Best Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

Top 7 Best Hex Key Allen Wrench Set (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Whether you know them as hex keys, Allen keys, hex wrenches, or Allen wrenches, these tiny tools stay a must-have for any builder, mechanic, bicycle proprietor, do it yourself, or anybody whose work frequently deals with tightening and loosening fasteners.

These devices feature a brief side and a longer side, which permits you to maximize leverage or reach, making them amazingly versatile despite their ease.

Whether you are doing automotive function or construction electronic equipment, operating in heavy industry, or putting together an Ikea bookcase, then pick a pair that has the most frequently used sizes you need, including metric sizes.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the 7 best Allen wrenches set in line with the marketplace which will find the work done properly without hurting the bolt or undermining the integrity of this tool.

List of 7 Best Hex Key Allen Wrench Set Reviews

1. Bondhus 20399 Ball End L-Wrench DoublePK w/BriteGuard & GoldGuard Finish

Among the very best hex keys places available at any given cost, the Bondhus BriteGuard and Gold End 22-piece kit deliver numerous inventions that make them simpler and more reliable.

The tempered steel is really a big plus, enabling you to utilize more torque without bending or breaking up your wrenches, and forged to withstand rounding and draining.

The patented ball driveway means you hit into little spaces which are impossible for conventional L-shaped wrenches and using different colors for your metric and SAE sizes makes it effortless to get the tool you’ll need — much smaller wrenches that don’t possess a size printed onto the rotating shaft.

There’s very little to complain about using a pair of Bondhus Ball End hex keys. In the event that you were hard-pressed to find something, the plastic case might be spruced up a bit to offer a better match for those wrenches and a more useful life.

However, the resources themselves are fabricated using procedures that transcend standards so that you won’t detect any issues once the work starts.

This collection is really hard to beat for the price and will cause you to wish to just throw away the inexpensive Allen wrenches that came with the very first mechanics toolset.

2. TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set

There is a lot to enjoy about the TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set 30-Piece. Possibly the best thing about this collection is its broad array of Allen wrenches.

Included are 15 Customary and 15 Metric Allen wrenches, which means you will have the ability to open pretty much any hex key bolt you encounter.

These wrenches also arrive with chamfered ends, which means you’ll have an easier time putting them inside the slot and may also do less harm to the bolt and also to your own tool whenever it’s in use.

This collection also has a storage situation, which helps you maintain your own wrenches organized and safe when they are not being used.

All these Allen wrenches also arrive with extended arms. Be aware that the arms around the Customary wrenches are more compared to Metrics, but overall, they are long relative to additional places.

Our only criticism is that this item is not always properly secured before transport, and that could indicate that you get a kit with damaged or bent wrenches, which can be a hassle to take care of.

You may always replace them but it is still a nuisance. In general, this really is the best set for many people and will leave you happy with your purchase.

3. Olsa Tools Professional Grade Hex Key Set (Metric) | 9pc Allen Wrench Set

This Olsa Tools collection is one of the market’s top choices which can render you satisfied with its functionality.

The premium-grade set includes a heat-treated steel structure that provides industrial strength and endurance.

The rugged structure implies that the instrument will handle even the most uncooperative fastening jobs and come out in good form.

A superior chrome finish covers the steel structure to keep the bit from grabbing rust. The lasting case nests each of the bits so you don’t need to keep each piece individually in a huge toolbox.

The situation features hinges that let it open wide for simple access of these wrenches while the dimensions marks on the situation are highly visible so you will never select the incorrect piece for your undertaking.

The metric set comprises 9 bits; 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm.

The multiple dimensions manage different bolt sizes allowing you to approach every job with confidence. The ball-bearing ending allows for greater access in tight spaces.

Additionally, these pieces apply a very long design that offers the user maximum torque.

This feature implies that using this collection for your job will need less effort compared to when employing some choices the market provides.

4. Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys

For occasional and moderate usage, the Stanley folding hex 17-piece wrench collection provides you with the ease of simple storage along with also the professionalism of including both SAE and Metric sizes that satisfy ANSI gear specifications.

