Top 10 Best Airbrush Compressors (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

An airbrush compressor is a wonderful tool to have in your studio if you’re into painting, model making, food decoration, cosmetics program, or tattooing.

This product is an excellent accessory that may help you make the best masterpiece, whether you are creating designs on cakes, walls, or automobiles.

If you’re an enthusiastic artist and you also enjoy implementing improvement on your painting steps, then you’ve definitely thought about purchasing airbrush compressors.

Airbrush compressors are among the most technologically advanced equipment.

However, finding the best one isn’t a simple job.

To assist you in choosing only the very best, we have completed the hard work for you and researched to find the best-selling products on the market today.

In this guide, we’re looking into the 10 best airbrush compressors in 2020 and researching what these goodies have to offer you.

List of 10 Best Airbrush Compressors Reviews

1. Master G22 Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Tank Compressor

The Master G22 is easily one of the very best for novices, in addition to professionals.

The kit includes an airbrush depot compressor that produces more air volume, in addition to air pressure, in comparison to any other toaster.

It provides an atmospheric pressure of approximately 35-75 psi to a maximum of 85 psi until it shuts off automatically.

The compressor is compact, lightweight, and portable and it comes with an inbuilt handle for convenient storage and handling.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Wide pressure range
  • Permanent
  • Large tank capacity


  • Loud when in performance
  • The nozzle is quite brief

2. Badger Air-Brush Co. TC910 Aspire Pro Compressor

The Badger TC910 is a 1/5HP, on/off air compressor which provides a maximum strain of 57 psi.

It’s a 3-liter (1 gallon) in-built tank, an in-built heating filter plus two airbrush holders.

The compressor includes a pressure gauge and a flexible air purifier.

The Badger TC910 Aspire Pro has a solid outer case made from steel having a handle, making carrying the scooter around quite simple.


  • Lightweight compressor
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free


  • Once the pressure is raised, the engine kicks in, which might be inconvenient.

3. Master TC-326T Airbrush 1/5 HP Cool Runner II Dual Fan Tank Air Compressor Kit

The Master airbrush tank compressor supplies a variety of amazing features to its buyers and a number of them are recorded here.

In the 1/5 Horsepower, this device communicates more Air Volume combined with Air Pressure compared to some other airbrushes.

Authentic Diaphragm Pressure Regulator using all the water trap filter and provides precise adjustment of airflow and also will guarantee pristine, dry atmosphere.

Preset for its programmed shutoff once the air tank accomplishes 60 PSI. Preset for programmed turn on if air tank pressure is under 35 PSI.

This enables a longer compressor life from engine wear and heat-related dampness.

The atmosphere is drawn out of an enormous atmosphere storage tank providing you a steady led pressure. T

here are not any pulses because air is drawn in the tank that eliminates any heartbeat impact from the electrons.


  • Thermally secure
  • Automatic on/off button if pressure is too Large
  • Simple to use apparatus
  • Air Hose Together with a Dual-brush holder


  • It does not include instructions on the best way to maintain the airbrush Nonetheless, it is not too hard to learn

4. PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit

It’s among the very exclusive airbrush compressors for design which has multifaceted use in the order it is just one of the Basics as soon as it comes to airbrush painting.

It’s inclusive of 7 downloadable ebooks concerning the documentation so that it’s each of the Basics including the DVD and airbrush access.

With the support of the airbrush knowledge base, you’ll have the ability to use this equipment with no issues.

It’s a braided 6 feet air hose so you can acquire excellence within airbrushing.

It provides dual action, also it’s an airflow consistency in order that there could be results.

Even in the event that you wish to create basic skills, then also it’s among the very best gear which you could have.

Cleaning this gear is also simple that’s an excellent thing.


  • Easy care
  • Continuous air pressure
  • Perfect for novices and pros
  • Clear airbrush guide


  • It Doesn’t work with 220-volt link
  • The compression may get ruined

5. Iwata-Medea Studio Series Sprint Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

It’s one of the very best airbrush compressors with a tank of the best operating pressure of 1-35 PSI.

It’s a mounted air indicator and was professionally created for the novice as well as the specialists.

It’s a moisture filter that can eliminate pulsation and doesn’t become overheated due to a moisture trap.

In addition, it has air leak alteration so as to correct the air pressure along with a security switch so there is not any physical harm.

It’s lightweight and portable and has been extended a manufacturer’s guarantee so the customers can be ensured while purchasing the item.


