever.

Operating up to some very convenient 175 psi working pressure, this air compressor is a fantastic all-purpose machine.

The rotating parts inside the Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH are covered under a 2-year guarantee.

This product has a fantastic reputation for durability and durability.

With top-quality parts and solid structure, this gas air compressor is rated for 15 000 hours between maintenance periods.

This is a wonderful claim that may only be produced by the very best in the industry — Ingersoll Rand air compressors.

10. DeWalt DXCMTB5590856 Honda Powered Wheelbarrow Compressor

This gas air compressor is just another competent offering from DeWalt. But this time it includes the more comfortable Honda GX160 engine.

This hefty bit of industrial technology genius permits the unit to create around 150 PSI maximum pressure using a leak rating of 9.9 CFM.

The compressor includes a high flow regulator, which eliminates some significant limitations, enabling this unit to operate with tools that are demanding.

These attributes make it the ideal mixture of the Honda engine’s power and DeWalt’s excellent construct.

Though the 8-gallon tank is by no means the largest that you’ll discover on gasoline air compressors, it allows for adequate performance with mid-duty tools.

On the other hand, the compressor may pose some constraints with more demanding influence tools that have to be worked in rapid cycles.

Buying Guide for Best Gas Powered Air Compressor

The following is a rundown of a few of the very important characteristics you want to remember while choosing your gas air compressor.


Concerning portability, which will be most likely one of the big reasons you’re contemplating a gas air compressor, the burden of the machine will be among the very important considerations to remember.

The bigger the unit and also the larger the tank, the more expensive it will be for you, and the bigger the machine, the more mobile it’s going to be but it may not have as many attributes as much electricity as you desire.

Attempt to select a compressor that finds a fantastic balance between the weight and the dimensions so you can get exactly what you need without purchasing a ridiculously heavy unit.

Max Pressure

This is determined by the tools you’ll be using along with your own air compressor. Various tools need different stress levels.

Greater levels of stress, as an example, are required for more tools being conducted in precisely the exact same moment.

The strain gauge shows PSI (pounds per square inch) and also the greater the amount, the greater the maximum pressure is.


Odds are great you’ve dealt with a lot of loud noises in regards to working at a store or where it is you operate, but it does not indicate you wish to put up with all the noises since it can be quite irritating.

Even though the majority of the choices you locate are still likely to put a rather loud sound level, there are a number of units that work to decrease the sound all around.

If that really is a huge issue for you, then I suggest that you pay careful attention to the sound level. It will not influence the functioning of the unit, but it could greatly help to improve the user experience.

Tank Capacity

This is in regard to just how an air compressor can hold at once. If the tank is bigger, then it’ll have the ability to hold a great deal more atmosphere than the smaller tank could.

Additionally, it means that you may utilize more air tools with no compressor kick, and it will be a plus if you’re attempting to do a huge job and you will need a lot of atmospheres.


If you go to get a compressor, you are likely to have two distinct choices in regards to the oil onto the compressor.

Some components you locate will need oil to help everything run smoothly and economically, however, there are a number of choices that don’t demand any kind of oil!

Normally, these may not survive as long as a few of the compressors which use petroleum, but they also help give you a carefree and maintenance-free operation when you use them.


This is up to a personal taste. If you’re operating the compressor a good deal, then you certainly do not wish a poorer engine that requires an excessive amount of time to get started running.

Smaller compressors with bigger motors could be the less expensive alternative, but you have to be certain they can achieve what you want to achieve. Also, regardless of what size motor you select, you have to be certain you keep up with the maintenance on the motor so that it continues to operate as it ought to.


The best gas air compressor is built for functionality, instead of appearance. Sure, the very best gas air compressor is heavy, noisy, and costs much more money.

But that’s a small price to pay when you think about the energy and the trustworthy air supply that only keeps pumping!

Should you know that a gas-powered air compressor will be suitable for your situation and job, then pick nothing less of this very best gas compressor.

Luckily, our gas air compressor review previously comprises some of the top machines you may see on the marketplace.

Re-evaluate your requirements and budget, therefore, and just decide on the air compressor which will provide excellent value in your workshop or factory.

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