These wrenches won’t take the type of abuse it is possible to get from other high-rated Allen wrenches, however they compensate for it by providing a lower price choice for men and women that just use Allen wrench sets sometimes.

The binding mechanism has a propensity to work loose, but it is possible to tighten it readily with an Allen wrench in the opposing group (SAE tightens the metric place and vice versa).

5. AmazonBasics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set with Ball End

The AmazonBasics Allen Wrench Set 26-Piece is just another set that’ll leave most consumers satisfied with their purchase.

These Allen wrenches could be the best-designed ones on our listing.

They include extended arms in the Customary and Metric models, and they’ve chamfered ends to readily get into screws and bolts on one end.

On the opposite end, they have a ball-end that’s a special piece of technology that lets you use the Allen wrench up to some 25-degree angle from the vertical.

If you have ever needed to operate with an obstructed bolt, then you know how valuable this feature is.

This collection also has a set of storage racks for your Metric and Customary Allen wrenches, and while they are not all-encompassing, they will maintain your wrenches coordinated when they are not being used. The 1 drawback is that these wrenches are not durable enough for heavy use.

Utilize them too difficult, and they will begin to wear down, even though this is not an issue most people will encounter.

In general, we enjoy these wrenches a whole lot, and when they had been somewhat more powerful, we would have no issue bumping them up to the first location.

6. REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

This premium set includes 26 pieces of durably-constructed wrenches. The heat-treated S2 Steel building enables you to purchase the set with the assurance it will provide ultimate durability and excellent functionality.

Actually, this kind of structure is much more solid than the traditional chrome vanadium steel to match the demanding applications.

The set comprises one worldwide T-head handle which attaches to one end of the hex wrench readily to enable you to tighten and loosen bolts immediately.

The ergonomic handle additionally reduces pressure points on the hands which come together with prolonged use.

The wrenches feature a normal end along with a ball-end to make certain the difficult to reach spots won’t ever restrict you.

Both plastic cases are made with durability in mind and maintain all of the pieces neatly placed when not being used.

Actually, 1 case retains the metric bits while another offers storage into the metric wrenches.

The storage case makes it effortless to maneuver the setup when not being used.

For simple access of these wrenches, the holder features easy-to-read size markers on each slot.

7. Tarvol Allen Wrench Hex Key Set

The Tarvol Allen Wrench Key Set 10-Piece has some fantastic ideas about procuring Allen wrenches readily for transport but does not efficiently bring those ideas into practice.

The best thing about this collection is most likely its low cost.

You are acquiring ten Allen wrenches to get a minimal price, making this place a fantastic bargain for the price on that front.

They also include a black oxide finish, which helps them withstand corrosion in the long term.

In addition, they come mounted onto an integral ring, and in theory, you need to be able to take them off once you want them for simple use.

In practice, they are held into the keyring with small springs, along with also the smaller keys are particularly vulnerable to falling from these springs.

That negates a whole lot of the worth of this keyring. A lot of men and women wind up storing this collection at a plastic bag to keep tabs on those.

Additionally, they occasionally arrive greasily, and it can be a fixable problem, but something of a pain by which to cope.

In general, this is a fine set to buy in the event that you simply need Allen wrenches and do not want the keyring, but you’re likely to be disappointed.

Buying Guide for Best Hex Key Allen Wrench Set


The finest Allen wrench collection will include the most durable stuff. You’ll have to start looking for all those substances such as high quality or heat-treated steel, or chrome-vanadium metal. Anything that’s lasting and not fragile.

The cause of this is straightforward: the needs the majority of people today make in their Allen wrenches do not need harder, stronger stuff, and also the rise in cost that will be due when utilizing higher-quality substances would cause many people to obtain a distinct pair.

Aside from this, it’s also wise to look up products that arrive with a coating that’s rust-resistant.

Considering that Allen wrench sets are usually not made from top substances that may withstand corrosion and rust, you will need to ensure the coating is there ahead.