  • Easily corrected air pressure
  • Safe for every Sort of usage
  • Reliable and Long-lasting
  • Affordable price


  • The nozzle Has to Be cleaned for constant running

6. Paasche D3000R 1/5 HP Compressor with Tank

This compressor involves a 1/8 horsepower cylinder powered engine, and also a one-gallon storage tank which provides lots of PSI, without needing the motor to run continuously.

This ensures the lifespan of the motor and avoids undesirable moisture growth from the machine.

The D3000R supplies a lot of attributes and the wonderful attributes of the toaster by Paasche are given below.

This product comprises a mounted one-gallon storage tank.

The mounted, one-gallon storage tank onto this particular unit provides constant airflow whilst spraying, without the necessity for the motor to operate continuously.

It’s a pressure regulator. The combined regulator takes into account the precise determination of this measure of air using while spraying and provides around 30 PSI determined by the brush being used.

The moisture trap is to get superior consistency in spraying.

The moisture trap ensures there’s not any moisture from the spray flow during long tasks.

Paasche D3000R is composed throughout the endeavor, with sound levels simply achieving 47 dB while the compressor is operating.


  • Good for your budget
  • Helpful and easy to use.
  • The compressor generates hardly any noise
  • It conveys everything which you need to get a student’s utilization


  • The guide could be more comprehensive.
  • The tank is relatively modest.

7. California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor

Equipped with a 0.6 HP engine, the California Air Tools air compressor is one of the quietest airbrush compressors since it makes less sound when in operation.

The compressor comes with an oil-free pump, making it maintenance-free and there are no hassles of filling the tank or rusting.

The compressor includes a 1-gallon steel tank along the lightweight structure of this compressor makes it rather easy to transfer.

In reality, the California Air Tools air compressor is very versatile and you may use it like a brad nail gun, staple gun, blow gun and use it to get inflating items such as wheels, balls, etc. and for cleaning.


  • Produces less heat
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Care cost Is Extremely low


  • The tank is rather modest
  • Doesn’t Have a hose

8. ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Air Compressor Airbrushing Kit

It’s composed of ⅕ horsepower so that ample air volume could be generated also it may deliver the sort of air pressure that’s required by the job.

It’s extremely lightweight and mobile (thanks to its handy transport handle) so you will have the ability to carry it effortlessly.

It’s precision that includes a regulator and moisture filter so the airflow may be corrected and discharged; the dry atmosphere will emerge.

It’s been designed to operate in agreement with the air requirement, and it’s thermal protection so no overheating can occur.

It’s also low maintenance and totally noiseless using a manufacturer’s guarantee of two years so you are able to have high reliability and quality with this super quiet air compressor.


  • High-performance Compressor
  • Highly reliable
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • No overheating


  • Thermal fluctuation can occur occasionally
  • In rare cases, the gear can get jammed

9. VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional Airbrushing Paint System

The multipurpose high-performing airbrushing process can be obtained with a 1 to 5 hp compressor and three airbrush kits.

This wonderful product is a really efficient alternative to your own spraying, inflating, or painting missions.

This life-sized kit will be able to assist you in little in addition to medium-sized jobs also.

This exceptional kit provides a minimum airflow of 23 to 25 liter/minute.

This one of a kind and well-crafted apparel has shown excellent efficiency in offices with amazing painting performances.

It’s astonished the users with all the flexibility of this kit. This remarkable kit works with constant and highly effective pressure.

It’s an automatic mechanism that will shut down the unit in cases of overheating. It makes the machine much better to utilize.

The consistent operation of this airbrush compressor kit is just another reason to draw buyers towards this.


  • A wonderful airbrush compressor kit comes in a full set.
  • The compressor includes holders that can hold two airbrushes simultaneously.
  • This system provides brilliant consistency in all of its functions.
  • A multipurpose instrument in such a very low cost


  • Need to obtain an adapter compatible with the compressor.

10. OPHIR 110V Pro Airbrush Kit Air Brush Compressor

In case you’ve been on the lookout for an extremely flexible and best airbrush compressor for versions, then this compressor is the most acceptable for you.

It’s among the very best air compressors, which is acceptable for each sort of cosmetics, tanning, and a tattoo.

Also, You’ll Also have the ability to possess fingernail painting in addition to Bakery.