Allen wrench sets are extremely vulnerable to rust and if you do not need your hard-won cash to be squandered.

Corrosion-resistant coatings are a cheap way producers solve this issue, and it is worth most people’s cash to invest in a pair with such a coat because it’s going to far outlast the competition.

Number of Allen wrenches

The amount of Allen wrenches someone needs will be based on the kind of work he would do. For that reason, it’s difficult to estimate beforehand the number of wrenches he may be needing.

Bolts and screws will probably come in assorted sizes and you require various types of wrenches to fit them in the perfect method.

In the event you’re working with just toys or electronics, you will just want the ideal hex key set which is smaller in proportion.

On the flip side, if you are working with automobiles or some other larger gear, then you want a pair of large-sized keys.

If you are only working on digital or around-the-house tasks, you do not necessarily have to possess many wrench dimensions.

But if you operate in a broad assortment of maintenance tasks, it is best for a pair with many different wrenches.

Chamfered vs non-chamfered

The biggest difference you’ll find while looking for Allen wrench set is that a few places will include wrenches that are chamfered on the borders while others aren’t.

The wrenches which are chamfered may have slightly curved ends, meaning they’ll be less painful to use.

Additionally, wrenches with chamfered edges won’t strip out the alloy in the surface of screws and bolts.

Chamfered Allen wrenches have slightly rounded ends, so they are a little easier to enter a slot in case you don’t have ideal use of it.

They are also easier on the bolt or screw you are working with. Since bolts and screws are occasionally made from thicker metals, which makes them more vulnerable to stripping, tools with chamfered ends are a fantastic selection, then because they are not as likely to harm soft metals when removing and adding them.

There are opportunities that non-chamfered wrenches will harm the bolts and screws that are weak.

However, in the instance of bolts that are stuck or difficult to loosen or tighten, non-chamfered wrenches provide more energy than those using chamfered ends.

Non-chamfered wrenches would be the top when it comes to loosening or tightening up of screws and bolts.

You need to make a choice based upon your taste for work. The best idea is to receive a mix of both so you may enjoy the advantages of the world.


The physics of levers states that more is the period of the lever, even more tension or force could be exerted onto it. Normally, wrenches that are more in dimension will turn out to be useful in the future compared to shorter ones.

They will permit you to reach areas that briefer models will not reach, or, in case you are in a position to attain the bolt together with the side, you’re going to have the ability to create more drive with the exact same quantity of work, or even exactly the exact same level with less.

There are a number of caveats here, needless to say. At times you’ll discover hex keys that are absolutely right, rather than having an L-style bend in them.

You do not receive any benefits to induce if using those models. But, they are generally more than your typical curved Allen wrench.

From time to time, these models include T-handles, which makes it possible for you to get a few of the leverage profits back, although the energy transfer typically is not like what you would get using a routine Allen wrench.

Measuring systems

The two most common measuring systems out there for Allen wrenches on the marketplace are SAE or Metric. SAE is also referred to as imperial, or for one to know, it is inches.

An Allen wrench set fabricated from beyond the USA generally marked with metric components, rather than SAE. Users may have to purchase another set of SAE wrenches.

Therefore, try for a set that contains both of those measuring systems. They come as two distinct packs, one for SAE and you for metric components.


The simple truth is that nobody’s place will be the perfect thing for many people since individuals have different requirements.

That is why purchasing the least or most expensive set it’s possible to find is a lousy idea.

Those places will probably not satisfy your requirements or will just satisfy your requirements at an outrageous price.

Rather, the ideal path to finding fantastic value begins with assessing your requirements.

If you understand what sorts of things you are going to be launching or trimming, you are able to narrow down the range of Allen wrenches that you want.

Then determine if you are better off using L-bend or directly wrenches, and make a listing of sets that fulfill those requirements.

After that, select the least expensive set. It’s the features you have to get a fantastic experience but provides them at the lowest possible cost, which makes it the best possible selection for the cost.