You’ll also be in a position to possess fingernail painting in addition to Bakery, but it’s also a high performing airbrush compressor with a tank that’s full of accessories so you can start immediately.

It’s quite lightweight and portable so which you are able to travel with it from 1 spot to another.

There’s an automatic off and on switch, so there is not any prospect of overheating or overloading.


  • Oilless Piston to ensure automatic greasing Can Occur
  • Compact and exact
  • Reputable and long durability
  • Multifaceted functionality


  • It could be a little bit awkward for your specialists
  • Knowing that the equipment can take a while

Types Of Airbrush Compressors

Diaphragm Compressors


The majority of the time these compressors are known as beginners’ compressors.

If you have only just begun painting with airbrushes or chasing it as a hobby this kind of compressor would perfectly suit your needs.

Since you have to have already figured it out by now, they are called Diaphragm Compressors since they function like the diaphragm present in the human lungs.

There is a valve that works like the diaphragm that compresses all of the air and provides it to the hose.

Now enough biology classes for the afternoon, moving on, the amount of air pressure that’s delivered with these compressors normally maxes out as it reaches 40 PSI.

The force it generates is really one of its downsides.

PSI – The drawback

The model may come tagged with a certain PSI, say 50 PSI, but after you switch it on it wouldn’t deliver.

The force could dwindle, and would most often be marginally a little lower than what the manufacturers claim it to offer you.

It may not pose a ribbon for smaller tasks, but for work that requires continual pressure for a longer duration, it might be preferable that you opt for a more effective compressor.

You may join them to only 1 airbrush. It’s most appropriate for customers in need of a compressor for smaller artworks and painting jobs.

These Airbrush Compressors’ prices are relatively a lot lower than other compressors.

Diaphragm Compressors, unlike other compressors, do not include air tanks. It may run continuously without quitting as it’s in use.

Unlike other models, these compressors can create a lot of noise.

One essential thing you have to keep in your head is that these compressors aren’t build to run continuously for an elongated time since they can easily get overheated which could damage them.

You won’t be able to do certain functions which involve a lot of painting with these compressors.

Piston Compressors

In this kind of compressor, you will have pistons created to push out the air. The more the pistons, the more air it will pump outside.

Unlike the Diaphragm Compressors, they can be readily attached to more than just 1 airbrush.

They create more pressure and therefore are more powerful than their counterpart- diaphragm pumps.

You can even run the compressor continuously and for a longer duration.

Oil-filled Compressors

They are extremely silent you would barely notice any noises when you conduct them.

The reason why these compressors don’t cause any sounds is due to the oil which offers lubrication and reduces friction.

If you’re looking for compressors that would function with no racket while working this is the ideal pick for you.

They are normally placed to use for examples or functions associated with fine art. Since they don’t create sounds, you can easily concentrate and stay focused on your job.

You should notice they do create a small bit of sound.

Nonetheless, in contrast with other compressors, the sound it makes is relatively very low.

If you want a more concrete notion, it would be safe to state that the level of noise it makes is equivalent to the noise your refrigerator in the kitchen could create.

For airbrush compressors like this, there is a probability of the petroleum in the compressors getting mixed with the paint.

To stop this from ever happening you must tackle certain precautions, like attaching a filter.

By doing this, it would prevent the oil from escaping through the airbrush and have mixed up with all the paint.

As they want oil, some maintenance is necessary now and then.

Oil ought to be assessed and replaced to keep the smooth functioning of the compressor.

Oil-less Compressors

Even though they might not be an ideal fit for heavy workloads, these Airbrush Compressors are portable and don’t require oil.

The fact that they don’t use any oil brought about the name oil-less compressors ( well that did not rocket science).

This sort of compressor is ideal for cake decoration, body art, and nail painting since there aren’t any possibilities that oil could get mixed with the atmosphere as you are coloring with it.

The numerous compressors which fall below this model are known to create some type of sound.

The level of noise would depend on the brand and the kind of layout the producers have integrated to construct them.

It may be quieter than the models which fall beneath the petroleum filled piston compressors. But they are more subdued than Diaphragm Compressors.

Oil-Less Piston Compressors are often more durable and convenient. It requires careful upkeep as it doesn’t need any oil test or oil change.

If it comes to an oil dispenser, they need a change of oil over time. Generally, it would need one to change it once each three to six months depending on its use.

The oil-less models, on the other hand, don’t need all this excess work. They are also known to regulate temperature more efficiently, and also efficiently prevent overheating.

The further feature does have a price. The cost of these compressors is greater than other compressors that are regular.

Quite Compressors

Assessing the level at which an air compressor creates sound is quite crucial.

The level of sound is measured in decibel, and also a silent compressor would produce no less than 60 decibels for it to be regarded as silent.

The preference could vary, but many people are of the opinion that the silent versions are one of the very best Airbrush Compressors offered on the marketplace.

Compared to the additional counterpart, they need minimum to no maintenance at all.

Many novices favor them over the others because the silence it allows, make it feasible for you to concentrate.

There’s not any distraction, and one can focus on the task in front of them. Most of the models which fall beneath the silent class are smaller in size as compared to the other models.

They are also lighter than several Airbrush Compressors available out there. The simple fact that they’re lighter and smaller makes it more mobile making it more preferable by most.

Buying Guides for Airbrush Compressor

Since the airbrush compressor is never likely to be inexpensive stuff to buy, buyers should constantly lookup for a few recommendations or what you should consider before purchasing it.

This also lets you have some ideas in your mind to select a fantastic product and prevent wasting money buying the wrong one.


If you want to receive it appropriate for your usage, you need to know the right size of the airbrush compressor that perfectly fits your kind of works.

For instance, should you need an airbrush compressor for home DIY works, you are highly suggested to get the ones coming with quite a compact size on top of its lightweight feature.

This is because a compact product may take very little floor area of your house and allow you to transfer it effortlessly.

Other than that, it is also great for people who work with different websites since it’s simple to transport.

Auto start and stop system

Why is an auto-start and stop system important and ought to be something to keep an eye out for when buying an airbrush compressor?

The reason is that with this feature, users can use the product with greater safety and without energy spent.

When it’s the auto shut off, it usually means that if the using strikes over-pressuring stage, the operation will be cut off to ensure they will be no harm to the work.

What’s more, it also will help to conserve a great deal of energy which may be wasted once you no longer use it.

Item weight

Some may search for other things until they buy. But one thing that they shouldn’t miss when they are about to get an airbrush compressor would be to check the product weight.

Buying a heavy product may do no good for your usage in any way, particularly once you tend to move from place to place.

Therefore, getting a lightweight airbrush compressor gives you the freedom to move around your site work.

Thankfully, each of the products being highlighted in our review weighs very slightly which are totally the best alternatives to pick.


Portability is also incorporated with two points over. Products that are portable usually features compact and lightweight size.

However, some goods may come with other benefits including ergonomic handles or wheels. This may always make it effortless for users to move the machine from close to far places without any worries.

Noise volume

It isn’t important in the event that you totally utilize an airbrush compressor which makes so much noise in your job site or the construction website.

However, should you need to use it for home DIY, the volume of sound must also be considered in this case?

The products we’re bringing to you mostly come with noise volume before 50 DBS which is totally silent when the operation kicks in. Hence, wherever you operate, these products do all good.


The bigger the horsepower, the better, quicker, and stronger an airbrush compressor works.

All the products comprising in this review includes 1, 1/2, 1/3, ⅕ horsepower motors which can execute their works incredibly.

With this strong horsepower, it will help pump air evenly which is perfect for your art and painting functions.

Level of pressure

With no strong pressure, your airbrush compressor is not considered a fantastic quality product in any way.

In cases like this, we highly recommended you to opt for an airbrush compressor that higher pressure.

This is because it will be able to help you complete each one of your works quickly with even painting on the wall.

Tank capacity

Deciding on the right tank capability for your tasks permits you to get decent results. Why can it be so?

It’s because you might not want to always refill the tank during your functions and waste an excessive quantity of painting oil also.

That’s the reason why you want to determine whether you should find a large tank capacity or merely a little one is enough for you.

From the post above, we’ve brought good products which have a variety of tank capacity for you to choose from.

So you finally have more options to choose from for your needs and requirements.

Energy consumption

Out of all of the points, this one needs to likewise be taken into consideration for people who love to save energy.

Using something with really large energy consumption can be awful as you want to spend extra bucks on the power bills.

On top of that, some products may consume quite a high amount of energy that may not enable them to operate easily.

Hose length

Usually, users constantly confront with hose length difficulty as it comes with a very short length.

This makes it difficult for consumers to plug it in using their electrical outlets.

Notably, for individuals whose functions need to make a lot of moves, this can be actually a problem.

That is why we are just bringing you each airbrush compressor comprising a long hose which allows you to get greater liberty to plug it in from a long distance.

Number of pistons

Now, it comes to thinking of a variety of pistons.

Normally, airbrush compressors come with two kinds of pistons: single and dual pistons.

But you have to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of these.

For only piston airbrush compressors, it is an ideal choice for those who want the surgery to turn out silent.

However, it might produce lower pressure which might slow down your job procedure.

However, if you are only using it for home DIY, then it’s not a thing in any way.

For dual-piston, it’s most suitable for individuals whose functions always involve a larger quantity of painting such as wall art production, car painting, building painting, and finishes.

This is since it provides higher pressure to your works which enables them to get done quicker.

But, an airbrush compressor with a dual-piston may create overheating, maybe a whole lot of noise during operation.


The costs of airbrush compressors vary based on the sizes of airbrush compressors.

Here is a thorough description of distinct airbrush compressors as well as their prices. As previously mentioned, there are three types of airbrush compressors.

The principal compressor, or the oil-free small capacity airbrush compressor, is to get brush paintings.

These airbrush compressors are often used by tattoo artists. These miniature oil-less airbrush compressors assist to spray paint or polishing.

You may expect a capacity of 3 to 10 liters for all these compressors. You may anticipate a price range of 8k to 12k INR for these oil-free air compressors for spray paintings.

The medium-sized air compressors are mainly for spray paintings and graffiti. These medium-sized compressors include a 50-liter capacity.

That means 50 liters of insanity and creativity. The cost range for the 50 liters tank capacity can reach around 13k INR.

Then comes the heavy-duty air compressors that are primarily used for biometric software in workshops and industries.

These heavy-duty inkjet compressors have a 225-liter capability and run on 5 hp motors. These heavy-duty air compressors can hold a price range up to k INR.

Purchasing warranty

Last but not least, buying a warranty also needs to be something which consumers can take advantage of.

Do not discount this little thing because if your airbrush compressor has some issues, it can always provide you with gain from having a guarantee.

Most of the goods we discussed in this article include buying a warranty for 1 decade, 2 years, and a few are up to 3 decades.

This means that the machines may be used for a much longer interval above the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use in an airbrush?

Acrylics are always a good choice for beginners.

They are non-toxic, come in a wide selection of colors and many can be used right from the bottle, though incorporating an airbrush reducer will frequently provide you the best result.

They’re acceptable for spraying canvas, paper, wood, fabric, leather, plastics, metals, ceramics, special effects prosthetics, plus much more.

Other mediums include watercolors, guaches, enamels, oil-based paint, makeup including foundation, blush, and bronzer or even food coloring for cake decoration.

What PSI should I use for airbrushing?

The PSI you’ll have to use will be based on the type of project you’re working on the air tool you are using and also the medium you need to use.

As a general guide, thicker paints require a higher PSI than thinner ones to atomize.

Siphon feed airbrushes generally require a greater PSI to work than gravity feed (cup) ones.

If you’re a beginner, it is a fantastic idea to start with a PSI of about 20 and a clinic to see the type of result you get.

If your stress is too low you will observe an overspray effect which would normally mean you want to boost the PSI.

As soon as you get the desired result you’ll get an idea that PSI works best for you personally.

Another general principle is that for bigger projects you’ll generally require a greater PSI and for small fine details, a lesser PSI will work best.

Should I wear a mask while painting?

Yes, certainly you must always wear a mask or respirator whilst painting.

Although many paints that are specially created for airbrushing are non-toxic and so safe to use, they still produce millions of particles that fill the air that you are breathing inside.

Why isn’t my airbrush spraying any paint?

If you’re using a paint that’s too thick for the PSI you have chosen, the pressure will not be high enough to push the paint via your brush. Your paint should be the consistency of milk.

If your paint is thinned properly but your airbrush doesn’t spray paint, you might be using a PSI that’s too low.

In case your airbrush stops working it might have become blocked. You need to always have an airbrush cleaner to hand to wash your toenails out after each use.


There are various types of airbrush compressors available on the market and you also need the best air compressor to operate these airbrushes for various applications.

So, it is a good idea to do your research and rate the various airbrush compressors and find the one that will suit your needs the best.

I hope you will find those pieces of advice useful and that with them you may find it easier to find the best airbrush compressor.

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